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Start, Sepang, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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388 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. Lets face it

    No matter who’s to blame you still walk away from this race with an empty feeling in your stomach

    Not good for the sport

    Ohhhh and if you want my opinion that was webbers race and rosbergs podium

  2. Bring back refuelling.

    1. Why would anyone want refueling to come back?

      Racing in the refueling era was awful as a lot of the ‘racing’ was done in the pits & it was been determined by the strategist’s running there computer simulations at the back of the garage.

      Its no coincidence that the amount of close racing & on-track overtaking plummeted from the very 1st race refueling was allowed.

    2. Michael Brown (@)
      24th March 2013, 17:09

      Back to 1 overtake per race then

  3. 3, only because there were some redeeming factors. I like Vettel, but it’s not racing when your temamte turns down the settings –LAME – WEAK. The podium guys looked like they were in trouble in the principals office. Brawn’s austensible reasons for holding Nico in position don’t pass the sniff test — it reeks of trying to manufacture media exposure for the product. If Brawn was so concerned about Hamilton’s fuel, let Nico by, let Hamilton draft down the DRS zones. With a double DRS zone the teams could learn something from cycling and alternate the draft to catch up or gap the field. Processional at the end team orders ignored and abided by spoiled the show.

  4. 9/10

    great race, but Button’s pit and Vet/Ham driving…

  5. 8/10
    I was actually thinking of giving it a 9 because of the mighty battles in the lead between the RBRs and the Mercedes. But then I remembered Vettel took advantage of Webber, and that in fair conditions that wouldn’t have happened, and that we lost a brilliant battle between Rosberg and Hamilton. The racing was good, plenty of action going on, surprises in the pit lane, strategic variety, a beautiful race. It’s a pity the final laps spoilt the atmosphere.

  6. 3/10

    An interesting strategy battle was ruined by obvious team orders. The mood in the staging point for the podium summarised everything perfectly.

  7. Maybe this is the right moment to have a vote on team orders yes/no again soon @keith-collantine!

  8. Didn’t really enjoy the race, didn’t like some drivers whining or behaviour. Everyone cruised at the end and there was generally a bad feeling after the race gave it a 5…

  9. F1 is hard to put up with these days. up until lap 40 it was a 8 or 9 out of 10. But now … not so sure
    For the first time I heard the winner apologizing for overtaking others and the Merc show-run brought back memories with Ross Brawn manufacturing results.

    Imo, it would need a serious discussion whether F1 should be more about real competition or more like wrestling – because I’d like to know where this is headed.

  10. I had to give it a 5. The race started well but the team orders totally ruined it for me, I ended the race feeling as dejected as the drivers looked.

  11. Wake me up when it’s finished. Must be the worst Malaysian GP for years.

  12. A sour taste in the mouth.

  13. 7/10.

    The Red Bull and Mercedes drama is great television, but there were stints of dull racing here and there mixed with all the action at the front. And personally, the Alonso and Maldonado retirements were discouraging – same with Perez’s struggles. I expected Massa to do better than 5th as well.

    I highly doubt Vettel’s apology shuts the book on this round of RBR drama, I think you’ll see more of this as the season plays out.

  14. Not quite sure how to rate this one. The actual race was great, the wheel to wheel between the Red Bulls and between Hulkenberg and Raikkonen was great. That was some defensive driving from Hulkenberg.
    It was also nice to see Mercedes finally delivering on their promise. Not to mention Hamilton’s pitstop mistake (I laughed when they showed Nicole’s expression at that moment).
    The aftermath left a bad taste in my mouth though. Ended up giving this a 7. Good racing is good racing after all, I guess.

  15. Potentially great race destroyed by unnecessary and obnoxious team orders to protect and give advantage to two drivers who don’t deserve it.

  16. Team orders aside, it certainly would have been nice to see Mercedes attack til the end. Their turn around is more than I imagined. I am tipping them to win China GP in three weeks.

  17. Not a great race, certainly not the worst.
    Upside – Good passing at times, race outcome was not a certainty until the last stint, then it was fairly certain barring unexpected mechanical failure or interteam carnage.
    Many interesting battles midfield and at the not so sharp end of the grid. Bianchi continues to shine.
    Downside – team orders to play things safe for the sake of points, however understandable, led to a rather boring conclusion on one hand and a spectacle on the other
    In a perfect world it would always be every racer for himself no matter what, damn the torpedoes! But alas, it is not a perfect world.

  18. Totally amazed by the generally good rating the race has received, have the people who gave it a good rating ever seen another race????

  19. I’ve awarded this race an 8, because of the team orders, and the absolute polarisation it has shown. The juxtaposition of the RBR and Merc’ orders, with one being followed and one not is exactly the kind of theatre that drives emotion and interest in the sport for me at the moment, as the tyres have frankly ruined the racing.

    What interests me is how early both sets of team orders seem to have come in (Straight after last pit stops or just before), and I can completely vindicate the teams relevant decisions at this point. I genuinely believe that neither team were showing favouritism, but instead taking a simple track position statement, and looking at the conditions around them: RBR heading for a possibly unexpected 1/2 and Mercedes coming home with a very nice 3/4 thank you very much, and moving up to the sharp end of the constructors. (This is especially easy to grasp when you view the shot’s of Ross Brawn and ChristianHorner with Adrian Newey (the Horn-ey as I like to call them) who both had their heads in their hands with exasperation.

    On that basis, Nico has went up in my estimation by dealing with it professionally, but making his opinions known and making sure he’s got a banker with his “remember this one” comment. Lewis looked and sounded genuinely abashed straight away and he has also went up slightly in my estimations. Mark continues to be the most brutally honest and forthright driver in the paddock, and handled his situation with an unexpected antipodean caution, whilst being definitive and articulate about his feelings. Kudos to him for that, and finally we come to Sebastian. I used to hate him. Then last year I grew to love him and thought he could have been a ‘better’ schumacher. Now, I am a little unsure.

    Unlike a lot of brit’s. I used to love M Schumacher until I realised his win at all costs attitude was, despite his brilliance, a horrible an unattractive trait (Which is why I loved him on his second stint again as I was able to admire his former brilliance whilst watching him being beat and funny and engaging in interviews). So. Now that Seb has shown what I am taking to be the same trait, how do I deal with it as a fan?

    Well, for now I’m going to note just how competitive this guy is and not hold it against him because of how he came out straight away with an apology, but this is very, very wary, and unlike Hamilton, who seemed downbeat from getting out of the car, Seb did his usual salute went into the weighing room and did not seem to give a monkey’s about Mark when he came in at that point.

    Finally. This is why they should never again have regular podium interviews, but instead have them only on occasion.

  20. Actually, I’m going to re-iterate one of my former points for people talking about team orders. What get’s me is that in this race, they seem intrinsically linked to tyre performance (With mercedes, please note that fuel usage is a function of thrust power which is somewhat inverse to drag which in an F1 car leads to downforce and grip, meaning that a close fuel strategy can be impacted by tyre performance indirectly. as well as directly), which already is causing stinkiness.

    So the tyres are the biggest problems surely?

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