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Start, Sepang, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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388 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

  1. Bobby (@f1bobby) said on 24th March 2013, 10:46

    How can anyone rate this race a 1 or 2? Great drama, loads of overtaking, fights throughout the field, 9/10.

  2. himmatsj (@himmatsj) said on 24th March 2013, 10:47

    8/10 from me. Good racing actually, some gritty battles and lots of strategy. To top it off there was intra-team politics involved as well!

  3. Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 24th March 2013, 10:51


    – The inter team battles between RB and Merc were so much fun to watch. People can get butt-hurt all they want about the politics, but Webber defending from Vettel was great fun to watch. (Webber forcing Vettel to the pit wall on lap 45 was dangerous, and reminded me a lot of the Schumacher-Barrichello move in Hungary ’10.)

    – Lewis is my favourite driver, and I’ve gained even more respect for him today, for admitting on the podium, that Rosberg probably deserved his position. Would have been good to see them race to the end, but i respect the fact that the teams want to secure the best possible result, and not risk anything.

    – Mark’s comments on the podium were just ace! And completely spot on.


    – The Merc’s fuel troubles
    – Lewis and Nico formation flying to the end was a bit of a kill joy, but i completely understand why.
    - Again, too many pit stops. Since Pirelli cant offer a tyre that’s any harder than what we saw today, then there is something fundamentally wrong with what they’ve made, because 4 stops is too much.
    – Would have loved to see JB get 5th, unfortunately Mclaren ****** up his stop.
    – Both Force India’s having to retire. I feel Sutil still would have beaten Di Resta anyway.

    • Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 24th March 2013, 10:56

      Also, let’s face it, Vettel apologising in the post race press conference. He’s not really sorry is he, I mean come on, really. He’s only apologising because he needs to maintain a respectable media image. He’s not actually sorry.

      Anyone with half a brain knows that.

      • wsrgo (@wsrgo) said on 24th March 2013, 11:08

        Massa obeys team orders…and gets bashed by all and sundry
        Webber ignores team orders….and is thought of as a hero
        Vettel ignores team orders…and is bashed
        Talk about double standards!!!

      • David-A (@david-a) said on 24th March 2013, 11:08

        @tophercheese21 – True. I see nothing he even needs to be sorry for.

      • Troy Longstaff (@troylongstaff) said on 24th March 2013, 11:08

        @tophercheese21 +1. Sadly, I wonder whether Vettel actually does understand that Webber was right in what he said. Christian Horner and Helmut ‘I love Seb’ Marko will of course say to Mark that Seb made an error of judgement and that he won’t do it again, however I think we all know who wears the pants in Red Bull, and it certainly ain’t Webber.

      • Yoshisune (@yobo01) said on 24th March 2013, 11:10

        Whether he is really sorry or not, it doesn’t matter. I mean, he had to apologize in front of the media, everyone would have done the same.
        He clearly doesn’t like discussing internal problems with the media, he said that he wanted to talk to the team before saying something significant.
        I think he managed the situation as well as he could.

      • brny666 said on 24th March 2013, 12:33

        As he shouldn’t be.

      • @tophercheese21 – agreed. I think he may have just been trying to salvage a team relationship more than anything, but he knew exactly what he was doing and I doubt he regrets his decision – 7 points is worth more to a driver than public admiration any day of the week.

      • Chris (@tophercheese21) said on 24th March 2013, 12:46

        IMO, what Vettel did was pretty ‘Scumbag Steve-ish” (meme reference), but at the same time, i can’t really blame him, he took a win that was there for the taking. Sure, it wasn’t what the team wanted, or instructed him to do, but i’d gladly take a bit of media flak, if in return i get a 4th world championship.

        If i were a 3 times world champ, and an extreme competitor, i probably would have done the same. Because at the end of the day, if Vettel wins the WDC (again), and it comes down this difference, then he’ll look back and be glad.

  4. magon4 (@magon4) said on 24th March 2013, 10:51

    I really don’t get it.
    Imagine Vettel hadn’t attack.
    Imagine those 13 laps, with Rosberg behind Hamilton, being much quicker, and Vettel behind Webber, being much quicker (new set of tyres against used ones from WEB). Just imagine! That would have been MUCH worse.
    Not defending Vettel here, but the race got better for it, not worse!

  5. himmatsj (@himmatsj) said on 24th March 2013, 10:52

    Regarding the intra-team battles, people must understand that Nico has 2/3 chances to get past Hamilton but never made it stick. He always got past Hamilton in the first DRS section, but Hamilton would repass along the front straight. Instead, he should have waited till the front straight to get past Hamilton.

    Schoolboy thinking there from Rosberg, and in the end I think Ross Brawn had enough of it and told them to cut it off. So, essentially Rosberg dug his own grave there.

  6. mrgrieves (@mrgrieves) said on 24th March 2013, 10:52

    Im going down to a 6.

    Vettel and Webbers battle was a 10/10 at the time. When have we seen a wheel to wheel battle like that.

    Sadly Vettel went against team orders while doing this and thats going to sour his image. That dropped a point for me.

    Dropping 3 point was the Hamilton/Rosberg situation. That must have been painful for Rosberg having to sit behind Hamilton who had used up all his fuel

    • dirgegirl (@dirgegirl) said on 24th March 2013, 10:55


      Sadly Vettel went against team orders


      Normally F1 fans rail against team orders, so surely it’s a good thing to disobey them!

