Jenson Button, McLaren, Shanghai, 2013

Button and Massa say current tyres are good for F1

2013 Bahrain Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Jenson Button, McLaren, Shanghai, 2013Jenson Button and Felipe Massa believe the current generation of tyres are producing good racing in Formula One.

The 2013 specification Pirelli tyres have been criticised by some who feel they are too aggressive. But in today’s press conference ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix Button said they are working as intended:

“I think there’s been a lot of overtaking. We’re never going to be happy with everything in this sport or in any sport. But I think the race has been good fun.”

“I was on the receiving end of most of it at the last race because obviously doing less stops you’re running old tyres most of the time so there’s people overtaking pretty much all the time. So it’s not the most enjoyable part of it for me. But I think if you were doing a three-stop strategy at the last race I think it was a fun race. It seemed like they were able to push pretty hard.”

Button added the current situation is better than what F1 had before: In the past we had tyres that could last the whole race and there wasn’t any overtaking.”

“So it’s very difficult to get the correct balance but we’re having two or three stops which I think was the idea was about the racing in 2013, so that’s good.

“And there’s a lot of teams fighting at the front. I think Formula One’s great. I’m really enjoying the racing – as I say I haven’t watched the race – but from what I see around me it looks good to watch.”

Massa said it is a good thing if the tyres make life hard for the drivers: “Sometimes our life is a little bit difficult, you know. But when you are at home and watching the race I think the race is very nice to see now.”

“It’s nice race to see, it’s much more nice compared to the past. Many people have complained what Pirelli is doing but I think they are doing a good direction for the sport.”

But the Ferrari driver said it is important for Pirelli to pick the correct tyre allocations for each race:

“I think what is the problems is to choose right the difference between all the tyres: super soft, soft, medium and hard. I think that’s the little thing they need to work in the better direction but I think the races are very nice to watch.

“We need to think not just about ourself we need to think about everything. I think it’s not really impossible to learn how to drive and how to save the tyres and everything.”

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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