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2013 Bahrain Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

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262 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix”

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  1. Problematic: Yes, it was an exciting race all from start to end with lot of hard midfield battles. But there was no real challenge to Vettel’s lead. The Lotuses aren’t able to race from start. In true spirit of the old Benetton team they rely on team strategy and late stint speed and consistency. Therefore they have still not posed a real threat for VET or ALO in first position. There is also something wrong with the DRS (not just because ALO had malfunctions). The way the tracks are built nowadays in combination with the DRS system creates a gritty race with lots of overtaking. Although less exciting, some aspects of old F1 were better: the commitment and fearlessness, precision and raw racing mindset made sure that a succesfull overtaking procedure had much more tension build-up and was a lot more difficult to make it stick.

      1. some aspects of old F1 were better: the commitment and fearlessness, precision and raw racing mindset made sure that a succesfull overtaking procedure had much more tension build-up and was a lot more difficult to make it stick.

        I agree.

        now much of the time there isnt really a good fight, the driver behind catches, uses drs & drives straght past the one ahead quickly & relatively easily.

        that is the biggest aspect of the new f1 i cannot stand. i love watching a good, hard fought scrap where any overtake isn’t obvious beforehand & is actually exciting to watch when it does occur.

  2. Entertaining, solid race. Above average, so 6/10.

    1. Something to add: I don’t see Rosberg guilty of anything but if the won’t receive a penalty for colliding with Webber than Webbers penalty from last weekend is a joke.

      1. Except that Rosberg had enough of his car alongside Webber that Mark should have yielded, but Rosberg did get there with quite a bit of a dive so who knows what will be the outcome

  3. Race shows there can be racing without DRS, without different tyre compounds and without tires that fall off a cliff. 3 delaminations in a race weekend shows the tires are still not where they should be.

    The Lotus is not qualifying where itcan. Kimi’s and Grojeans qualifying performances should now begin to be questioned. This is simply not an issue of inability to get heat ito the tires over a single lap.

    Great aggressive drive from Perez. Button’s comments are far more patronising and disrespectfull than Vettels comments toward Webber earlier in the season. Perez would have finished ahead of both Webber and Lewis if they had let him past Button at that stage, as he would have made up more time, but he was overtaken by Grojean, and so was Button. If Perez continue to drive like this, then Button will be in trouble. Perez being too aggresive is absolute nonsense from Jenson, as he was also aggresive in his defence. He was RACING.

    Good drive from DiResta, and great drive from Lewis to end up in 5th. Seems to support the notion that his car was set-up more for a race, whilst Rosbergs was setup for quali. Hopefully we will get confirmation of that. Also, as he confirmed, something seemed to happen to the car after his pit-stop that made the car better balanced, hence his better pace. Merc need to sort out stuff like this.

    What is going on with Webber? He should have been penalised for turning into Rosberg. Reminded me of his incident with Lewis in Singapore 2010 (i think). Why do people still fantasise that he is on the same level with Vettel? Favouritism or not, Vettel is on a different level to Webber. Simple.

    As for Ferrari, what can i say? Pirelli ruined Massa’a race. Alonso did well to recover.

    7/10 – As there was still far too much tyre management, and DRS was far too strong.

  4. vettel wins tend to be quite boring… if there would’ve been a real battle for the lead it would’ve been way more intresting! however, watching grosjean hunt down the field was very intresting, and i must give a LOT of credit to alonso, finishing in 7th despite 2 early pit stops and not using drs is a fantastic performance… 8/10

  5. 9/10. Great racing.

  6. Best race of the season so far, 9/10. Phenomenal drive by Vettel, great non-DRS passes from him at the early stage. Lots of battles for position, and it looked like most of the drivers had to really work for their overtakes, with all those multiple passes and repasses.
    Jenson ‘the-real-racing-between-teammates-fan’ Button really made my day on his radio. Yep, that’s a world champion for you. Cudos to Perez, who seems to be reclaiming his chutzpah. Macca’s race pace is improving somewhat, so there’s a hope for them still. Grosjean also hets an honorable mention for his maturity during the battles, unlike Webber who once again has shown that it’s not the Red Bull that matters but rather how you use it. And it seems that the famous Merc downward spiral is beginning already, just 4 races into the season.

