Extra pre-season test mooted for 2014

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Jerez, 2013In the round-up: F1 teams are planning an extra pre-season test for the 2014 season to give them more time preparing for the new engine formula.

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F1 teams set for extra test in 2014 (Autosport)

Renault Sport deputy managing director Rob White: “There is what looks like quite a mature proposal to have an additional test session [pre-season] which we are completely in favour of.”

‘McLaren suffering without Hamilton’ (BBC)

John Watson: “Red Bull have two drivers of a high level of experience, as do Ferrari and Mercedes. McLaren look like they’ve got one and a half drivers.”

Force India taking ‘intelligent’ approach to car development (ESPN)

“What you will need is to have a good rate of development until June or July. Then I think they will switch off, because how much do you focus on a car that goes out of date in the middle of November?”

The Finishing Line – with Romain Grosjean (F1)

“The most memorable overtaking move of my career was…
RG: It was in GP2 at Barcelona in 2011. I overtook three cars in two corners at turns four and five. Two around the outside and one on the inside.”

Karthikeyan extends deal for Auto GP round two (The Times of India)

“India’s top racing driver Narain Karthikeyan has extended his deal with Zele Racing for the second round of Auto GP in Marrakesh, Morocco this weekend.”

Sainsbury’s denies Justin King to replace Bernie Ecclestone at F1 (The Grocer)

“A Sainsbury?s spokesman said: ‘This is pure speculation. Justin?s made his commitment to the business clear and is excited about Sainsbury?s long-term prospects for growth. Any discussion of succession is entirely premature.'”

Enstone Pride – Three questions with Geoff Simmonds (Lotus)

“At the moment my favourite aspect of the team is the ‘getting there’; the feeling you get when you build a bit of momentum and you?re on that roll. We experienced it last year with the build-up to Kimi [Raikkonen’s] win, and because it had been a long time coming it felt all the more sweet.”


Comment of the day

Jon Sandor on understanding the differences between F1 now and 50 years ago for the most successful drivers:

Cars in the ‘Olden Days’ were more unreliable than modern cars, but there was also a bigger performance gap between the best, the middle of the pack, and the worst cars. So while e.g. Jim Clark suffered a high rate of DNFs by modern standards, of the races he did finish he finished in first place an exceptionally high proportion of the time.

In 73 races he had 23 DNFs but in the 50 races he did finish he took 25 wins and 32 podiums. Modern cars are more reliable, but no modern driver can ever lap the entire field in the course of winning a race.
Jon Sandor (@Jonsan)

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On this day in F1

David Murray passed away on this day 40 years ago. On May 13th, 1950 Murray’s Maserati 4CLT and 20 other cars formed the grid at Silverstone for the first ever round of the world championship. None of his rivals from that inaugural race are still alive.

Murray only appeared at five more championship races. His last, at Silverstone in 1952, was in a Cooper run by Ecurie Ecosse, who he spent the following years working for.

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