Rate the race: 2013 Chinese Grand Prix

2013 Chinese Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Chinese Grand Prix.

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265 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Chinese Grand Prix

  1. dragoll (@dragoll) said on 14th April 2013, 9:50

    I think the option tyres were too marginal this race, next year I think they’ll run a harder compound for option.

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 14th April 2013, 10:17

      Lets first have them agree on actually having a tyre supplier for next year @dragoll. So far its not even been tendered.

      Its going to be tough, because the traction curve of next years cars is likely to be going to be quite a bit different with.

    • the medium prime tyre was clearly just right
      the soft option tyre too marginal …but the problem is that there can be only 4 compounds and the soft will be fine on most tracks it will be used on , unfortunately there was no option but to use it here if the correct prime was used

  2. TMF (@tmf42) said on 14th April 2013, 9:51

    average 7/10 – the finish was good, but the rest was just chess.

  3. BBC pre race stuff really irritated me, particularly Eddi Jordan suggesting that Vettel had taken lessons from Schumacher! will that man ever get over losing Schumacher after his first race at Spa?

    • Trenthamfolk (@trenthamfolk) said on 14th April 2013, 10:02

      I thought he had a valid point! Don’t tell me you can’t see the similarity… and why not watch it on sky if Jordan irritates you so? I actually prefer the BBC commentary…

      • Bobby Balboa (@bobby-balboa) said on 14th April 2013, 10:13

        “why not watch it on sky”

        because you will have to put a 600 squid dent in your pocket

        • Trenthamfolk (@trenthamfolk) said on 14th April 2013, 10:19

          Fair point… although I pay £25 per month… I’m prepared to pay for the only sport I follow…

          • Bobby Balboa (@bobby-balboa) said on 14th April 2013, 10:55

            I live in Norway and watch the sky coverage which costs me a small subscription to a certain website I won’t mention so there are options to Sky’s prices subscriptions.

            BBC will drop there coverage before long. They have most of the crap races this year & like you said the true fans will prob get sky.

            Shame really for joe average but I have to admit that the sky coverage is better than BBC was before

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 14th April 2013, 10:19

      I even heard its based on real frequent calls, SMS and skyp between Vettel and Schumi lately. I though it was measured for EJs habits. And their Hill-Villeneuve interview was a good one @nome

      • Trenthamfolk (@trenthamfolk) said on 14th April 2013, 10:24

        Villeneuve was just on the BBC F1 forum saying he hates modern F1!

        1) Why the hell is he there?
        2) Points to Jordan for asking him why he tried to make a comeback to a sport he hates…

        • celeste (@celeste) said on 14th April 2013, 19:43

          1) Why the hell is he there?

          I keep asking myself why anybody would care about what Villeneuve has to say about F1

          2) Points to Jordan for asking him why he tried to make a comeback to a sport he hates…

          Kudos! Villeneuve should go back to his music career…

          • Robbie (@robbie) said on 15th April 2013, 15:27

            JV’s opinion is as valid as any former F1 WDC. He of all people has a very valid opinion, since he’s been in it. And I think you will find that JV attempted a comeback prior to DRS and these tires. I’m sure if you asked JV to expand on his ‘hates modern F1′ comment, he will say he disagrees with DRS, and with these tires. Last year he didn’t so much shoot down the tires other than the cliff effect which he finds odd. He thinks tires should not fall off a cliff but should give the driver/team a few laps to get into the pits, rather than find themselves within half a lap, suddenly handcuffed and losing spots.

            I think if you take off the anti-JV shades and hear what he is saying, you will find that he is echoing what many many fans are saying too. DRS makes for phony passes, and the tires are playing too much of a factor right now.

            I’d also point out that JV is being asked his opinion by entities such as F1 magazines and television coverers. He’s not calling press conferences so he can opine on today’s F1. He’s being asked his opinion by entities that make money on F1, and that value his opinion.

  4. ECWDanSelby (@ecwdanselby) said on 14th April 2013, 9:52

    Terrible ‘race’.

    No actual battles until the final 6-7 laps.

    Teams are now in a situation where there’s no point racing until the final laps, as it just does damage to their race.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw so many non-battles. Drivers are no longer making any attempt to defend a position.

    I have to do a complete u-turn on my philosophy. I gave the tyres a chance, and i’m all for aggressive strategies, but it’s officially killed the idea of an on-track battle.

    Let’s please be sensible with DRS, too. Why stick it on a 1km long straight?! Zero common sense being applied. Let’s create another overtaking spot, surely.

    I say we go back to last year’s tyres and be super aggressive with the compound choice (ie. using softs/super softs for 90% of the remaining races), and let’s be sensible about DRS placement.

    I honestly could have done without 48 of those laps today, and that’s really sad.

