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2013 Chinese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Chinese Grand Prix.

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265 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Chinese Grand Prix”

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  1. Terrific race for strategy, brilliant! Epic final stint from Vettel and plenty of calamities to keep things dramatic.

  2. I thought it was a good race, great double pass by the Ferrari’s early. 8 out of ten for me.

  3. People should understand in this site that all sports aren’t perfect and atleast the FIA are trying to make racing exciting. I mean which one would you chose? 1. A race like the one we had today or 2. No overtaking just follow the leader type stuff with no excitement.

    1. But where’s the common sense?

      DRS – putting it in a zone where history has PROVEN there’s overtaking time and time again. So instead, they put it there rather than creating another overtaking spot.

      I can’t justify that, or think of any logical reasoning for it in their defense.

  4. I’m actually stunned people are giving this 8’s and 9’s.

    I know there’s opinions and stuff, but did you not notice the lack of battles? Drivers might as well have pulled over, had a chat, a handshake and let the other through! It was an utter joke.

    I was upset waking up for that, let along if i’d travelled there and paid god knows what.

    This has to be fixed pretty sharp.

  5. 8/10. Enjoyable. DRS was a bit too strong though.

  6. 3-10 from me.

    the soft tyres were ridiculous, the tyre saving is getting out of hand & drs completely killed 90% of the racing by making it ridiculously easy.

    this is the 3rd year we have had so surely they should have it better by now but its just getting worse. its becomming clear that drs will never be right because theres too many factors regarding how effective it is, it should be banned!

  7. 8: suspance till the end for the 3rd position

  8. I gave the minimum score; DRS was far too much of a factor.

  9. I thought DRS made every pass look way too easy (every pass that was caught on camera, anyway), so that took a bit of the excitement out of it for me. Where was the titanic battles under brakes that used to make passing great? I’m just whinging and nit-picking I suppose. Probably the most exciting bit for me was Mark Webber’s errant wheel trying to take out Vettel at the hairpin. Oh well, better luck next time! 5/10

    1. Probably the most exciting bit for me was Mark Webber’s errant wheel trying to take out Vettel at the hairpin.

      Actually that was pretty funny

  10. 7. It was more of a strategic battle than anything else, but it was quite an interesting one to watch. Vettel chasing Hamilton down in the last few laps was epic, and easily the best part of the race. Not a classic, but certainly worth getting up for.

    I felt DRS was too effective, and effectively neutralised any on-track battles. It was too easy to overtake, though there were some decent moves. A bigger issue was the soft tyre, which was basically a qualifying tyre and pretty much unusable in the race. Either the tyres or the rules need to be changed, in my view.

  11. 8/10

    Not much battle for the lead, but entertaining race overall.

  12. Again this circuit produces fantastic race.

  13. 8/10

    Would have given a 9, but DRS ruined quite a bit of the action, Vettel’s charge at the end was amazing though!

  14. A brilliant race with a few brilliant overtakes from Alonso and others. Alonso will be very happy with the car and in overtaking Vettel twice in the same race:)

    But I got some new found respect for Vettel. To do what he did in Abu-Dhabi while fighting for the WDC was ballsy. Mark showing why he is a #2 along with Massa in Ferrari.

    Kimi and Lewis completing a incredible race and a wonderful podium.

    Now Ferrari needs to gain from this slight advantage and win again in Bahrain to ensure they don’t let slip this good start to the championship.

  15. 23kennyboy23
    14th April 2013, 10:04

    7/10. Switch lewis and kimi and you’ve got the 5 best drivers in f1 in that order.

    1. As per your personal opinion

  16. 9/10
    intresting start, very high action until the middle of the race, then it turned a bit boring. the end was exciting again though…

    gutierrez genius!

  17. surprised its getting such high scores considering it was a drs-fest & everyone spent the entire race driving around to a set laptime because of these silly tyres.

    i can’t even bother rating it because there was nothing interesting or exciting about this race for me.

    im so ****** off at the current state of f1 with all this artificial ******** that i will not be watching the rest of the season after 28 years of been a massive f1 fanatic.
    i just have zero interest in what f1 has become & cannot justify watching something i just dont enjoy anymore because of all these stupid artificial gimmicks..

    1. surprised its getting such high scores […] i can’t even bother rating it

      These two things are not unrelated.

  18. 3

    Last year with v8/high rev engines and they only rev them 80%, pathetic.

    1. @tvm – what? The engines have been limited to 18000rpm since 2009. If you are implying something due to the tyres, that doesn’t change what they do on the straights!

      So question, why the mention of last year if it was exactly the same?

      1. Traverse (@)
        14th April 2013, 13:55

        I think that @tvm is alluding to the fact that aside from Vettel during the final few laps, no other driver appeared to push their respective cars to the limit (whether it be through fear of tyre deg or wanting to preserve engines).

        1. hm, I think Webber certainly was pushing maximum from the start in the pits to catch up

          1. Traverse (@)
            14th April 2013, 18:43

            OK, so Vettel AND Webber pushed. Either way this isn’t what i’d call edge-of-your-seat entertainment.

      2. Its the last year, this year, we get to hear v8’s at 18000, except we dont :(

        Next year will be v6 with a lot lower revs.

        Was hoping for some rain, that could have been given some racing to the limit.

        1. @tvm – the engines very much still hit the 18000 though – people were bouncing off the limiter at the end of the back straight!

          I actually don’t think the v6’s will be all that bad honestly: the old 80’s turbos sounded quite brilliant and they revved lower in general if I’m not mistaken (although did have more power), and the single-exit exhausts should give a good note I think!

  19. I vote it an 8 for a brilliant race with racing to a high level, I would of voted it a 9 or even a 10 if it wasn’t for qualfying

  20. Gave it a 7.

    Not a classic, as too heavily tyre determined, but full of incident.
    Alonso did not put a wheel wrong, and Ferrari’s race strategy worked perfectly.

    I’m far from sure that we saw Mercedes real race pace.
    Had they pitted Hamilton a lap earlier at the start (or had he done so himself), it’s possible that he could have won the race. The extra lap on options would have cost them nothing.
    As it was, they lost track position massively, and Hamilton spent most of the race in traffic, often behind cars on fresh tyres, with the resultant effects on his tyre performance – in contrast to Alonso, who ran the majority of the race in clear air.
    They also completely screwed Rosberg’s race. Having to double pit was a clear demonstration of how badly they got it wrong. Stopping him on lap 2 would have been far better.

    I think it possible that Mercedes had the best race pace (if only marginally), but they didn’t give themselves a chance to show it.

    The whole race was one in which the undercut worked (as Raikkonnen proved with his last stop).

    Again, a fantastic performance from Alonso, with Raikkonnen and Vettel performing pretty well too.

    I disagree with the harsh condemnation of the DRS. Without it, the tyres might have been even more ridiculous. There was plenty of overtaking outside DRS zones, and some very neat tactical use of the two zones.
    I’m not a huge fan of the current regulations setup, but without a wholesale redesign of the entirety of the regulations to mitigate the dramatic effect on performance of running close behind another car, it’s difficult to see how tinkering with details of tyres and DRS zones can improve things greatly.

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