Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, Shanghai, 2013

Pirelli swaps soft tyre for medium in Bahrain

2013 Bahrain Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, Shanghai, 2013Pirelli has revised its tyre allocation for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Formula One’s official tyre supplier now says it will bring its hardest selection of tyres for this weekend’s race, the medium and hard compounds. It previously allocated the soft and hard compounds for this race.

The 2013 soft tyre was used for the first time in China last weekend. But drivers found the tyre degraded quickly and no one spent more than seven laps on it in the race.

Motorsport director Paul Hembery said the decision to change the allocation for Bahrain was made before last week’s race: “When we made the allocation choices for Bahrain in December of last year, we had not done one winter test, let alone a race.”

“Our initial choice for Bahrain was soft and hard, but once we had seen the new generation of our tyres run in Malaysia, a track similar to Bahrain, we decided that the combination medium and hard would be better suited for the Bahrain circuit.”

Despite the change to more conservative tyres, Pirelli predict another busy race in the pits: “We expect about three stops per car, although we?ll have to wait to get some running in on Friday before we can look at the data and make a more accurate prediction,” said Hembery.

The soft and medium compounds were used for last year’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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  1. Probably now all the teams can go not at 80% but at least 90 % of a flat out

    1. That’s what I’m hoping for: if we managed to find a balance where 100% would mean two stop and 90% one stop that would be fine by me!

  2. Any change to tyre compounds against what has been decided and published is open to interpretation as favouritism.
    The teams have had these tyres for the same amount of time; just like they have other false “regulations” with relation to wings, exhausts, engine, fuel allowance etc. Wheather you agree or disagree with the regulations and their impact on racing, they should not be changed at a weeks notice from the plan because it will disadvantage some who has been striving to perform within those regulations and this is obviously unfair.

    1. @warfieldf1 – yes, but if a large percentage (rightfully) express concern that the tyres simply will not last more than a few laps, I think it’s justified. Really, did you actually think the softs were a good tyre judging from last weekend?

      1. I ran three teams during the tyre-war era of the late 1990s and early 2000s, which some are saying was a time when drivers could push right to the limit all the time. But that’s a fallacy. They could never go 100% all the time. – Gary Anderson
        Read his full article for a complete review of the tyre situation. I especially agree with him regarding DRS, it should be ditched.

  3. RBR like this.

  4. Just another decision that will likely produce a Red Bull stinkfest. Its nice to see someone else winning but sadly its probably at an end now.

    1. I think this decision will benefit Mercedes more than RBR. The Merc is undoubtedly the fastest at the moment when it comes to qualifying,but they’re miles off the pace in the race. However,fewer stops and less degradation may allow them to protect their gird positions on raceday more effectively….

  5. Instead of Pirelli picking 2 compounds for each race why not have each team nominate which compounds they want to use so that every team gets the best tyres for there package on each track?

    If Lotus want to run the soft’s then let them, If Red Bull want the hard’s then give them the hard’s.

    I think its frankly ridiculous that a tyre supplier can effectively determine the running order based solely on which tyres they take to a specific track.

    I also think its a sad state of affairs that there are many fans out there who seem to think that any teams performance (Red Bull in this case) needs to be capped with tyres or by things been banned just to stop them winning.
    Im no fan of Red Bull or Vettel but think its ridiculous that you can have the best driver in the best car get vilified for doing a better job & winning more races/championships.

    This is supposed to be the pinnacle of open wheel racing not some computer racing game with ‘Dynamic game difficulty balancing’ slowing down the lead car to give others a chance to catch up.

    If 1 team build a dominant car, They deserve to dominate as they have clearly done a better job than anyone else, If you think thats boring then F1 isn’t for you & maybe you should look at watching Nascar instead.

    1. They only deserve to dominate if it works on all tracks. The tyres were changed previously to end Schumachers dominence so it’s not a new thing in F1. I also question your view that Vettel is the best driver, there are better on the grid IMHO. The Red Bull was a great qualli car and they used pole position to their advantage but here are better race cars and its called motor racing not motor qualifying. The way the Red Bull behaves in traffic suggests that it’s not that great a race car probaly due to the fact that it was designed to get pole and run and hide. Now they have been caught out. Boo Hoo! The tyre is doing exactly what they were asked to do and F1 cars never ran at 100% for a whole race because thats not what F1 is about. It is about taking technolgy and the driver to the limit in a complex sport that some dont seem to understand. In my view the majority of complaints are from people who support teams that haven’t done a good job this year. Red Bull scored a 1-2 and they are stiill moaning and trying to get Pirelli to change the tyre so that they can dominate some more. Martin Whitmarsh is under severe pressure from the numerous mistakes the team are making, building a crap car, losing Lewis and replacing him with a driver whos wasn’t ready so anytime he points the finger it is part excuse and partly to deflect criticism and I take his comments with a pinch of salt. I have beeen watching F1 since I first saw Jim Clark on the telly in the 60’s and I am enjoying the racing at the moment and I hope Pirelli continue in F1 after this year, The only change I would make would be to ditch Kers which is an abomination and I am continually horrified that a sport that bans moveable aero devices then introduces one as a solution.

      1. I also question your view that Vettel is the best driver

        I never meant to say that he was, I meant the phrase Best car/driver in a general term.

        F1 cars never ran at 100% for a whole race

        Then why did Hakkinen & Schumacher talk about doing flat out qualifying laps on every lap during the 2000 race at suzuka among other races?

        Anyway back to my comments about using tyres or whatever to cap team performance to prevent dominance.
        I stick by what i said.

        the only reason f1 has been constantly messed with the past decade is because everyone whined when schumacher/ferrari won everything, I always thought that it should have been left to the other teams to catch up rather than have rules brought in to hinder ferrari. if others were unable to catch up, tough.
        if the fans kept whining about ferrari winning, don’t watch.

        even when a team or driver dominated who i didn’t like, i still hated it when people started talking about changing things to reel them in, thats the sort of things nascar does & also touring cars with there silly success weight penalty system, its artificial.

        if a team comes up with something which gives them an advantage & its legal, it should not be banned just to hurt there advantage & give others a chance & I hate it when so called fans rally the fia to ban things (Like the double diffusers & blown diffusers) just because they don’t like 1 team winning.

        back in 78 i saw lotus come up with ground effects & gain an advantage that allowed them to win both championships fairly easily, in 1988 i saw mclaren win 15/16 races & i watched williams dominate in 92/93 thanks to there superior car design & electronic systems.
        not once did i ever think things should be banned or changed so these teams lost there advantage & so that others could catch up. each time i applauded there superior designs & the job there drivers had done & waited to see if others could catch up.

        the whole thing is getting absurd that the fans don’t appreciate someone doing a better job & just whine everytime someone ‘dominates’ (see 2011) & that they applaud things been banned or capped in order to hurt said teams performance. even sadder that the fia usually actually go along with it ‘for the show’.

        tyres, bans or reg changes should never be used for the sole purpose of hindering a team or drivers advantage, they should be changed only for genuine safety concerns.

        1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/22147074 Have a read of Gary Andersons views on tyres and also note that Kimi doen’t understand what the fuss about the tyre’s is either. Who cares if the tyres only last for a few laps on some tracks. it’s a new compound and is designed to challenge the teams and just because it doesn’t suit some cars is no reason to panic or change them. F1 requires all the teams to agree to a change and thats not going to happen. Ditch DRS instead.
          This video might interest you. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/22147074

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