Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Sepang, 2013

Malaysia retirement no concern for Alonso

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Sepang, 2013Fernando Alonso says he isn’t concerned about the points lost due to his retirement from the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Alonso touched the back of Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull at turn two on the first lap of the race, damaging his front wing. He and the team gambled on not bringing the car into the pits but the wing collapsed at the start of lap two, forcing him to retire.

“I am not concerned about the fact I did not score points in Malaysia, because everyone has at least two or three DNFs per season in Formula 1,” said Alonso in China.

“Although I hope not, I guess it will happen to me again this year, because of the law of averages. We need to be prepared for that and also be prepared to take any opportunity and try and score maximum points when it happens to our rivals”

“It was a shame that there was that contact at the second corner,” he added, “but as regards stopping or not stopping, I think the damage was already done. Now, we will try and be a little bit more careful, leave a bit more of a margin and hopefully it won?t happen again.”

Alonso’s remarks after the race that “it was a surprise to find [Vettel] there, almost stopped” prompted speculation that Vettel had tried to catch him out.

But Alonso scotched the idea when it was put to him in China: “That?s impossible. Because there are 22 cars on the track and you don?t know what line the drivers behind you will take.”

He added he was not concern about having failed to out-qualify team mate Felipe Massa over the last four races.

“I think he is doing a fantastic job and driving at a hundred percent,” said Alonso. “However, to talk about the last four races is a strange calculation, as it involves races from last year as well as this one and the conditions in the qualifying sessions in Melbourne and Malaysia were not so normal.

“Like I say, he is doing a good job and I hope I can qualify in front of him for a few races this year and if I manage to do that, it will need to be with a fantastic lap.”

Alonso denied that using more race-orientated set-ups on his car was the cause of Massa’s recent superiority in qualifying.

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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