Mark Webber, Christian Horner, Red Bull, Valencia, 2011

Horner trashes Webber conspiracy theories

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Mark Webber, Christian Horner, Red Bull, Valencia, 2011In the round-up: Christian Horner dismisses conspiracy theories about Mark Webber as “complete rubbish”.


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Horner: Webber conspiracy claims ‘rubbish’ (The Telegraph)

“It’s complete rubbish, forget conspiracy. We’re all about trying to get two cars to the finish as high as we can. Anybody who thinks there is a conspiracy here against either driver does not know what they are looking at.”

F1 rookies set for extra Friday tyres (Autosport)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “It would be a compound that gives you as many laps as you need on the assumption that you run a rookie driver.”

Title race is wide open – Alonso (BBC)

“I don’t see anyone has a clear advantage. Maybe Red Bull was very dominant in Australia in all free practices; in qualifying and the race they were suffering a little bit of [tyre] degradation but definitely very fast. In Malaysia, they were maybe a little bit more in the groove but here they were similar to the others so let’s wait and see what the updates of every car brings to the pace, and we will see how luck plays.”

Free F1 Sky boxes would drive subscriptions says Bernie Ecclestone (Daily Express)

“In response to criticism from fans, Ecclestone says he advised Sky to consider distributing dedicated F1 set-top boxes as it could not only boost race figures, but demand for other Sky services too.”

Graphene in F1 (F1 Elvis)

“In Formula One terms it?s the kind of thing that designers have dreams about, although having spoken to the drawing office at a leading team on the subject, whilst they?re not yet looking at it in serious terms, it?s certainly on the radar and one day, someone will take the lead like McLaren did in 1981.”


Comment of the day

No prizes for guessing what the two big talking points were after yesterday’s race:

1) The tyres. I’ve never criticised them in the past but this was too much. My criticism is mostly directed at F1 though not Pirelli, because they?re only doing what they were asked to do.

2) Pathetic DRS. Really one of the worst implementations of DRS ever. In China overtaking was not too hard even without the DRS so to give them two big zones is a joke. For next year only the pit-straight one should remain.

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On this day in F1

Jim Clark continued his domination of the Grand Prix scene by winning the non-championship race on the Pau street circuit in France 50 years ago today.

Team mate Trevor Taylor was second ahead of Heinz Schiller in a Porsche.

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