Mark Webber, Red Bull, Shanghai, 2013

Webber handed grid penalty for Vergne collision

2013 Chinese Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Mark Webber, Red Bull, Shanghai, 2013Mark Webber has been given a three-place penalty for his collision with Jean-Eric Vergne during the Chinese Grand Prix.

According to the stewards: “The driver of car two [Webber] admitted that he attempted to overtake car eighteen [Vergne] because he believed car eighteen would give him sufficient room.”

“Car eighteen maintained its normal line through the corner and car two was unable to avoid the collision. The driver of car two admitted it was his mistake.”

Vergne said: “I think Mark could not have got through from where he tried and I?m not even sure if he was trying to pass me.”

“Certainly I didn?t even know he was there. Unfortunately, the impact put me into a spin and the incident damaged my floor. From then I lost a lot of downforce. It was not a good race from then on, having lost a lot of time and having to drive a damaged car.

“It?s not been a good weekend, as I did not have a smooth time of it from the start. However, as I said yesterday, the pace of the car has improved in the break since Malaysia, as could be seen from what Daniel was able to do today. Therefore I am now looking forward to Bahrain with a positive outlook.”

Webber said he was “coming from a reasonable distance behind” when he made the move. “Jean-Eric was really wide, but when we came close to the apex he wanted to hit it, which he is entitled to do, but by then I was committed to the inside and the incident happened.”

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  1. Having watched the 2007 Chinese GP the other night as part of Sky’s build up this weekend, I cant see too much difference between this incident at the same corner where Ralf Schumacher clattered in to Alexander Wurz.

    In that event, I cant remember Ralf getting a penalty? Like Webber today, he retired from an unrelated incident further on in the race, but that was all. I apapreciate the regulations have changed since then and expected standards raised, but I feel that a grid penalty for Mark is a little unjust.

  2. I like Mark, but when it comes to passing my opinion is that the car ahead has every right to the racing line and does NOT have to move or leave room. It is up to the car behind to leave the racing line and make the pass. In other words, this was Mark’s fault, but i still feel that he should not be given a grid penalty. If it is allowable I would just make him have to do a drive through within the first 3 laps of the next race.

  3. No wonder RBR favor Vettel over Webber, what a loser, unbelievable, ADMITTING fault.

  4. Have to say it’s about time that Webber got penalized for one of his boneheaded moves. Just go over all the accidents that he caused and how incredibly little penalties he has gotten for them. It’s truly amazing/ridiculous.

    1. Boneheads

      That’s funny

      You new to F1

      I suppose running out of fuel in quali and loose tyre in the race is one of his boneheaded moves

      I’m pretty sure webber has caused less accidents than half the grid let alone vettel and even Schumacher for that matter and he doesn’t run up the back of people behind safety cars or run into the sides of other drivers on a straight with no curves or smash barge boards off the track like his teammate

      Bonehead move

      That’s gold

      1. @Drezone – Webber caused more accidents than Vettel, even in 2010. Webber had several incidents in Abu Dhabi 2012 (with Massa, with Perez), Monza 2011 (rammed Massa’s rear), Korea 2010 (spun, car rolled across track, collecting Rosberg), Europe 2010 (hit a backmarker while fighting for position, flipped his car), Australia 2010 (hit Lewis Hamilton on 2 seperate occasions, and broke his own wing), Singapore 2010 (collides with Hamilton again), and so on.

  5. It looked to me like Vergne was leaving room for Webber because of his wide line into the turn,which was clearly not the case in the end.
    Webber admitted his mistake for causing the accident and got penalised.Fairs fair.
    It was unfortunate for both drivers and i was disappointed with Webber because he was having a good race making up for that fuel rig stuff up in quali.It would have been interesting to see where he would have ended up,position wise,at the end of the race.

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