Massa’s punctures caused by debris, say Pirelli

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Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Bahrain International Circuit, 2013In the round-up: Pirelli say Felipe Massa’s punctures in the Bahrain Grand Prix were both caused by debris.


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Pirelli: debris to blame for Massa issues (Autosport)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “People are doubting that it was debris, and saying ‘yeah you would say that, sure’ but it is quite interesting that actually we got the [quarantine] bag back with the bits in today and they are not small pieces. It is very dramatic.”

Frustrated Alonso thought open DRS was tyre problem (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“‘With the DRS it remained open the first time, I informed the team that we finished the rear tyres, because at that stage I thought it was the rear tyres gone completely,’ he explained. ‘But they told me, ??No, no the tyres are OK, it?s just the DRS, so we pit in this lap.'”

Bahrain GP protesters say: ‘No to bloody Formula’ (The Independent)

Deputy Prime Minister Crown Prince Salman: “The race should be a help in the political process. Keeping Bahrain connected to the international community is very important, as it stops us looking inwards and keeps us looking outward.”

Red Bull put a woman on the podium in F1 first (Reuters)

Christian Horner: “It was great to send an important member of our team up today, Gill Jones, who has done an awful lot.”

Lloyds puts brakes on F1 venture after ??46.3m loss (The Telegraph)

“Lloyds Banking Group has sold its 25.3% stake in the Marussia Formula One team after it made huge losses and failed to perform on the track.”

Red Bull RB9 – rear wing variations (F1)

“Red Bull tried three different rear wings on Friday in Bahrain.”

Caterham brings first updates to CT03 (F1 Technical)

“The updates seem to have had an immediate effect, with Charles Pic saying after free practice that the team were to adjust the car set-up as the updates immediately brought in understeer thanks to increased downforce at the rear of the car.”


Comment of the day

Why did everyone react so slowly to Alonso’s DRS problem, asks @Younger-Hamii:

Two questions: one for the FIA for not giving Alonso the black and orange flag for a mechanical problem and the other for Ferrari for allowing Alonso to lose so much time with the flap open.

Surely the telemetry, if not their screens in the garage and on the pit-wall, would?ve been enough to inform them that his DRS has some kind of a fault?

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On this day in F1

Happy birthday to Esteban Turo who is 35 today.

The Argentinian started a single season of F1 in 1998, making his debut for Minardi while he was still a teenager. His best result came at Imola where he finished eighth, two laps down.

His last race at Suzuka ended in a collision with Toranosuke Takagi, and he never returned to F1 after that, citing personal reasons. He subsequently spent several years racing in Argentina’s TC2000 touring car series.

Since then only one other Argentinian driver has raced in F1 – Gaston Mazzacane with Mianrdi in 2000 and Prost in 2001. Jose Maria Lopez was signed to race for US F1 in 2010, but the team collapsed before the season began.

Here’s Tuero experiencing a shambolic Minardi pit stop during his home race in 1998:

Image ?? Ferrari/Ercole Colombo