Hamilton: Car went from “terrible” to “amazing”

2013 Bahrain Grand PrixPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Bahrain International Circuit, 2013Lewis Hamilton was baffled by the performance of his Mercedes which changed dramatically during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Hamilton said he was “very happy – massively happy” to finish fifth. “Just because the race started out so bad,” he explained. “I wanted to get a good start, I got a terrible start. And then I was just so slow.”

“I was nowhere, had no speed at all. Nothing I could do, no matter what I did to the car it wouldn’t get faster and the gap was just growing in front.

“And all of a sudden something happened, after the second pit stop I think it was, all of a sudden the car started reacting differently and I was able to push, I had grip again.”

Hamilton thought the problem was related to the damage his car suffered yesterday when a delaminated tyre broke his suspension and gearbox:

“It must be something that happened to the car in qualifying, we’ve changed gearbox, perhaps something wasn’t set right and it went back to being set right. And all of a sudden the car was amazing.”

Having been left vulnerable at the start Hamilton finished the race by passing Mark Webber on the last lap: “At the beginning I wasn’t overtaking anyone, I was a sitting duck basically getting overtaken,” he said. “It was great to be able to do some overtaking here, for sure.”

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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