Brawn: Team orders ‘against my sporting nature’

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Sepang, 2013In the round-up: Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn admits he didn’t enjoy enforcing team orders during the Malaysian Grand Prix.


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Brawn says team orders went against his nature (Reuters)

“I didn’t like having to give the orders I gave in Malaysia, it’s not in my sporting nature and I think the team have demonstrated many times in the past that we are very happy to let our drivers race each other.”

Jules Bianchi Q&A (Sky)

“Do you have any personal goals in 2013?
JB: ‘First of all I will try to finish every race – I know it will be something really difficult, so I will focus on that and try to gain more experience by finishing every race I can.'”

What it means to run Ferrari (Autosport, subscription required)

Stefano Domenicali: “Remember we started last year 1.6s behind and by July we had the best car. But it’s normal that you cannot keep that gradient of development. So the objective of this year is, for sure, to try to be more competitive.”

No doubting there will be a right time for wrong-time Webber (The Age)

“Red Bull has confirmed Vettel had more horsepower than his teammate in Malaysia after the technicians asked for the engines to be turned down on both cars. ‘[Sebastian Vettel’s] engine was turned down, but not as much as Mark’s due to differing strategies and tyre wear,’ said a spokesperson.”

How did McLaren lose a Grand Prix by finishing first? (McLaren)

“At the same time Barrichello overtook Coulthard to retake the lead, and I well remember the thunderous cheer that immediately went up from the grandstands all around Interlagos, audible even above two competing noise sources: the fever-pitched wail of the high-revving 3.0-litre V10 engines in the 11 cars that still remained running by that point, and the rat-tat-tatting of the rain on the press room roof (or what remained of it, because the leak had now developed into a bloody great hole). Indeed, I remember blinking at the surreal sight of hapless hacks stoically hammering away at their laptops even as rainwater lapped at their ankles.”


Comment of the day

@Lavine on the loss of FanVision:

Is the F1 app really all we are getting to replace this? I?m heading to Monza in September and hope to use a tablet on 3G to provide information.

Is there anything other than the F1 app worth investing in? If there?s nothing else then I might as well just pay the subscription for the F1 app now and get some decent use out of it instead of just subscribing for Monza in September.

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On this day in F1

Jim Clark died 45 years ago today. The two-times world champion was competing in a Formula Two race at the Hockenheimring when his Lotus veered off the road and struck a tree.

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