Kimi Raikkonen, Motocross, 2013

Raikkonen goes Motocross riding during F1 break

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Kimi Raikkonen, Motocross, 2013In the round-up: Kimi Raikkonen spent part of his break between F1 races rising a Motocross bike.


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Team owner Kimi Raikkonen ripping it off in Belgium last week (Ice One Racing via Tumblr)

Pictures of Kimi Raikkonen riding a Motocross bike recently.

Hamilton favoured by Mercedes – McNish (BBC)

“Even though it’s not official, there’s definitely a strong focus on Hamilton being their main challenge for the championship.”

Horner says RRA not the way forward (Autosport)

“A resource restriction is an agreement that is fundamentally flawed because of the structures of different companies: Ferrari operates in a completely different way to McLaren or Mercedes or Red Bull. The best way to control costs is through stable regulations.”

Coffee, tea or me? (Air Asia via Facebook)

“Are you ready for ‘Coffee, Tea or Me?’ Yes, the bet was not forgotten! Next month, you can enjoy the inflight services from our newest recruit, Sir Richard Branson.”

No point complaining about tyres, says Alesi (NBC)

“From a tyre point of view, the drivers will have to find the best compromise between performance and degradation, which is exactly the way that it has always been in Formula One.”

Hamilton: I won?t walk it in China (The Sun)

“Mercedes were in a unique situation at the track last year and got everything right. The tyres are different this year so you have to anticipate that it?s going to be a little bit different there for us.”


Comment of the day

Will Rush alienate F1 fans by being too commercial? @Bleeps_and_Tweaks doesn’t think so:

From what I can see it looks good, and Hemsworth and Bruhl look pretty convincing in their respective roles.

Rush is and always was going to be Hollywood, it?s a movie, not a documentary. Hardcore F1 fans would always argue the sport doesn’t need to be spiced up. But this is about attracting the F1 hardcore, moderate fans and ‘not normally interested in F1’ type of film fan, therefore it’s got to have added impact and visual appeal.

I’m not expecting anything as stylish as ‘Le Mans’, because I think this has cost too much money and they need to appeal to a wide audience to recoup that. Personally I can’t wait though, this trailer has made me more enthusiastic, not less.

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Happy birthday to 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve!

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