Lewis Hamilton, Niki Lauda, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013

Mercedes stick with team orders despite Lauda stance

F1 Fanatic round-upPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Niki Lauda, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013In the round-up: Mercedes will continue to use team orders despite opposition from Niki Lauda and Lewis Hamilton.

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Team orders will stay an option, say Mercedes (Reuters)

“The clarification came after Niki Lauda, the Formula One team’s non-executive chairman and stakeholder who has appeared at odds with Brawn since his appointment, told reporters they would no longer be used.”

Brawn: ‘Complex race’ to come (Sky)

“The [soft tyre] has a pretty short life. I think we’ll be on primes for the main part of the race and we’ve got two very strong competitors in the top ten, maybe three with (tenth-placed Nico) Hulkenberg starting on the prime, and they’re going to be leading the race for a while.”

Chilton aims to repay those who have put their money up (The Independent)

“Chilton has revealed giving up part of his future earnings with the formation of a company under the Enterprise Investment Scheme. Investors pay anything from ??20,000 upwards to back Chilton, with the aim of a return down the line should he progress his career.”

McLaren MP4-28 – revised rear diffuser (F1)

“To reduce the pitch sensitivity problem with their car, in China McLaren have cut sections from the sides of the rear diffuser.”

F1 compared to wrestling amid tyre row (Autosport)

Mark Webber: “It will all look good in the first five or six laps, having everyone fighting, but it’s a little bit [WWE] at the moment.”

Red Bull F1 Spy: Chinese Grand Prix (The Sun)

“The playlist on the garage iPod has been the weapon of choice this weekend: we?ve had I?ll Stand By You, All You Need is Love, Brothers in Arms, etc, etc.”


Comment of the day

Bradley Downton on Mark Webber’s latest stroke of misfortune:

“As specified in the technical delegate?s report (Document 21)”

There?s Mark’s favourite number again…
Bradley Downton (@Bradley13)

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Nico Rosberg claimed his first ever pole position on this day last year in qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix: