Rate the race: 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Bahrain International Circuit, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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262 comments on Rate the race: 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

  1. tmekt (@tmekt) said on 21st April 2013, 14:48

    And they said you can’t race with these tyres!

    • Quantic-Dreams said on 21st April 2013, 15:12

      you shoudl have heard the team radio feed on pits channel, they were all been told to run to a laptime & save tyres so there still not really racing.

      • tmekt (@tmekt) said on 21st April 2013, 18:34

        Wheel-to-wheel racing was what I meant and there was plenty of that.

        I don’t understand why target lap-times are a bad thing, though. It’s basically same as all the different fuel conservation modes except that it cannot be controlled automatically.

        Besides, if the compounds were made harder, it would change F1 into a downforce championship and Red Bull would win everything.

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 21st April 2013, 19:35

      @tmekt, They said you can’t race with the softer tyres, the medium/hard combo is almost “normal” and that is why the drivers were able to race.

      • tmekt (@tmekt) said on 21st April 2013, 20:29


        That’s only partially true.

        The complaints mainly happened in Malaysia and China. Malaysia had the same compounds as today and in China the softs were only used for a couple of laps (basically making medium the race tyre). The races are definitely comparable in my original purpose.

  2. sw280 (@sw280) said on 21st April 2013, 14:48

    Good racing all round except at the front which is a shame. I thought the tyres were a joke today. Not sure who was DoD.

  3. Sviatoslav Andrushko (@) said on 21st April 2013, 14:48

    Race was abolute ****. More than half of a race I didn’t completely comprehend what was happening.
    And, clearly, Red Bull has no pace at all, like some fans said.

  4. David-A (@david-a) said on 21st April 2013, 14:49

    8.5/10 – Extremely entertaining, even with Vettel in control throughtout, after taking Alonso & Rosberg. Loads of battling throughout, especially with the Mclarens.

  5. I’ll give it an 8. There was some great acing and good strategy but I think this has ‘a what might have been’ feel.. If Raikkonen had qualified where he should have done, and Alonso hadn’t had his problem then I think it would have been pretty epic with those three fighting for the victory. Lots of things to commend though, and much more enjoyable than the farce with the tyres last week, but DRS was still too easy. And Raikkonen really needs to sort out his qualifying!

  6. Pingguest said on 21st April 2013, 14:51

    5 – a boring race with fake racing

    • Jake (@jleigh) said on 21st April 2013, 14:54

      I don’t think it was fake racing. A lot of it was between drivers on similar aged tyres, and whilst the DRS was maybe a little too strong at times, the overtaken driver had the opportunity to get the place back into T4.

  7. Jake (@jleigh) said on 21st April 2013, 14:51

    9/10 from me. Brilliant racing, just a shame none of it was for the lead.

  8. Solid 8: there was a lot of action throughout the field and throughout the duration of the race (except from up front), and great performances from a lot of drivers, notably Vettel & Perez I thought.

  9. This races showed many reasons why you dont need DRS in F1.

    Red bull should thank the FIA for their tyre choice to. Did them a favour again

  10. Akin Aslan (@hamfanatic) said on 21st April 2013, 14:52

    Well it was a good race but the tyres should be better IMO. Also a very good race from Hamilton to finish ahead of his teammate.

  11. Calum (@calum) said on 21st April 2013, 14:54

    Favourite of the year. 10.

    • Calum (@calum) said on 21st April 2013, 14:55

      I should just clarify I’ve been revising for a Finance exam so the F1 might just seem really exciting compared to all that taxation and debt talk, nevertheless it was a really enjoyable race with plenty of action.

  12. Dizzy said on 21st April 2013, 14:54

    That race would have been so much better without DRS.

    We were seeing a great scrap between the top 3 over the 1st laps, Then as soon as DRS was activated the battle was over as Vettel & Alonso easily DRS-ed there was by Rosberg.
    Also many other great battles during the race destroyed thanks to DRS.

    Tyre’s were not as stupid as China but there was still far too much tyre saving, All you heard over the team radio was drivers been told to do a specific laptime & a few cases where again they were been told not to fight the cars around them.
    The fact Vettel showed he could go 3-4 seconds faster than he had been towards the end shows just how much tyre saving there doing now.

    • Vettel made those passes without DRS

    • fangio85 (@fangio85) said on 21st April 2013, 15:07

      Vettel was able to save his tyres because he spent the whole race in clean air, alonsos drs failed very quickly, I was amazed he was only losing less than a second per lap to vettel even though the flap was stuck open. Unfortunately alonsos limping car held everyone up for long enough for vettel to pull a comfortable gap, and also bunched everyone up, meaning vettel was the only driver who didn’t have to fight for the rest of the race, giving him an easy victory. Simply awesome racing from quite a few drivers (Hamilton, webber, perez, button, raikkonen, grosjean and Alonso). Very surprised with alonsos performance considering he had an extra trip through the pits and no drs, surely he’d have won without that problem, but thays racing, take the good with the bad – solid 8 from me too

  13. KaIIe (@kaiie) said on 21st April 2013, 14:55

    Incredible amount of racing (seemed like there was a huge battle on every lap), but no real fight for the victory. So 9/10.

  14. dumir311 (@dumir311) said on 21st April 2013, 14:55

    5 average… good fights in the midfield ( but sometimes behind the line (Button-Perez, Perez-Alonso)), but no real fight for the first position at all….

  15. Joshua Mesh (@joshua-mesh) said on 21st April 2013, 14:55

    It was okay. No real challenge up front, probably due to Alonso’s issue.

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