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Start, Sepang, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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388 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. Im going down to a 6.

    Vettel and Webbers battle was a 10/10 at the time. When have we seen a wheel to wheel battle like that.

    Sadly Vettel went against team orders while doing this and thats going to sour his image. That dropped a point for me.

    Dropping 3 point was the Hamilton/Rosberg situation. That must have been painful for Rosberg having to sit behind Hamilton who had used up all his fuel

    1. @mrgrieves

      Sadly Vettel went against team orders


      Normally F1 fans rail against team orders, so surely it’s a good thing to disobey them!

      1. Im really contridicting myself! The more i think the more it doesnt annoy me as much and Rosberg touring around behind Hamilton not getting passed. And having read through other comment i forgot Webber ignored team orders at Silverstone 2011. The only think im not to high on is we’ll never know if it was a fair fight. Was Marks car at full pelt like Vettel or had he turned it down so like Vettel im going to admit i was wrong with my 1st post. Also the racing ending after the last pit stop is another thumbs down to F1

        1. I didn’t want Vettel to pass Webber but at the same time it was a great F1 moment. And if Rosberg had passed Hamilton on the last lap… that would have been exciting too! We were robbed! :o)

  2. I give the race a 7. It was quite interesting, but I agree the team orders were ridiculous. However I can’t help feel that Rosberg’s strategy in the DRS zones when trying to overtake Hamilton prior to being told to hold station could’ve been better. He should have used the first zone to close but not pass Hamilton and then used the second to perform the pass, otherwise Hamilton was always going to re-pass in the second one. A few laps of that and the team cried enough. If he’d approached it differently he could’ve been in front before the decision was made.

    Having said that, two DRS zones that close together is as ridiculous as the team orders in that respect. The second zone undoes what the first zone was trying to promote.

  3. I wanted to give this race 10/10 simply for Webber telling Vettel what he really thought and Hamilton’s humility on the podium, but 9 will have to suffice. Regardless of team orders the squabble for the lead was sensational, Webber pushed Vettel so close to the pit-wall it reminded me of when Schumacher tried to “kill” Barrichello at Hungary in 2010. Hamilton knew he shouldn’t have been on the podium, and I no doubt agree that Rosberg should be mightily angry at Ross Brawn. Other than that, I thought the race would’ve been more interesting without two DRS zones, which were completely unnecessary on a track like Sepang.

  4. Without echoing the major disgust here (which I fully understand), I say it was a 5/10 as far as racing goes, 7/10 as far as F1 goes, and a 9/10 at the end. The awesome battle of the teammates and the drama on the radios had me on the edge of my seat till everybody started following orders. I forgot which poster mentioned Vettel’s ‘entitlement’ mentality, but it is spot on.

  5. Webber pits first he wins. Simple as that. Was controlling the race and should have won. Normally the guy in front calls the shots and I think that’s what webber was alluding to. Multi 21? Hopefully gives Mark a rev up to do better this year.

  6. The team orders left a sour taste at the end, but really, we had a great race. The first half was very interesting and chaotic, the Webber/Vettel battle was pretty exciting and battles featuring the likes of Perez, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Button were very good.

    I voted 8/10, because in between the chaos and the Webber/Vettel battle commencing, there were some dull laps. As far as post-race drama is concerned, I’d say 10/10, though. Not only the in-team battle at Red Bull and Mercedes, but as usual the Pirelli debate is very amusing.

  7. The worst race for long long time.
    And Ross Brawn should be send to green grass like Fry.
    Only one question to Brawn Why Ham should be before Nico Why?
    Why Nico couldnot be before Ham?
    For team is the same.
    But Ross Brawn is disgusting just l ike Todt with Barrichelo.

    1. Because it was Brawn that talked Ham into joining the team

  8. The race was ugly. The whole pit lane was stoned or had a hangover, the Ferrari race control was not existent, just two drivers, a team to change tyres and Rob Smedley, who sounded like talking to Massa from his bed at home. The Pirelli is at control of whole circus. But then a wonder happened: a beautiful battle between Webber and Vettel and second one between Hamilton and Rosberg, but then Newey and Brawn intervened making the podium most bitter (for the drivers and for the fans) since Austria 2002. Two quick conclusions are: 1) its really hard to respect current, and 3 time (!) world champion when he behaves like a spoiled little boy, 2) now we know some details of Hamilton contract with Mercedes, Rosberg was free to race Schumacher, but now he can’t race Hamilton :/
    In such circumstanced I wish Bernie would keep all the money for himself, the teams are too pitiful to have any.

    1. What did Newey do?

      1. I forgot exactly what was said but I can recall Newey radioing Vettel around the same time as Horner with a similar message.

  9. I’ve rarely been so disappointed by a race that was so interesting. I enjoy seeing exciting battles, close on track action, the superior skill or strategy of one driver in overtaking another and even the strategy of team orders, albeit the latter can often be frustrating. But the competitive edge must be tempered by sportsmanship otherwise sport is lost to uncivility. This otherwise entertaining race was marred by a shocking display of arrogance and disrespect. That that display was by one of the most successful F1 drivers of all time makes it all the more saddening.

  10. Hulkenderg deserves top team drive! Daniel also. It was also good to see Mercedes on the pace and McLaren did better than in first race. Lotus still managed to finish race with less pitstops. FI was fast but with stupid problems. And Pastor? Oh dear.

