Jean Todt, Marco Tronchetti Provera, Istanbul, 2011

Todt to stay away from Bahrain race

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Jean Todt, Marco Tronchetti Provera, Istanbul, 2011In the round-up: Jean Todt will not attend the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend as he campaigns for a second term as FIA president.


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Jean Todt opts for electioneering over attending Bahrain F1 grand prix (The Guardian)

“Jean Todt, the head of motor sport’s world governing body who has condemned hundreds of Formula One personnel to a potentially hazardous and harrowing week in Bahrain, will not be attending this Sunday’s race himself. Instead the president of the FIA will be busy electioneering because his four-year stint in office comes to an end this autumn.”

Bahrain Grand Prix to go ahead (Daily Mail)

“It is our firm belief that sport, and the F1 grand prix, can have a positive and healing effect in situations where conflict, social unrest and tensions are causing distress.”

Bahrain opposition calls for stepped up protests ahead of F1 (Reuters)

“Asked if meeting a foreign businessman like Ecclestone could help his campaign, [opposition leader Sheikh Ali] Salman replied: ‘We speak all the time about reform, human rights and democracy. Anyone can share these concerns. They are a human interest.'”

Violence scars Bahrain Grand Prix build-up (The Telegraph)

“The demonstrators held banners with messages including ‘F1: do we race on other people?s blood?’ and ‘This race is taking place on the ground of our martyrs, our political prisoners and our wounded.'”

Bernie Ecclestone claims calls to cancel Bahrain Grand Prix are ??too late? (Metro)

“In the letter, F1 supremo Ecclestone wrote: ‘It is a great shame this was not brought to me before September 2012 when the FIA Formula One World Championship calendar was formed and it is now too late to make any changes to the calendar.'”

Lopez bides time over sponsor (Sporting Life)

Lotus team owner Gerard Lopez: “We’ve refused to sign certain things we could have done because we believe we shouldn’t undersell ourselves. So it’s a choice, and whenever you make a choice you have to live with the consequences, and the consequence for us is we (as owner) essentially finance more of the team.”

McLaren: Spain upgrade has to deliver (Autosport)

Jenson Button: “The first race was 1.5 seconds [off pole position], the last race was nine tenths and here we were seven tenths in Q2, so it is definitely improving. We were two tenths off a Red Bull in Q2, so there is definitely progress.”

Jenson Button makes his points to Sergio Perez (The Sun)

Button: “If we had a car that was actually capable of winning races, it would put even more pressure us.”

Long Beach Grand Prix owners dismiss rumors of sale (Press Telegram)

“‘This is a story that keeps bouncing around every year or so,’ said Long Beach Grand Prix CEO Jim Michaelian, ‘despite the fact that the race isn’t for sale and there’s been no contact between anyone and Kevin about a sale. Nothing is happening.'”


Comment of the day

Antonio Nartea on Caterham recalling Heikki Kovalainen:

To me, this shows pretty much what I stated when Caterham announced their line-up for 2013: Caterham need a coherent marker in order to identify where their car is at the moment, performance-wise. Pic and Van Der Garde are too much of an unknown quantity in order to get relevant data for the team, as they risk hindering the car?s development.

The question is, what if Kovalainen proves to be at least on par with Bianchi (or a mile ahead of both Pic and Van Der Garde, for that matter) after these two practice sessions? If Kovalainen manages to show there?s something worthwhile in that Caterham, contrary to what we?ve seen so far, then I think he?s got himself his race seat back.

Catherham might have gone through their budget again and realised they?re better off paying Kovalainen?s salary than losing the money for tenth place in the constructors’ championship.
Antonio Nartea (@Tony031r)

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