Perez “amazed” by criticism of China performance

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Sergio Perez, McLaren, Bahrain, 2013In the round-up: Sergio Perez admits he was startled by the degree of criticism he received after finishing 11th in China.


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Perez feeling the pressure (Reuters)

“I have definitely felt the pressure. At McLaren everyone is watching your performance – in every single practice session, every single race. I find it quite amazing that… after one bad weekend I received so many criticisms.”

Bahrain circuit chief insists F1 grand prix will go ahead safely (The Guardian)

Bahrain International Circuit chairman, Zayed Alzayani: “Our job is to make sure the event passes smoothly. We do our part and whatever happens outside the track somebody else is responsible for. I personally think it’s safe to do the race, there is no problem.”

Truth is a casualty at Bahrain GP (The Telegraph)

“When I arrived in the Shia village of Banbar on Tuesday night, the 82-year-old [Bernie Ecclestone] was not exactly being portrayed as a broker of international peace. Instead, he was drawn on a placard shaking hands with a sheikh, blood dripping from their hands on to a gigantic dollar symbol. As a student in the community of Al-Ahli said earlier this week: ‘The race brings money to the regime, which they then use to buy weapons to attack us.'”

There are protests, but a vast majority support Bahrain Grand Prix (Daily Mail)

“With revolutionary zeal, the organisers routinely ring journalists arriving in the country to inform them where and when their next orchestrated rally will be staged. They will then drive them there and return them to their hotels a couple of hours later, the protest over… until the next one.”

F1 courts controversy with Bahrain race (FT, registration required)

“Police briefly detained an ITV TV crew as it filmed near the capital on Thursday, and according to the opposition scores of people have been arrested in Shia villages close to the Bahrain International Circuit in the southern part of the main island.”

Troubled Grosjean gets new chassis (Autosport)

“Grosjean said on Thursday in Bahrain that his confidence was still high despite his issues, but conceded finding the right operating window for the tyres is proving harder than in 2012.”

Jenson Button Q&A (Sky)

“It is a bit disappointing [Pirelli have changed the tyre allocation] – the soft would have been nice. Where we are at the minute, we try to do different things with the strategy and that is what is getting us points at the minute – perhaps more points than the car deserves. We will make the best of it, it is still so hot here, so it is still not going to be easy on the tyres and that is good for us.”

Heikki Kovalainen: “I?m here to help the race drivers…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“My role is different to what it was before. I?m working 100% now for the team, and I?ll give all I can to help the race drivers and help the team.”

Women in F1 (GoCar)

Former FIA medical delegate Dr Gary Hartstein: “I’ll say it right now, out loud and at the outset, there is no physiologic reason that a woman can’t successfully drive a Formula 1 car in competition.”

Bahrain Grand Prix Betting: Webber’s luck to change (UniBet)

My Bahrain Grand Prix preview for Unibet.

Pirelli ‘should not change tyres’ – Gary Anderson (BBC)

“At the moment, Lotus and Ferrari have been strong, Red Bull have been good in particular tracks. It has been moving around and it will continue to do so at the tracks that are coming up. It won’t just be one winner all the time. Change the tyres and that might not be the case.”


Comment of the day

@Maciek reads between the lines of Alonso’s latest remarks:

What stands out for me is that he praises Raikkonen and Hamilton for their driving, but with Vettel he talks about the strong car and how championship position is not important right now.

So I read as a bit of a taunt. Not surprising, seeing as he?s finished closerthanthis to Vettel in two of the last three years.

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On this day in F1

Red Bull scored their first win four years ago today in the Chinese Grand Prix.

They have won almost half of all F1 races since – 35 out of 76.

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