Hamilton: Soft tyre “not right for this circuit”

2013 Chinese Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013Lewis Hamilton says the soft tyre is too aggressive for the Shanghai International Circuit.

The Mercedes driver was among those to complain about the compound during the high-fuel runs in the second practice session.

Speaking after the session Hamilton said: “The soft is hardcore. I don’t know why, it doesn’t feel like the right tyre for this circuit. I mean I did a couple of laps and the tyres just disintegrated. It was quite unusual.”

“But otherwise the track is great fun to drive and hopefully will give us lots of opportunities for overtaking in the race,” he added.

Despite his concerns over the soft tyre Hamilton is positive about the team’s potential this weekend. “I think mine and Nico’s pace was quite competitive today,” he said.

“I think Nico got a lap, I got a bit of traffic with Hulkenberg on my lap but still I think we would have been quite high up today. Later on in the session, ten or fifteen minutes later everyone went a bit quicker.”

“I think we’re there or thereabouts but who knows, tomorrow we’ll find out.”

2013 Chinese Grand Prix

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58 comments on Hamilton: Soft tyre “not right for this circuit”

  1. Paul A (@paul-a) said on 12th April 2013, 14:07

    Conspiracy theory: Q2 will see all the teams going for broke on the softs. Then the teams will agree that nobody participates in Q3. Start of the race will be on mediums, grid set by Q2 times. ;=}

  2. Force Maikel (@force-maikel) said on 12th April 2013, 14:33

    This is getting quite ridiculous now, if a tyre can’t last one lap without losing 15 shreds of rubber, I’d say that is taking it to far. But then again it is down to the teams to get on it and get control over these tyres.

  3. Ruruja said on 12th April 2013, 14:53

    When Pirelli are dictating how the races pan out – when cars should pit and how many times, then you know it’s become stupid.

    It should be up to the teams.

  4. karter22 (@karter22) said on 12th April 2013, 15:13

    Hmmm, I find it interesting having read all the comments how the winds have changed. Most praised Pirelli for their tyres but now, they´ve taken it too far? Guys, take it as it is; it just puts more emphasis on strategy, it´s a shame but it is what it is.

  5. DaveW (@dmw) said on 12th April 2013, 16:48

    The tire situation will make for a great second act in the team orders saga for RBR and Mercedes. You will have a situation where any actual “racing” could be disasterous and where teams will want to limit that at all costs. Look for Vettel and Webber to make 5 stops while they battle hammer and tong, and finsih the race creeping on inters when they run out of tires.

  6. Daniel Thomas (@iamdanthomas) said on 12th April 2013, 19:37

    Rosberg, Massa and Webber seem to be out-pacing their more illustrious teammates, on today’s evidence at least. What’re the odds I wonder that those three make up the podium on Sunday?

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