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Lotus to evaluate Double DRS before Spain 16th April 2013, 17:19

Lotus say they will test their Double DRS after the Bahrain Grand Prix in time for the next race in Spain.

Raikkonen doesn’t understand tyre complaints

Kimi Raikkonen doesn’t agree with the criticism of the current generation of F1 tyres.

Four-way tie in Predictions Championship round three

Four players tied for the top score in the Chinese Grand Prix round of the Predictions Championship but Isuraeru came out on top.

Top ten pictures from the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix

Here are the top ten pictures that tell the story of the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

Ferrari must improve qualifying “very soon”

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali says improving their qualifying performance remains an urgent priority.

Pirelli swaps soft tyre for medium in Bahrain

Pirelli has revised its tyre allocation for the Bahrain Grand Prix and will no longer bring the soft tyre which was used in China.

Rosberg’s technical problems “not acceptable”

Mercedes executive director Toto Wolff says the technical problems suffered by Nico Rosberg in the first two races of the year are “not acceptable”.

2013 Chinese Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

The Chinese government frowns on Twitter but the F1 teams and media are used to getting around that. Here’s the Chinese Grand Prix weekend in Tweets.

Moss doubts women have “mental aptitude” for F1

In the round-up: Women not cut out for F1, says Moss ?σΤιΌ?σ Explosions in Bahrain ahead of Grand Prix ?σΤιΌ?σ Whitmarsh tells Perez to “toughen up”

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