Red Bull gives up on team orders as Vettel admits he would defy them again

2013 Malaysian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Shanghai, 2013Christian Horner has confirmed Red Bull will stop using team orders at the end of the race following the row which broke out at the end of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

It came as Sebastian Vettel told reporters he would defy similar instructions again and felt his team mate did not deserve to win the race.

Horner told the BBC the decision was taken by Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz: “I had discussions with Dietrich and we agreed that Red Bull is not a fan of team orders.”

“Therefore we will not impose team orders at the end of a race. However, we expect the drivers to act on the information they have from the team.”

Vettel told reporters he did not immediately understand the order he was given during the race: “Had I understood the message and had I thought about it, reflected on it, thought what the team wanted to do, to leave Mark in first place and me finishing second… I think I would have thought about it and I would probably have done the same thing.”

“He didn’t deserve it,” Vettel continued. “There is quite a conflict, because on the one hand I am the kind of guy who respects team decisions and the other hand, probably Mark is not the one who deserved it at the time.”

“I don’t like to talk ill of other people. It’s not my style. I think I said enough. The bottom line is that I was racing, I was faster, I passed him, I won,” he added.

Vettel said he did not expect it would change how far his team mate went in supporting him because “I never had support from his side.”

“In terms of my relationship with Mark, I respect him a lot as a racing driver but I think there was more than one occasion in the past when he could have helped the team but didn’t.”

Both Red Bull drivers have openly disobeyed team orders in the past: Webber did so at Silverstone in 2011 and there was further friction in Brazil last year when Vettel was campaigning to win the championship title.

Webber said Red Bull choosing not to use team orders would make things “probably easier” in the future.

2013 Malaysian Grand Prix

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  1. “I chose to overtake, because I was faster and he did not deserve the win.”

    – Ayrton Senna.

    If that quote had come out of that mouth, we would have praised him to high heavens, and would be commenting on how great an attitude it still is today. A lot of the attitude on here seems to be stemming from Disliike of Vettel – generally because people have somehow decided he isn’t as good as Hamilton/Alonso/Kubica/Whoever.

    1. @bendana
      ‘IF’ being the operative word here

      1. Doesn’t change the fact he’s right, you’re just affirming his point actually..

        1. @roberto he’s right is he? confirmation of a hypothetical phrase that was never actually said by someone and then assuming and pigeon holing the reaction of the collective Formula 1 community beyond reasonable doubt? God much?

      2. Not quite sure what you mean by that… Could I have a little more explanation of the point you’re trying to make, @me262?

        1. @bendana I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read your post – happens when I read presumptuous correlations between Senna and Vettel. Point is Senna never said “I chose to overtake, because I was faster and he did not deserve the win.” Do you know why?? …because he never had to overtake an inferior teammate for a win

          A lot of the attitude on here seems to be stemming from Disliike of Vettel – generally because people have somehow decided he isn’t as good as Hamilton/Alonso/Kubica/Whoever

          I dont think its because he’s not as good or better than anyone, i think its because of his demeanor. He is one of the worst sore losers in the world of professional sports today. Granted, some people admire that and twist it to ‘a will to win’ akin to real champions but realistically, Vettel and most other drivers could only dream of attaining the persona and charisma of Ayrton Senna. One would think the only way is up for Vettel, will be good to see him put his silly finger away and mature a little

          1. Well, your overdramatic nonsense aside there, I think you’re actually missing – either accidentally or deliberately – the point of what I said. I know Senna never made that quote. The whole point is that if he had, people would have treated it like it was the statement of a saint and a brilliant thing to say.

            Its nothing to do with Vettel attaining the persona of Senna. The point is a comparison of the way the two drivers are perceived. Had Senna said something like that – bearing in mind that Ayrton was hardly a saint when it came to actions on and around the track – it would have been treated as wonderful and brilliant. Vettel says it and he gets treated like a war criminal.

            By the way, if comments on F1f make you throw up, I suggest seeking medical attention, as you appear to be far to delicate for the rigours of the internet.

  2. As much as I love the kimi/lotus duo, I really hope kimi joins RBR next year to show Vettel how talented he really is.

