Hamilton repeated team orders complaint to Brawn

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Sepang, 2013In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says he reiterated his unhappiness with Mercedes’ use of team orders to Ross Brawn via email after the Malaysian Grand Prix.


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Lewis Hamilton: Team orders, tactics and a dream start (BBC)

“During that last little part it felt weird that Nico [Rosberg] was all over me and then we were told to hold position. It didn’t feel real for me. For days afterwards, I didn’t feel good about it. I felt very awkward about the situation – I even emailed my team principal Ross Brawn a couple of times telling him I didn’t feel very good about it.”

What’s Next For Shaky Vettel/Webber Relationship? (Speed)

Jenson Button: “The worrying thing is, for example, if you take Mercedes, or even Red Bull, if the idea is you get to the last pit stop and the guy leading is the guy that wins the race ?ǣ which I think might have been the way that Red Bull was ?ǣ basically, you hammer the first part of the race, use as much fuel as you want, you pit before your teammate, you come out in front of him, and that?s it. You just cruise home ?ǣ he can?t overtake you. I?m hoping that won?t be the case from now on. It won?t be here.”

Christian Horner Q&A (Sky)

“It’s totally unacceptable for them to collide and they won’t just be answerable to me, they’ll be answerable to the six hundred people who give everything to provide these two cars. They know that, they understand that, and they’ve demonstrated on numerous occasions that they can race wheel-to-wheel.”

2013 Chinese Grand Prix ?ǣ Free Practice Report Read (McLaren)

Button: “We can?t yet conclusively tell if the upgrades we brought to this race have improved the car. They?re perhaps not as big a step forward as we?d expected ?ǣ the issues with the car are still there ?ǣ but the car does feel a little bit better.”

Grosjean hit by mystery car issue again (Autosport)

“It’s the third Friday of the season and the third time the same story. We went to the updates this morning and it was terrible then we went back to the last race specification and it was worse – from bad to very bad.”

Thousands of Bahrainis mount protest before Formula One (Reuters)

“‘The Formula One is used by the regime to advertise that there is nothing wrong in Bahrain,’ said Abdelwahid al-Nadhkhadha, a 53-year-old company employee. ‘We are showing the world that we are people with demands.'”

Ecclestone Runs Into F1 Apathy in China as Ferrari Lures Elite (Bloomberg)

“Formula One said it trails Italian soccer’s Serie A and the National Basketball Association in popularity in China, and the state-run broadcaster cut its coverage of the 2012 championship by almost one-third amid an audience share of four percent. The tenth edition of the Chinese Grand Prix is April 14 in Shanghai.”

Guadix: a popular drivers? circuit (MotorSport)

Lewis Hamilton, having conquered karting, chose Guadix for his first outing in a racing car.”

“Promote: 5.1 Audio as well as ‘stunning HD'” (F1 Broadcasting)

“I don?t understand the logic in promoting this ?ǣ all the viewers watching will already know about it, so in my opinion it has very little purpose ?ǣ apart from them boasting about their own product.”

Technology explained: F1 airboxes and filters (Racecar Engineering)

“At the end of the straight at the Shanghai circuit where the car is travelling at close to 330kph with DRS open, the air pressure hitting the air filter will be close to 1,070 millibar ?ǣ normal ambient air pressure is around 1,020 millibar. This means the engine produces around 5% more power ?ǣ equivalent to 40 bhp ?ǣ than at ??walking speed?.”

MotorSportTalk?s predictions: Chinese GP (NBC)

“Keith Collantine
Race winner: Fernando Alonso will exploit the Ferrari?s promising long-run pace to useful effect.”


Comment of the day

@AdrianMorse looks ahead to this weekend’s race:

It would be great to see Massa on pole. He?s gone well at this track before, as in his woeful 2011 season this was one of the few races where he finished ahead of Alonso. This race may also be the opportunity for Lotus to qualify at the front, if the softs are working so well for them. And if they do start at the front, I doubt their performance on the medium tyres will be so weak that they will drop back dramatically.

Rosberg looks on it once again. Hamilton admitted that he?s not that comfortable in the car yet, while Rosberg looks at the top of his game since Malaysia. I think Mercedes have a good chance of fighting for the victory here, especially with Vettel admitting he was concerned by the gap to the leaders ?ǣ although he almost always manages to find something for Q3.

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There was just one Ferrari on the grid for the eighth running of the Grand Prix of Syracuse. But Luigi Musso drove it to victory in the non-championship race on the streets of the Sicilian town.

Almost all the other entrants for the race, held on this day 55 years ago, were driving Maserati 250Fs. Jo Bonnier finished second in one ahead of Francesco Godia-Sales.

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