Di Resta ‘could be champion in a Red Bull’ – Fernley

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Paul di Resta, Force India, Bahrain, 2013In the round-up: Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley believes Paul di Resta could be a world champion in the right car:


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‘Paul could be a Champion’ (Sky)

Fernley: “Absolutely, there is no reason why he and a number of others would not have as well, but certainly Paul could.”

The Finishing Line – with Force India?s Paul di Resta (F1)

“The most memorable overtaking move of my career was…
PdR: It was a move I made in DTM at turn ten of the Formula One track in Barcelona, passing Timo Scheider. It was in 2008 and it was a change for the championship and a pass for the lead of the race.”

McLaren deny Dennis demotion (BBC)

“Asked whether there was any doubt that he would stay at McLaren until at least the end of his current contract, Dennis said: ‘Categorically, that is exactly what is going to happen – unless I request for it to be changed, and I don’t intend to. I couldn’t work any harder than I am on a variety of things.'”

Honda, Toyota F1 interest ‘unimaginable’ (Crash)

Renault Sport F1 managing director Rob White: “The first project meetings were held four years ago, and the interest was great, with Audi, Cosworth, Ilmor, Honda, Toyota, Mecachrome and others [present]. However, as it got more specific, only PURE was left, and now it’s only us three.”

Analysis: Raised Rear Wishbones (ScarbsF1)

“For 2013, almost every team have taken the same approach pioneered by Red Bull in 2012, by raising the rear lower wishbone.”

Siffert and Rodriguez (MotorSport)

“Boots were on different feet now. BRM was Pedro?s patch, having driven for it in 1968 and scored in 1970 ?ǣ at his beloved Spa ?ǣ its first GP win for four years. It was Pedro who chatted affably with the mechanics and Jo who remained aloof.”


Comment of the day

Does IndyCar now have less artificial racing than F1?

I?ve said a few times recently and stick by it today that in terms of the ??racing?, IndyCar has been better and way more exciting to watch than F1 since they introduced the current car.

There?s no silly gimmicks like DRS (So all passing in IndyCar is exciting to watch unlike F1), no tyres that wear in six laps (so drivers can push and race hard), it’s just pure, hard fought racing which overall is way more enjoyable and exciting to watch than anything F1’s managed to do in the DRS/Pirelli era.

I?ve been going to the F1 race at Montreal since the early eighties, This year I won?t be going but will be going to the IndyCar races at Toronto and Belle Isle.

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On this day in F1

Antonio Felix da Costa, Helmut Marko, Red Bull, Shanghai, 2013Happy birthday to Red Bull’s motorsport advisor Helmut Marko who is 70 today.

Marko’s F1 career came to an untimely end in his ninth start, the 1972 French Grand Prix, when a stone kicked up by another car pierced his visor and blinded him in one eye.

Marko began guiding the career of upcoming fellow Austrian driver Helmuth Koinigg, until his death at Watkins Glen in 1974. Marko later ran F3 and F3000 teams before running Red Bull’s Driver Development programme and helping Sebastian Vettel to his current position at the pinnacle of the sport.

However the abrupt dismissals faced by several other drivers on the scheme and Marko’s undisguised contempt for Vettel’s team mate Mark Webber have made him a less than popular figure.

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