Vettel praises Russian Grand Prix venue

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In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel has a tour of the Sochi venue for next year’s Russian Grand Prix.


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Vettel samples Russia’s new Sochi circuit (F1)

“I can already see it will be a fun circuit to drive in a Formula One car and the rest of the venue is very impressive.”

Bernie Ecclestone wants new five-year deal for troubled Bahrain GP (The Guardian)

“I feel they do a super job and we’re more than happy to give them a new contract for five years. I don’t see any problems.”

Stench of burning tyres leaves mark (The Telegraph)

“Ecclestone had few qualms about bringing the sport here in 2004, in the knowledge that the country?s grateful rulers were prepared to pay ??26 million a year for hosting rights, and has brushed aside human rights concerns ever since by insisting that sport and politics should not mix. But such a defence has been difficult to reconcile during the past six days with the spectacle of opposition marches in Manama, and more violent clashes in outlying Shia areas.”

Trends in Bahrain (Joe Saward)

[Bahrain International Circuit chairman Zayed] Al Zayani said that he was encouraged by the increase in the three-day figure to 73,000 this year, mainly because a lot of them were corporate guests and he believes that confidence is returning.

Bahrain Grand Prix ?ǣ epilogue (MotorSport)

Ecclestone: “You know I?ve been anti the 2014 engines since day one and we?re going to have a fuel economy run for sure so we?ll have to be very careful.”

Mercedes not that far off – Hamilton (BBC)

“I feel like we’re holding on by the skin of our teeth.”

Nico Rosberg message after Pole Position and P9 in the Bahrain GP 2013 (Nico Rosberg via YouTube)

Q&A: McLaren on driver rivalry (Autosport)

Sam Michael: “The team… has to accept that, in not imposing a team order on either of our drivers, despite our seeing on our pitwall monitors an increasingly intense battle unfolding between them, we weren’t adopting what you could term a ‘caution-optimised’ strategy.”

The Lady’?s Trophy (Red Bull)

Red Bull electronic support group leader Gill Jones: “It was my 177th race, so it took me a while to get there! For me, as a personal achievement, it?s brilliant, I?m really proud. I?m really pleased to be able to represent the team and also the department I work for ?ǣ electronics ?ǣ because I think we play a massive part in the team. Again, being female as well makes it special. So, yes, very proud.”


Comment of the day

Chris on the variey of strategies seen in Bahrain:

I like that there?s a wide variety in strategy calls (two, three and four stops), but I still feel that four stops is just too much.

If they make the soft and/or super-soft compounds more durable, then I think we?d see one, two and three-stoppers, which is better, and slightly easier to follow as a viewer.
Chris (@Tophercheese21)

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The British Grand Prix has only been held in April on one occasion, which was on this day 13 years ago. Heavy rain turned the surrounding fields and car parks into quagmires, making life miserable for spectators and the following year the Silverstone race was back in its usual summer slot.

But weeks of rain prior to last year’s race caused a repeat of the problems. Many spectators were urged not to travel to the track on the Saturday of the race weekend and the track had to issue refunds to those who could not make it.