Rate the race: 2013 Chinese Grand Prix

2013 Chinese Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Chinese Grand Prix.

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265 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Chinese Grand Prix

  1. Michael Brown (@) said on 14th April 2013, 14:25

    It was exciting watching Vettel’s onboard when he was on the soft tire. He was actually on the limit there.

  2. MarcusAurelius (@marcusaurelius) said on 14th April 2013, 15:04

    I voted a 9.

    Not knowing what the podium would like like till the last corner is very rare these days. Not to mention the overtake for the lead without a pitstop or a DRS? When was the last time that happened…

  3. Master firelee (@master-firelee) said on 14th April 2013, 15:11

    I gave it an 8 because it was exciting strategically but the tyres are annoying me allot.

  4. Ivano (@) said on 14th April 2013, 15:53

    Loved the race. There wasn’t a boring moment.

  5. Liz Gregson (@elsybetg) said on 14th April 2013, 15:57

    Hats off to Ferrari and Alonso for super speed, strategy and pure determination. Hats also off to Vettel who despite having a different Tyre strategy, performed very well especially towards the end of the race when he nearly caught up with Hamilton for the podium. So close but not close enough! If Caterham had not been in the way and had Vettel not lost control on that corner, I believe he may have taken Lewis, but hey.. all in hindsight now. Despite being a Red Bull follower (boooo most of you may say) I’ve always been very open minded and respect a great race and driver when I see one. Congrats Alonso… just don’t get too close to Vettel next time .. (and that goes for Kimi too, as much as I admire him) :-)

  6. The Last Pope (@the-last-pope) said on 14th April 2013, 16:10


    A DRS overtake overkilll. Strategically interesting maybe, but too hard to follow (using tv only). Very little REAL on track racing. Race had no stability with driver positions jumping around all over the place, race position was seemingly unimportant so you don’t really care if one driver overtakes another (even if it was a nice pass).

  7. George (@george) said on 14th April 2013, 16:14

    I was going to give this a 7, but the fight between Vettel and Hamilton at the end was brilliant, so it gets another point :)

  8. TMF (@tmf42) said on 14th April 2013, 16:39

    the only time someone raced today was Vettel in the last four laps which tells the whole story about F1 at the moment.
    But seeing them coast around the track and pulling of a few artificial maneuvers for the show is not why I tune in – strategy ok but that borders to chess.

    • Jason (@jason12) said on 14th April 2013, 16:44

      the only time someone raced today was Vettel in the last four laps which tells the whole story about F1 at the moment

      That conjured up MEMORIES of what used to be….

  9. minnis (@minnis) said on 14th April 2013, 16:45

    5/10 for me. Was looking like it’d be a great race – Alonso and Raikkonen hunting down Hamilton, Webber charging from the back, and vettel, button and hulkenburg fighting through with an alternative strategy. What we got was the Ferrari’s blitzing past Hamilton like he wasn’t there, through no fault of his own, just DRS, not terribly many passes on track, and those that were were mainly DRS anyway. While I appreciate the strategy of the pits, I want to see drovers fighting on the track.

    The only highlight was vettels charge at the end, and even that wasnt amazing, with no wheel to wheel action.

  10. Hairs (@hairs) said on 14th April 2013, 16:47

    Very very tedious race. The only entertainment came from Vettel in the last few laps and the various driver mistakes.

    Other than that, it was watch the clock lap-to-a-time racing. Not my idea of fun at all.

  11. bull mello (@bullmello) said on 14th April 2013, 18:03

    8 – I waited some time before deciding what score to give this race. Partly to see what the stewards decided on the possible DRS penalties and partly to weigh in the factors of the current tires and DRS assisted passing. Having watched F1 since the 60s and seen a myriad of rule changes, technological developments and other mitigating factors, one thing hasn’t changed. That is how the driver performs within the given parameters in comparison with the other drivers on the track operating under the same circumstances. The teams can provide different equipment and strategies, but it is still up to the driver to deliver on the track. Alonso delivered the best performance with what he had to work with in this race. The team had the right strategy and equipment, but Alonso drove the ideal race using the equipment, conditions and rules to his advantage. He used the DRS zones to his advantage better than the other drivers. Not merely to pass, but passing at the right time to get ahead and stay ahead.

    I can sympathize with many who do not like the contrivances of the current F1 rules and the tire situation as well. I agree, but, remembering totally processional races with little or no chance for anyone to pass no matter how skilled the driver, we certainly do not want to go back to that. While DRS does make passing easier, passing and making it stick is something else. Tweaking the DRS zones could make it better. The tires can also be changed, mostly in the regulations and how many tires to fine tune that situation. Taking care of tires and equipment have always been a factor for the driver. F1 is a constant changing balancing act between, drivers, teams, tech, rules, qualifying and the race itself. It used to be qualifying was more important than the race because there was little chance to pass. With a few adjustments the balance could be shifted slightly and improved. Then, of course comes 2014 and a whole new set of checks and balances.

    Anyways, I gave this race an 8 because it was exciting through most of the race. Some drivers used their skills to the maximum and excelled because of it. Others made mistakes and paid for it. The different strategies paid off for some and not for others. The drivers who qualified well were rewarded. Skills trumped strategies. Meaning, those who took a chance in qualifying for best lap did better than those who laid back conserving tires. That is a good result.

    Drivers of the race – Alonso, Kimi, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Bianchi. Honorable mention – Button, Vettel, DiResta

  12. Liz Gregson (@elsybetg) said on 14th April 2013, 18:14

    Overall the tyres dictated the race today. It was a very strategic race and very preempted. Despite this it was good to see some takeover maneuvers now and again but to be honest I’m beginning to get tired of Pirelli controlling the race pace. The end of this season you won’t see Vettel/Alonso/Raikkonen/Hamilton winning the championship. Instead Pirelli are after that number one spot themselves…. a sad state of affairs and something real racing drivers may (and even already are) getting frustrated with…

  13. Frost_Byte_94 (@frost_byte_94) said on 14th April 2013, 18:25

    A lot of drivers shuffled around on different strategies and some good battles on the track, but a lacklustre qualifying session and they got DRS all wrong.

  14. Force Maikel (@force-maikel) said on 14th April 2013, 18:41

    I gave it an 8/10 but DRS is really a killer on this track isn’t it but I think perhaps we need to start looking at it in a different way. With the tyres being as bad as they are maybe artificial overtaking isn’t as bad as it looks. These tyres seem to be destroying themselves to pieces when they sniff the slightest bit of dirty air. So maybe without DRS drivers wouldn’t even attempt a pass at all! Give it a think people, I’m not saying its still a good thing but It’s not the evil we think it is.

    When it comes to tyres I completely agree with the criticism but these are the tools they find themselves with and they need to master them, just like they did in the past two years. These are the best motorsport teams and drivers, if they don’t want to adjust to a difficult situation they don’t really deserve to be here.

  15. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 14th April 2013, 19:04

    It deserve 8 & at every point there was something but here in Bangladesh Star Sports ruined the show for us as they showed commercial break at some important overtaking time.

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