First trailer for Ron Howard’s 1976 F1 film Rush


McLaren M23, Nurburgring Nordschleife, Rush filming, 2011The first trailer for Ron Howard’s forthcoming film Rush has appeared.

The film tells the story of the 1976 F1 season and the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The two drivers are played by Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl.

Among the locations used for filming was the Nurburgring Nordschleife, where Lauda’s near-fatal crash during the German Grand Prix was recreated. Original cars and replicas created to look like them were used.

See pictures of the cars being filmed here:

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129 comments on First trailer for Ron Howard’s 1976 F1 film Rush

  1. Joe Papp (@joepa) said on 8th April 2013, 15:05

    Looks exciting and interesting! Can’t wait…

  2. aditya (@agara) said on 8th April 2013, 15:31

    So after Thor, Chris Hemsworh becomes a driving gods ;)

  3. katederby (@katederby) said on 8th April 2013, 15:49

    Seeing the crash screen gave me shivers thinking back to the real accident… my sister was a big Lauda fan so it will always have strong memories for me. I just hope the personality conflicts are not too black and white; there are never just heroes and villains.

  4. Valhyre (@ausuma) said on 8th April 2013, 16:50

    It looks ok but i don’t know… feels not entirely what i expected.

    Also did i saw then racing in the rain? was it fuji? because i seriously hope they don’t change the end to a “Super exciting epic race where the 2 rivals clash in a fierce battle for the win” because yeah no, that didn’t happen

  5. stefano (@alfa145) said on 8th April 2013, 17:49

    O.O Omg I’m literally crying

  6. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 8th April 2013, 17:56

    Can’t wait for this movie!

  7. Ivano (@) said on 8th April 2013, 21:16

    I’m jittering in excitemeny!!!

    What I really like is the attention to detail. Example in the early part of season Ferrari raced with the high air scope, then dropped it later on, and it’s in the movie!!!

    Also, well done in getting Marlboro on the cars! I may not smoke anymore, but always loved that name on the Ferraris and McLarens.

    • Adysseus (@adysseus) said on 8th April 2013, 21:29

      Ferrari didn’t have Marlboro liveries on them at that time – old Enzo only excepted sponsors who are directly involved with motor racing. Oh yes, James Hunt was smoker, but not driving a Ferrari and certainly not a sponsor…
      But I agree, it looks great; it’s the real thing and I wonder how much Marlboro pays for that…

      • Ivano (@) said on 8th April 2013, 22:10


        I meant in general I’ve always loved the Marlboro name on them. :)
        But, there is Marlboro on Niki Lauda’s helmet of then.

  8. MagillaGorilla (@magillagorilla) said on 8th April 2013, 21:43

    Maybe you should take your “rational” or lack of it somewhere else, I’m sure there are plenty of anti-american or xenophobic forums out there for you. Also, subjective rhetoric and stuff your parents taught you doesn’t mean you or them are right. There are plenty of great american films, perhaps you being myopic is the issue.

  9. Ivano (@) said on 8th April 2013, 22:10

    So HD trailer?

  10. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 8th April 2013, 22:22

    Cannot believe people are writing this off just from the trailer? Yes, it looks a bit ‘Hollywood’ – but isn’t F1 as glamorous a sport as it gets? Even going back to the 70s. This was an epic story, was it not? So make it epic. Yes it looks bright and colourful and hi-tech and full of special effects, but going from this alone it looks extremely tastefully applied if you ask me. And I’m not usually one for s a blockbuster..

    • Ivano (@) said on 8th April 2013, 22:46


      I’m with you. And I’m glad it looks Hollywood as it’s meant to be a movie. Today this got my non-F1 friends interested in the sport! If people want a documentary there are plenty, I’m happy with this that has full visual and audio emotion!

  11. jre_f1 (@jre_f1) said on 8th April 2013, 22:56

    I’m so excited to see this, it looks like it could be amazing! The cinematography of it just looks mouth watering.

  12. Hairs (@hairs) said on 8th April 2013, 23:19

    This isn’t out for ages and I’ve only seen a tiny bit of it. I’m probably not going to see it in the cinema either.

    Therefore, I feel I’m the perfect candidate to weigh in with a nonsensically grave comment that assumes my opinion is the only correct one, and state that the film is going to be a bit of a film. There’ll be filmy bits in it, and other bits where people are talking. Some people will talk more than others, and some people will be more physically attractive than others. People will have differing degrees of interest in their character. The film will end after a period of time determined by the director following consultations with his team of professionals. Many people will eat loudly for the duration. Others will be dragged there unwillingly by a ham fisted significant other.

    All the comments above are wrong.

  13. Mark McDonald said on 9th April 2013, 1:05

    For sure, I’ll be seeing this film. How I wish Ron Howard (or another A-list director) would have made a film about the tragic Villeneuve – Pironi rivalry of ’82.

  14. Abdurahman (@) said on 9th April 2013, 1:40

    I agree with someone above, the trailer is making me more excited not less. My first reaction to seeing some of the still photos though on here, wow, Marlboro must be loving this and were they paying/being paid for any of this publicity?

  15. Liz Gregson (@elsybetg) said on 9th April 2013, 1:54

    Looks like Hollywood crap to me.

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