  11. 8/10. Plenty of wheel-to-wheel, no quarter asked or given, racing. Up front and in the midfield. That’s what I love to see. Wet and dry conditions. Also comedy and tragedy in the pits. Ham wrong box, Button’s wheel falling off, FI going nuts.

    I’m so sorry Alonso retired early. Bad mistake from Ferrari not to call him in, and denied us a thriller of him dicing the Red Bulls and Mercedeses in the leader group. And Kimi was a damp squib *sob*

    At least I called Maldonado’s tyre choice before the race. For Pastor Maldonado: hard–hard–knobbly x-country (Those tyres looked really knobbly with the samrties stuck to them after he went off.)

  12. I don’t get why people are voting it low because of what Vettel did. After all most of us voted Germany 2010 very low because of Ferrari’s use of team orders. Now because Vettel goes against team orders its also a bad race? What do you people want?
    Anyway. I really enjoyed the race. The fight between Merc and Red Bull was intense for most of the race and that Vettel vs Webber duel was heart-stopping. And it has certainly provided us with a lot of drama. All in all, a 9 from me. It was such an intense F1 experience. And a race which didn’t just show the happy face of F1 drivers drinking champaign driving fast and winning. It showed a darker side of F1. I liked that for a change.

    1. Low because Vettel doesn’t own up and stand up for the fact he did go against team orders. He is claiming he wasn’t aware of such orders instead. Very weak.

      1. Michael Brown (@)
        24th March 2013, 17:06

        Low because of what Vettel said after the race? I thought this was rate the race.

      2. @himmatsj
        He is just pouring a big bucketfull of PR out of his ears to please the press and calm a few people.
        While I agree that it is the wrong thing to do. Personally I would have preferred if he had stood by his actions and admitted what he did.
        But that wasn’t a part of the race, and not something we should base our votes upon.

  13. Unfortunately, on FIA’s request, Pirelli has created this new type of racing.
    It’s not Formula One but Formula Delta (lap).
    The driver’s speed is dictated by the pit wall. As we saw today different teams are grouped on the circuit by the delta lap time set by the pit wall.

  14. felt the drs was working too well today & the 2 zones were just dumb.

    i was watching the in-car feeds on sky today on my laptop & saw many cases of cars backing out of overtakes into the final corner in order to not be ahead at the next drs detection. drs is now starting to discourage good moves just because drivers don’t want to be the lead car, that isn’t right in my view.

    also am starting to get a bit fed up of all this tyre saving, i never could get into sportscar racing because i didn’t like that element of it so may stop watching f1 if it gets much worse.

  15. 6/10 Frustrating race as a Raikkonen fan. From the wet quali to hydraulic & DRS problems nothing seemed to go right. With Kimi & Alonso up at the front it wouldn’t have been so boring at times.

  16. It was a 6 from me. It would have been higher if not for the politics at the end of the race.

  17. 9/10 for thr race
    0/10 for the whinging afterwards

  18. A lot of comments being negative about Vettel overtaking despite team orders, people being annoyed that Rosberg was told to stay behind Hamilton.

    Surely, they are both the same thing? You can’t be pleased with Rosberg had he got passed Hamilton, and ignored the team orders, and not be pleased about Vettel doing the same. I understand that they are different circumstances, to some extent, but very, very similar as well.

    Personally, though I felt that Webber deserved the win, I can see why Vettel did it. No-one wants to willingly finish behind their team mate, especially when seven points could be very valuable come the end of the season. Had I been Rosberg, I would have done the same. It may cause a rift, but in the end, these guys want to win the Championship for themselves. At times, you have to be a little selfish and ruthless in order to win the Championship. You can’t just hold back or give up places all the time, just because it’ll keep your team mate happy.

    I understand that the team want to be conservative and score good points across the board with both drivers, but these are arguably the best drivers in the world. Keep both informed about what is going on, and then you can’t be mad if you lose out in the end. The main problem here was that Vettel disobeyed without Webber knowing. Had the team been allowed time to inform Webber of Vettel’s sudden charge, then you wouldn’t necessarily be as mad in the end.

    It’s obviously a fine line, and easy to say in hindsight, but, for me to see Rosberg robbed of a podium was quite a bitter pill to swallow. More so than seeing Vettel win the race anyway. It did, however, create some hilarious tension after the race!

    1. There are two BIG differences:

      1) Rosberg actually overtook Hamilton two or three times right before he was asked to hold station. The opportunity was there, but because each time he overtook Hamilton into the final corner, Hamilton would use DRS himself to re-pass Rosberg on the front straight. A smarter move would obviously be for Rosberg to have taken Hamilton along the front straight.

      2) Webber was under the impression Vettel wouldn’t overtake him, and he also had his engine revs turned down. Hence, he was unprepared for the onslaught from behind. What if Webber was told that Vettel wasn’t backing off, and he turned up the revs to the normal levels and defended? He might even be able to pull away. And I think Webber then just backed off thinking Horner would order Vettel to return the position, but this never happened…

  19. The unpleasantness within teams ruined this race for me, particularly RBR. Christian Horner has a got a serious problem on his hands.

  20. There are some generous race graders here. This could have been a pretty good race, if not for the team orders spoiling it.

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