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Start, Sepang, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Malaysian Grand Prix.

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2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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388 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix”

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  1. 3/10
    i’m amazed people are rating this race so highly. Team orders directly influenced the outcome of the top 4 and were implemented at just over half distance. All 3 on the podium were ****** off and embarrassed to be there.
    Although it was exciting that Vettel ignored orders (good for him), there is still a sour taste leftover knowing that Mark wasn’t defending to the best of his abilities. Red Bull trying to implement orders in the second race of the season is in bad taste imo, Mark and Seb have shown that they have the ability to race each other fairly in the past.
    I’m especially disappointed at Mercedes for giving up on catching the Red Bulls. I can’t understand why they would refuse Rosberg’s requests to overtake Hamilton and have a go at the leaders. Ross Brawn and the entire Mercedes strategy team quit on their drivers, which is hugely disappointing.
    Germany 2010 was the last race i can think of where team orders influenced the outcome with the championship picture still up for grabs. I believe that race was rated around a 5/10 on average, and this was easily worse.
    I can’t believe i woke up at 4:00am to watch F1 make a joke of itself.

  2. I will abstain from voting. I only could watch this on BBC and that’s highlights only.
    It seemed rather exciting, but when you get only the best bits it doesn’t really reflect the whole race.
    Maybe Keith, you can add a “Could only watch it on highlights” option. :D

  3. Another awful drive from Massa very lucky it wasn’t 7th instead of 5th..As for Alonso and Ferrari, they just love to keep gifting Red Bull. Ferrari are inferior to Red Bull in every single department.

  4. All this team orders malarkey has overshadowed the main aspect of the race – tyres, tyres, tyres, prerservation, prerservation, prerservation.
    The Merc and Bulls were in tyre preservation mode for most of the race. Add to that Engine Preservation, Fuel Preservation, and we have a “Preservation Championship” with Tyre Preservation leading the way. They were all preserving tyres to make specified pit-stop windows. This is the main point. How sad!!

    1. You said preservation so many times it started to sound weird in my head as I read it :D I totally agree though its starting to get ridiculous

    2. hopefully Pirelli acts on it – otherwise we would be in for a few 4-5 stoppers this year.

  5. James (@chairmanmeowmeow)
    24th March 2013, 20:53

    The BBC highlights ruined it for me. I know they have a hard job to edit it down but a lot of the strategy was cut out. I even thought BUT had retired af ther the pit mishap!

  6. 8/10 is fair.
    It had dry and wet, had a good start from Webber, a mistake by Ferrari and Alonso, split stratagies in the RedBull, Hamilton pulling a Jenson, had Kimi and Hulk fight, Vettel turning the cards, Nico acepting the orders, Webber showing the finger. It had a “sad” podium, Webber saying the obvious on the podium conference.

    1. I was going to say pretty much exactly what you said, all the controversy has spiced this year right up imo, and look at how many people are talking about it. I gave it 8/10, and ferrari is my team so its not from bias

  7. i liked it – decent action, and plenty of absurdity :D

    to those equating team orders to race fixing, you couldn’t be more wrong. it is a team sport and the team boss decides who on his team does what.

    as for justifying the decisions made, there is validity to deciding to fly in formation and take the points in hand. there is also validity to favoring who you believe is your stronger driver and therefore more likely to deliver the maximum result at the end of a long championship.

  8. Its funny All redbull fans were blasting Ferrari in 2010 for team orders even after half the season was finished and only Alonso had the realistic chance for the WDC. But now its ok if its done from Redbull.

    i get it, it was illegal then but not now.

    And as for Mr.Hemlet Marko we saw who is the political driver…
    “Mark is too slow… get him ouut of the way”

  9. I really enjoyed this race but reflecting on it, I would give it an 8 out of 10. It was really interesting strategy wise and it was good to see some battles for the lead. It would have been nice to see Alonso and Button not have problems as it would have made it more exciting.

    Obviously the team orders thing brought up some massive intrigue too. Could have done with a little bit of rain midway through to liven it up but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

  10. Rated the race as a 9.A very exciting race with some good overtakes and I did predict a good start for Webber due to his distance to Vettel on the grid.
    Would have given a 10 if Webber snotted Vettel at some point after the race.

  11. Good interesting GP, but sadly rotten because of one’s ego…
    I believe Vettel didn’t make a lot of friends within the driver’s circle and/or in the Paddock, so young, and already so sick of power, I wonder why, he’s had everything he could believe in the last 3 years, but okay, they remain “beasts” when wearing a helmet, I suppose ?

  12. I enjoyed it better than the Australian GP so I rated Malaysia as a 7.5 rounded up to an 8, it’s a shame Mercedes didn’t put enough fuel in the cars or we could have had a more interesting end to the race.

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