Webber & Raikkonen 2014 “candidates” – Mateschitz

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Sepang, 2013In the round-up: Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz says Mark Webber can stay at the team if he wishes – and Kimi Raikkonen is a candidate for the drive as well.


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Mark Webber could keep Red Bull seat in 2014 despite Vettel feud (The Guardian)

Dietrich Mateschitz: “Whether he retires, only he will choose but Mark is definitely a candidate for 2014.”

“The championship is still on”: Defiant Jenson Button says he can still win the F1 title, despite sluggish start (The Mirror)

“The championship is still on as far as I am concerned and I am aiming for that. Definitely.”

Di Resta keeping sights high (Sky)

“I’ve a lot of respect for what McLaren do. Although they are struggling at the moment, they can develop. But we will be pushing to stay in front of them.”

Force India: V6s must not dictate form (Autosport)

Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley: “It mustn’t be like it was in the past when the engine differentiators were overwhelming. It would be a shame if we got there.”

Rookie diary – Sauber?s Esteban Gutierrez (F1)

“After many crazy qualifying sessions in GP2 – and believe me, you are confronted with crazy situations all the time in GP2 – it was a bit ironic that my first ever F1 qualifying session was the continuation of my GP2 experiences!”

Kimi Raikkonen Lap Behind the Scenes – Top Gear – Series 18 – BBC (Top Gear via YouTube)


Comment of the day

Adam Blocker on Ferrari retaining a veto over F1’s technical rules:

I understand that Ferrari have an immense value to the sport. I am okay with them having a minor stake in F1. However they should not be allowed a veto. They are a team competing just as the other ten teams are. They should be treated the same as everyone else when it comes to competition rules. Either everyone gets a veto or nobody gets a veto.
Adam Blocker (@Blockwall2)

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On this day in F1

Ayrton Senna made his McLaren debut 25 years ago today in his home race at Jacarepagua in Brazil.

Senna took pole position but had to abandon his car following a gearbox problem. He had to switch to the spare car and start from the pits.

Despite that he had climbed to second place by lap 20, only to be disqualified for his change of cars. Team mate Alain Prost won, beginning a season of dominance by the pair.

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