  7. What is with this public castigation of Checco from Whitmarsh and Button like he is some child that stepped out of line??? The guy did well. As Ant showed, it was Jenson who slowed down mid corner on the exit that caused the contact. Jenson also pushed him onto the concrete run off aggressively.

    1. You are just putting a spin on events to suit your own agenda.

      Button like any driver is completely entitled to place his car to cover the inside and get a good exit. Perez misjudged the situation and rammed Button like Alonso misjudged Vettel’s braking into turn 2 in China. Then Perez moved across on Button and brushed wheels at high speed on the run into turn four. Button defended aggressively when edging Perez off the track and Perez made the same move on Alonso later in the race. It was a legitimate move.

      1. By the letter of the regulations, yes Button being aggressive and pushing Perez off track on the exit was allowed, just like Perez did to Alonso. However, for the former this was his team mate and so in my opinion this was basically hypocritical by Jenson.

        No one is doubting it was illegal (otherwise there would have been a penalty), however questioning your team mate’s racing, and doing the exact same thing doesn’t wash with most fans.

        1. *(No one is doubting it was legal)

  8. The race started promisingly, but after mid-distance I found it a little boring and even dozed off for a lap or two. Thankfully it bounced back towards the end again.

    There was some good action in the race, with scraps right down the field. Generally happy with the result, it reflected where people deserved to be and who the more competitive teams are (with exception of Ferrari Alonso). A harsh, but honest, 6/10 from me.

  9. 8 for me. Alonso missing out due to DRS failure killed it for me however, Perez did make it up to me by exposing what a whiner Button is. Good for Perez, that good ol latin-american blood is showing! If Button says something to him in the debrief, Perez would probably kick his bum! XD
    Oh and so much for the whiners at RBR. I thought they couldn´t make their rubber last!

  10. It was an excellent race, battles right to the end. Once again Alonso, Kimi Hamilton and Vettel impress. They really are the elite. Good race for Di Resta and encouraging performances for Grosjean and Perez.

    1. 8/10 for me.

  11. Great race, and great drives. F1 have a lot a good drivers this season.
    Vettel, Kimi and Grosjean were flawless. Di Resta was great too, as Hamilton and Perez.
    Rosberg and Massa showed why they are number 2 drivers.

  12. ramy (@ramysennaf1)
    21st April 2013, 15:43

    i want some of you guys to just watch and compare the redbull and ferrari or a merc, just watch sector 2 of this race from tv pod cam of vettel, how his car has more pace or more power while exiting the corners while shifting, anyone agree with me if redbull has that edge over the other cars leaving him with a big advantage at the end of any race not just this one, as i said a small detail, but this will leave with an advantage of gaining a tenth every half lap on anyone behind him , even if he isn’t in the lead

    1. Stop whining already, the bulls have always been good at Bahrain… just a week ago in China, they were struggling while Alonso had an easy win like Vettel had today.
      Hadn’t Ferrari (or Alonso) screwed it up again big time (opening the flap after it failed on him), we could have seen an intense battle for the lead between Vettel and Alonso.

    2. That’s right, Red Bull make the best car. Good for them, despite what Alonso says they are also the best ‘team’. About time Ferrari and McLaren catch up.

  13. 8/10. Other than fight for first, it was a fantastic race!

    A lot of what ifs though,
    – What if Alonso had not had his DRS problems, a fight for first?
    – What if Raikkonen and Grosjean had qualified higher, againg a fight for first?
    – What if Hamilton had started higher, would he have gone backwards like Rosberg?
    – What if Massa had not had his delaminations, would he have finished on the Podium?

    It is amazing that Alonso had such a good pace inspite of doing long stints on those tires and without DRS. He showed today that we could probably do without DRS on many race tracks.

    Perez was amazing, I think this will be the turning point in his season. He is going to thrash Button rest of the season. Not only did he race very hard, but also managed to preserve his tires. He might start even consistently beat the Mercedes and might even show up on the podium in the next few races.

    Vettel is in a class of his own and the Red Bull looks amazing in his hands. I still think Alonso or Raikkonen will win the title this year. They both are just too good.

