No changes to tyres until after Bahrain

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Giedo van der Garde, Caterham, Sepang, 2013In the round-up: Pirelli say they will not consider any changes to the 2013 tyre compounds until after the Bahrain Grand Prix.


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Pirelli: no tyre review before Bahrain GP (Autosport)

“As for wheel to wheel stuff… it is something we will have to review after four races. It is still very early days.”

The truth about Ferrari’s power (ESPN)

“On page 179, in the section about the Team Agreements it states that ‘in respect of Ferrari only, Ferrari may terminate if the regulatory safeguards agreed between the FIA and Ferrari do not allow Ferrari to veto any change to the regulations already announced or introduced (subject to certain exceptions).'”

Hanging in the balance (Sky)

“Whilst it’s surprising that the powerful simulation tools of McLaren did not pick up on the aerodynamic problem before the car actually ran, the team is running absolutely flat-out in the break before China to have heavily upgraded cars in Shanghai for Button and Sergio Perez. Don’t bet against a total transformation of form.”

Vettel and Massa make biggest gains so far (NBC)

“Massa?s bright start to 2013 is in marked contrast to his troubled 2012 campaign. This time last year he was yet to score ?ǣ twelve months on he is ahead of team mate Alonso in the championship.”


Comment of the day

Another view on the Official F1 Live Timing App from Knoxploration:

I paid for this app last year, and spent all year regretting that decision. It was absolutely riddled with bugs, many of which weren?t fixed after being reported to the developer.

It was, essentially, completely impossible to get through a full race without two crashes, and after each crash you have to adjust the time slip all over again to get it to match what?s on the TV.

The information shown is hopelessly inaccurate ? in particular, the track map is nonsensical, often showing things like cars driving backwards on track. Five seconds is an eternity in an F1 race; an app which updates so seldom and simply guesses what is happening in between (as this does) is effectively showing you a fictitious event.

And frankly, I compared it side-by-side with the Java app on and found the latter far more effective and accurate. The official app would frequently stop updating for 30-90 seconds, then suddenly playback at accelerated speed for the next 15-30 seconds until it had caught up.

Occasionally, it wouldn?t work at all. There were no such problems on the applet; these problems were specific to the app.

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On this day in F1

And happy 50th birthday to former F1 racer Fabrizio Barbazza. He failed to qualify in 12 attempts for AGS in 1991, then returned with Minardi two years later.

Two sixth places at Donington and Imola were his peak before being replaced by Pierluigi Martini halfway through the year.

Two years later he was badly injured in a frightening crash at Road Atlanta in which his Ferrari 333SP sports car was T-boned and cut in half. He took a long time to recover from his injuries and did not return to racing after the accident:

Image ?? Caterham/LAT