Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, Suzuka, 2011

HRT F1 car bought by Pirelli to be sold on eBay

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Narain Karthikeyan, HRT, Suzuka, 2011In the round-up: Pirelli are to sell a car used by HRT in 2011 which they bought after the team’s collapse last year.


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Pirelli set to put Formula One car up for online auction (Metro)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “Our marketing department said nobody seems to want to use it. So I said let?s put it on eBay for charity.”

Toto Wolf [sic] Q&A: We have a mountain of work to do (F1)

“We’re already working on 2014 and we?ll gradually raise the percentage of people working on next year?s car. I would say that in May we will reach a point where more than 50 percent will work on the 2014 car.”

Mercedes not panicked by Bahrain woes (Autosport)

“[Ross] Brawn conceded that Mercedes was still marginal on tyres and risked similar problems whenever temperatures rose, though he believes Bahrain exaggerated the situation.”

Vettel can forget about strolling to title, says Hamilton (The Sun)

“I don?t think it will be the same for Seb in all the races plus Red Bull have seemed to struggle in some qualifying sessions.”

Webber: Teams will get used to the tires (NBC)

“The consistency?s important with the tires. We see some teams are very consistent with tires: we see Lotus doing two stop strategies, the McLaren doing four stops with Jenson Button who is a very smooth driver on the tires. So it?s still a very big factor.”

The ups and downs of F1 (Toro Rosso)

Daniel Ricciardo: “Today?s lap chart makes pretty grim reading: I had the slowest lap of the race, eight-tenths slower than one of the Marussias and I finished the race only 9s clear of one of the Caterhams. As I haven?t forgotten how to drive in the last seven days, there?s something wrong with the car that we need to understand.”

Meanwhile in Izvestia (Joe Saward)

“The newspaper says that the commission is being created because of revised estimates into the costs involved, which have gone from the planned $250 million [??163.8 million] to $380 million [??249.1 million].”

Sakhir Sunshine (ESPN)

“The hospitality was great as it was trying to keep the media on the right side with all the events that surround the race.”


Comment of the day

@AdrianMorse on Mark Webber’s F1 prospects beyond the end of the year:

I would like to see him in F1 next year, but where is he going to go? Another season with Red Bull seems very unlikely unless there is shock departure from Sebastian Vettel.

I think he should have taken Ferrari up on their offer last year (especially now we know the Ferrari is so quick). He could have driven in red for a year or two and then gracefully bowed out. With Massa?s (relative) resurgence in form, I doubt he will get another offer this year.

That doesn?t leave many teams that could offer him a seat, especially with all other teams except McLaren expecting some sort of sponsorship to be brought along. The most likely option would be a switch between Webber and Kimi Raikkonen, but even then I think Lotus have other drivers lined up.

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