    1. “- What if Hamilton had started higher, would he have gone backwards like Rosberg?”

      I think its very much possible. Rosbery fell away because he was involved in alot of battles/defending, Hamilton was able to sit back behind this little train and manage his pace, this came good for him in the end.

      1. True, although Webber and Hamilton were at least able to race at the end and not go completely off the cliff. I think Pirelli deserve some credit for changing the tyre allocation for this race and getting rid of the super-crumble tyre.

        I am however worried about Hamilton’s recent BBC column where he says he has had to change his style completely. If you watch the onboards, you can see him shifting the gears much slower than a couple of years back. I think the days of anyone making moves like he did at Monza in 2007 are long gone, which, is a shame.

  14. 7.

    + the closest, most hectic start of a race this season
    + constant fighting for position from the edge of the podium downwards through the field
    + Sergio Perez
    + Alonso’s recovery race without DRS
    + finally a race in which we saw at least SOME agressive driving in exchange for delta lap times
    + battle for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th at the end of the race
    + again, Sergio Perez

    – it was still a procession afterall and an relaxing cruise for Vettel
    – both Ferraris getting excluded from the fight due to those two things everyone keeps talking about (DRS and Pirellis)
    – Di Resta would have deserved to be on the podium and he probably would have had a chance in defending from Grosjean without DRS.

  15. LOL… 3 time back to back WDC still a lot to prove… That’s hilarious.

    Vettel finished the champ in 2007 two places behind Webber in an STR, the next year still in STR he finished three places higher than Webber and famously took a win in the wet in an inferior car leading from pole.

    But then on it really shows that all of Vettels success has come because of the car, demonstrated by the fact that Webber always finished one place behind Vettel in the champ since 2009…

    By the way, it is sarcasm:
    2009: Vet 2nd, Web 4th
    2010: Vet 1st, Web 3rd
    2011: Vet 1st, Web 3rd
    2012: Vet 1st, Web 6th
    This year: Vet 1st, Web 5th

    Why don’t just people enjoy great racing we are having and admire the skilled showed by some of the best drivers in the world (Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, Raikonen etc.)?

    1. This was meant as a reply to a certain @ramy

      1. +1, I respect all f1 drivers vettel alonso hamilton kimi… but everyone needs to give vettel more credit! its my personnel opinion, I dont want to start bickering about whose the best driver on the forum..but just give some credit when its due!! instead of calling him lucky and fastest car and all the other usual things..

    2. If Vettel wins the championship this season, I think the remaining doubters will probably change their mind (at least most of them). He’s certainly proved he can race in these last 18 months or so.

  16. I think Pirelli need to look at there tyre construction because the sort of failures we saw this weekend is a bit concerning. They may well be caused by debris, However I’ve never seen tyres fail the way the Pirelli’s did this weekend & this many failures caused by debris on 1 weekend indicates the current construction is more prone to debris failures than they should be.

    Going back to 2004, I remember the Michelin’s were very prone to debris failure’s & there was a series of them through the mid part of the season which caused some big accidents & a few near misses.
    After some investigation Michelin discovered that there recommended tyre pressure’s were too low & made the compound very prone to failure if the surface was cut to a specific depth or in a specific direction.

    Although the exact details were never made public, The speculation was that they increased the depth of the tread, strengthened the construction of the canvas & raised there recommended tyre pressures.

  17. Better than the average trip to the dentist, @keithcollantine ?

  18. A good race, lots of hard aggressive and mostly fair wheel-to-wheel action all the way through the field. Great to see both Lotus cars on the podium, Hamilton with a hugely impressive performance,The brawling Mclarens but bitterly dissapointing to see Alonso suffer a failure and lose so many points today The deficit up to 30 points now.
    But still an 8/10 for all the tremendous action everywhere except for the lead

  19. 7 cause the DRS fail in Alonso prevented us from enjoying an even better race. Kudos to Perez!!!

  20. 9/10 – lots of different strategies, lots of wheel to wheel racing, technical issues, teammate battles. The only thing stopping it from being a perfect race, in my books, was the lack of challenge for the win!

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