    1. @swindle94: You mean the Kimi, who needs a GPS to find his way around the track, hehe. Ok, I love Kimi also, but lets face the facts: if You don’t believe a driver is talented after 3 WDC’s, then nothing will ever convince You, because Your dislike of the driver is clouding Your judgement.

      1. +1

        Once Vettel beats Kimi it will be the old story of how the team is favouring him and how Kimi needs time to adjust or doesn’t like the car lol..

  3. “I never had support from his side.”

    Nonsense. There have been occasions when Webber disobeyed team orders, but to suggest he never obeyed them is false.

    1. That’s the sort of claim which really should be accompanied by “for example …”

      1. @jonsan 2012 Brazil is the only one that comes immediately to mind. He may not have made it easy, but he eventually let Vettel by.

  4. Can we just forget this now?
    It was a minor incident but this is being blown out of proportion by the fans of certain driver(s)

  5. No team orders at Red Bull? Advantage Ferrari /Alonso.

    I hope this comes back to haunt Vettel come brazil.

    1. Like Brazil 2012? Love how people forget that Webber never had his back to begin with..

    2. Exactly, this little brat will get what he asked for.

      If Vettel needs to win in Brazil for the WDC i hope Mark is in a position to race him and take out Vettel.

      Return the compliment.

      1. Tin foil hats anyone?

  6. what an ignorant d0uch3 Vettel sounds like, I think he should fight on an equal plain field, and then win as we all expect, he is just going full schumacher.

  7. For those that think that Vettel did and is doing the right things, for me this is going to end in a mess for all concerned. Let’s wait and see.

    1. I agree, this all smells of bad blood from here on in, and it’s probably going to end in tears for everyone at Red Bull.

    2. this whole kerfuffle has given Vettel extra ‘wings’ within Red Bull and since it didn’t go south for him at alll, now he is just free to think and do what he wants without any repercussions. I liken it to when parents lose control of a child…they grow up to be monsters

  8. Shahryar Ali
    11th April 2013, 23:42

    ” If its Multi12, its all fine and Team orders are good, if its Multi21 then i am not Ok with it because i am the one who deserves it” Doubles standards from Vettel.. As it is more likely to be Multi12 in most of the races, team orders play in Vettel’s hands. That is the only reason RedBull considered team orders( To prefer Vettel).

    If Vettel has problems with team orders, why did he agree to Multi12/Multi21 thing?

    1. If RBR wanted to use team orders to favor Vettel, then they would have asked Webber to move over. Seen from a Team perspective that could have been natural, to make sure he maximised his points tally. Of the 3 titles he won 2 with a margin smaller than 7 points.

  9. Sebastian Vettel aka Eric Cartman – “whateva !! I do what i want &%^&$”

  10. Infiniti Red Bull Vettel Racing announces Christian Horner is stepping down from his role as Team Principal, as the position is redundant. This will enable Christian to bring greater focus to his continuing role of Chief ******** Officer. To compliment this, Infiniti Red Bull Vettel Racing will be bringing new upgrades to China, including new flexi-lip and blame deflectors.

  11. As much as I like Vettel now, and support his move in Malaysia, this might blow his chances to race for Ferrari?

    1. Maybe if he joined alongside Alonso, but I doubt Ferrari would allow that. If anything Ferrari like him more after this. They’ve been desperately trying to find Schumi No 2 and he might just be it..

  12. News Headline


    It really is time to move on from this. Vettel went up in my estimation after Malaysia. Why? Well, because he raced until the end. I hate all this namby pamby “not fair, you didn’t press the go slow button” rubbish. I want to see 24 tough racers going at it hammer and tongs until the bitter end, I don’t want 2 thirds of a race. I want the ragged edged, car on the brink, raging battle right to the flag. Its the only truly fair way, anything else is just nonesense. Holding Vettel back is punishing him for being better and artificially keeping Webber ahead is impossible to swallow for this grumpy old git!! LOL!

  13. vettel has lost a little respect that he had from me when he said “he didn’t deserved it”… webber was only following team orders…

  14. Simple

    One car per team and every driver for themselves and we wouldn’t have this rubbish and politics

    For those that reckon Schuie and two STR’s should have moved over for vettel in brazil 2012 because he would pass them anyway

    Well they may as well not race and have just vettel on the track by himself since he will win anyway

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