    (I voted a 3)

    • BasCB (@bascb) said on 14th April 2013, 14:05

      I feel sorry for you having not seen any good racing until the last couple of laps then @ecwdanselby.

      • Robbie (@robbie) said on 15th April 2013, 15:39

        @ecwdanselby Personally, I can’t find a lot to disagree with you on with your comments on this topic, including ones below this one.

        I think for me it is this…sure there appeared to be good action at some points in the race, but when you boil it down and you find that most of it was from DRS related situations, or one car being on totally different tires in terms of their performance, it takes most of the shine off the apple for me. I don’t want to see passing for the sake of passing no matter how they gadget it up to achieve that. For me, the ends (more passing seems to be F1’s goal) does not justify the means. Maybe newbies to the sport might find this exciting, but having watched since the late 70’s, I can’t help but read between the lines regarding the action I’m seeing on the track in today’s races.

        Slightly more consistant tires please…no DRS…much much less dependancy on aero…and to me that’s the recipe for gladiators fighting gladiators out there…not passengers monitoring the machinery all day.

  5. Dizzy said on 14th April 2013, 9:52


    Tyres were pathetic & DRS made passing so easy they were boring to watch again.

    Even Martin Brundle who’s been a big defender of DRS was complaining about it today.
    The 2 zones & DRS restrictions in practice/quali has done exactly what I feared it would, Teams are now optimizing DRS for passing & its making DRS passes twice as easy as they were in the past.

    Also everyone was just running to a lap delta again saving tyres & we had a lot of radio calls telling drivers not to race other cars because tyre saving was more important.

    This ain’t racing anymore, Its boring DRS-ing & tyre conserving!

  6. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 14th April 2013, 9:53

    Terrific race for strategy, brilliant! Epic final stint from Vettel and plenty of calamities to keep things dramatic.

  7. Matty No 2 (@mattynotwo) said on 14th April 2013, 9:54

    I thought it was a good race, great double pass by the Ferrari’s early. 8 out of ten for me.

  8. Chris (@f1-98) said on 14th April 2013, 9:57

    People should understand in this site that all sports aren’t perfect and atleast the FIA are trying to make racing exciting. I mean which one would you chose? 1. A race like the one we had today or 2. No overtaking just follow the leader type stuff with no excitement.

    • ECWDanSelby (@ecwdanselby) said on 14th April 2013, 9:58

      But where’s the common sense?

      DRS – putting it in a zone where history has PROVEN there’s overtaking time and time again. So instead, they put it there rather than creating another overtaking spot.

      I can’t justify that, or think of any logical reasoning for it in their defense.

  9. ECWDanSelby (@ecwdanselby) said on 14th April 2013, 9:57

    I’m actually stunned people are giving this 8’s and 9’s.

    I know there’s opinions and stuff, but did you not notice the lack of battles? Drivers might as well have pulled over, had a chat, a handshake and let the other through! It was an utter joke.

    I was upset waking up for that, let along if i’d travelled there and paid god knows what.

    This has to be fixed pretty sharp.

  10. Calum (@calum) said on 14th April 2013, 9:58

    8/10. Enjoyable. DRS was a bit too strong though.

  11. Roger2013 said on 14th April 2013, 9:58

    3-10 from me.

    the soft tyres were ridiculous, the tyre saving is getting out of hand & drs completely killed 90% of the racing by making it ridiculously easy.

    this is the 3rd year we have had so surely they should have it better by now but its just getting worse. its becomming clear that drs will never be right because theres too many factors regarding how effective it is, it should be banned!

  12. michiamogino (@michiamogino) said on 14th April 2013, 9:58

    8: suspance till the end for the 3rd position

  13. necrodethmortem (@necrodethmortem) said on 14th April 2013, 9:59

    I gave the minimum score; DRS was far too much of a factor.

  14. Troy Longstaff (@troylongstaff) said on 14th April 2013, 10:00

    I thought DRS made every pass look way too easy (every pass that was caught on camera, anyway), so that took a bit of the excitement out of it for me. Where was the titanic battles under brakes that used to make passing great? I’m just whinging and nit-picking I suppose. Probably the most exciting bit for me was Mark Webber’s errant wheel trying to take out Vettel at the hairpin. Oh well, better luck next time! 5/10

  15. Lin1876 (@lin1876) said on 14th April 2013, 10:00

    7. It was more of a strategic battle than anything else, but it was quite an interesting one to watch. Vettel chasing Hamilton down in the last few laps was epic, and easily the best part of the race. Not a classic, but certainly worth getting up for.

    I felt DRS was too effective, and effectively neutralised any on-track battles. It was too easy to overtake, though there were some decent moves. A bigger issue was the soft tyre, which was basically a qualifying tyre and pretty much unusable in the race. Either the tyres or the rules need to be changed, in my view.

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