      • mrgrieves (@mrgrieves) said on 24th March 2013, 11:05

        Im really contridicting myself! The more i think the more it doesnt annoy me as much and Rosberg touring around behind Hamilton not getting passed. And having read through other comment i forgot Webber ignored team orders at Silverstone 2011. The only think im not to high on is we’ll never know if it was a fair fight. Was Marks car at full pelt like Vettel or had he turned it down so like Vettel im going to admit i was wrong with my 1st post. Also the racing ending after the last pit stop is another thumbs down to F1

        • dirgegirl (@dirgegirl) said on 24th March 2013, 11:25

          I didn’t want Vettel to pass Webber but at the same time it was a great F1 moment. And if Rosberg had passed Hamilton on the last lap… that would have been exciting too! We were robbed! :o)

  7. cdavman said on 24th March 2013, 10:55

    I give the race a 7. It was quite interesting, but I agree the team orders were ridiculous. However I can’t help feel that Rosberg’s strategy in the DRS zones when trying to overtake Hamilton prior to being told to hold station could’ve been better. He should have used the first zone to close but not pass Hamilton and then used the second to perform the pass, otherwise Hamilton was always going to re-pass in the second one. A few laps of that and the team cried enough. If he’d approached it differently he could’ve been in front before the decision was made.

    Having said that, two DRS zones that close together is as ridiculous as the team orders in that respect. The second zone undoes what the first zone was trying to promote.

  8. Troy Longstaff (@troylongstaff) said on 24th March 2013, 10:59

    I wanted to give this race 10/10 simply for Webber telling Vettel what he really thought and Hamilton’s humility on the podium, but 9 will have to suffice. Regardless of team orders the squabble for the lead was sensational, Webber pushed Vettel so close to the pit-wall it reminded me of when Schumacher tried to “kill” Barrichello at Hungary in 2010. Hamilton knew he shouldn’t have been on the podium, and I no doubt agree that Rosberg should be mightily angry at Ross Brawn. Other than that, I thought the race would’ve been more interesting without two DRS zones, which were completely unnecessary on a track like Sepang.

  9. mead said on 24th March 2013, 11:06

    Without echoing the major disgust here (which I fully understand), I say it was a 5/10 as far as racing goes, 7/10 as far as F1 goes, and a 9/10 at the end. The awesome battle of the teammates and the drama on the radios had me on the edge of my seat till everybody started following orders. I forgot which poster mentioned Vettel’s ‘entitlement’ mentality, but it is spot on.

  10. Tasimana said on 24th March 2013, 11:09

    Webber pits first he wins. Simple as that. Was controlling the race and should have won. Normally the guy in front calls the shots and I think that’s what webber was alluding to. Multi 21? Hopefully gives Mark a rev up to do better this year.

  11. Nick (@npf1) said on 24th March 2013, 11:19

    The team orders left a sour taste at the end, but really, we had a great race. The first half was very interesting and chaotic, the Webber/Vettel battle was pretty exciting and battles featuring the likes of Perez, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Button were very good.

    I voted 8/10, because in between the chaos and the Webber/Vettel battle commencing, there were some dull laps. As far as post-race drama is concerned, I’d say 10/10, though. Not only the in-team battle at Red Bull and Mercedes, but as usual the Pirelli debate is very amusing.

  12. gzegzolek (@gzegzolek) said on 24th March 2013, 11:20

    The worst race for long long time.
    And Ross Brawn should be send to green grass like Fry.
    Only one question to Brawn Why Ham should be before Nico Why?
    Why Nico couldnot be before Ham?
    For team is the same.
    But Ross Brawn is disgusting just l ike Todt with Barrichelo.

  13. chaostheory said on 24th March 2013, 11:37

    The race was ugly. The whole pit lane was stoned or had a hangover, the Ferrari race control was not existent, just two drivers, a team to change tyres and Rob Smedley, who sounded like talking to Massa from his bed at home. The Pirelli is at control of whole circus. But then a wonder happened: a beautiful battle between Webber and Vettel and second one between Hamilton and Rosberg, but then Newey and Brawn intervened making the podium most bitter (for the drivers and for the fans) since Austria 2002. Two quick conclusions are: 1) its really hard to respect current, and 3 time (!) world champion when he behaves like a spoiled little boy, 2) now we know some details of Hamilton contract with Mercedes, Rosberg was free to race Schumacher, but now he can’t race Hamilton :/
    In such circumstanced I wish Bernie would keep all the money for himself, the teams are too pitiful to have any.

  14. pjrwallis (@pjrwallis) said on 24th March 2013, 11:58

    I’ve rarely been so disappointed by a race that was so interesting. I enjoy seeing exciting battles, close on track action, the superior skill or strategy of one driver in overtaking another and even the strategy of team orders, albeit the latter can often be frustrating. But the competitive edge must be tempered by sportsmanship otherwise sport is lost to uncivility. This otherwise entertaining race was marred by a shocking display of arrogance and disrespect. That that display was by one of the most successful F1 drivers of all time makes it all the more saddening.

  15. nidzovski (@nidzovski) said on 24th March 2013, 12:04

    Hulkenderg deserves top team drive! Daniel also. It was also good to see Mercedes on the pace and McLaren did better than in first race. Lotus still managed to finish race with less pitstops. FI was fast but with stupid problems. And Pastor? Oh dear.

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