Force India aerodynamic test for Daly

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Conor Daly, GP2, Hilmer, 2013In the round-up: American GP3 racer Conor Daly will test for Force India tomorrow.


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Daly to make F1 test return for Force India (NBC)

“Conor Daly will perform a straight-line aerodynamic test for Force India on Wednesday.”

More on Formula 1 and Long Beach (MotorSport)

“From all I?m told there?s no doubt that Ecclestone, Zak Brown and Chris Pook are going to make a bid to buy the race in 2015 with plans to install F1 back in Southern California in 2016.”

Marrusia [sic] avoid prize money debate (Sporting Life)

Marussia sporting director Graeme Lowdon: “We can confirm we’ve not had any offer from CVC at all. At no time have we had any proposal.”

Pat Symonds Q&A (Sky)

“We couldn’t [keep Timo Glock] – it was a commercial decision – and I’ll say to anyone that listens that not only is Timo a great guy for the team but also such a nice guy, just the way he took the whole thing was really, really superb. So I was really concerned: we’d had a lot of changes and two rookies. But it’s not just that: a lot of our guys at the team are quite young, so it’s all quite difficult.”

Rosberg has ‘stronger voice’ after Schumacher (ESPN)

Nico Rosberg: “I now have a stronger voice. And to me that’s a beautiful process in which I can help Mercedes become the best team.”

Ferrari: no panic over ’14 tyre supplier (Autosport)

Stefano Domenicali: “Because there is no alternative we will find very soon a solution and I am sure that Pirelli has already given the sign that it wants to be here in the future.”

Williams Reports 2012 Annual Results (Williams)

“The Group, however, made a loss before taxation in the year of ??5.0m (2011: profit ??7.4m) as a result of the impact of a technical accounting treatment of one of the Group?s key receipts during the year.”

Bahrain 2013 – race edit (F1)

Video highlights from the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The story of the marque (McLaren)

“The more dynamic ??Speedy Kiwi? was introduced in 1967, once again designed by Michael Turner to emphasise the higher speeds at which Bruce?s cars were racing. It also took on a striking papaya orange colour which familiarly became known as ‘McLaren Orange’.”

Tommi P??rm??koski: The trainer behind a World Champion (MTV3)

Sebastian Vettel was another case though, a ‘special kind’. Tommi reveals a lot about Seb’s attitude in training and the way he approached it.”


Comment of the day

As Ecclestone prepares to take more money away from the smallest teams, @GeeMac points out their value to the sport:

F1 never learns. Ten years ago at the start of the season all of the teams were banging on about cost saving and trying to do more to assist the smaller independent teams, saying that if something wasn?t done it could lead to them folding.

What happened? Nothing, and within three years the two smallest teams (Minardi and Jordan) were gone. We are still having debates about how to save costs and we?ve already lost one of the teams that joined the sport in 2010, taking away prize money from the last placed team will only make things worse with the result that we lose another small independent team. It?s pathetic.

I?ve said it so many times before, the battle at the back is as important as the one at the front. I don?t buy the argument that the smaller teams add nothing to the sport. They give up and coming talent a chance to shine, both drivers and designers.

Marussia have the promising Jules Bianchi who is doing a great job so far, Caterham have Charles Pic who is highly rated. Where would they be without Marussia and Caterham? Standing at the back of another team?s garage with headphones on feeling sorry for themselves, that?s where.

Of the teams that have died recently, Minardi gave us Alonso and race winners Webber, Fisichella and Trulli. Where would Ross Brawn and Adrian Newey be without the likes of Arrows and Leyton House? You need the teams at the back of the grid to grow and develop the sport, because that is where future champions cut their teeth.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Ccolanto, Mike Weilding, Oliver and Jake Kilshaw!

If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

Roland Ratzenberger lost his life in a crash during qualifying for the San Marino Grand Prix on this day in 1994.

Image ?? GP2/LAT

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63 comments on Force India aerodynamic test for Daly

  1. Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 30th April 2013, 11:59

    I’d love Long Beach back in the F1 calendar – my guess it’s 2016 schedule is now a plan B if Jersey fails in 2014-2015. Only if the rumour is true, of course.

    I think the organisers did a tremendous job in 1999 and 2000, when they last altered the layout. I identify four kind of “points of interest” on the original, much loved layout, plus one on the current one. I think the original course was loved principally because of the following:
    – The iconic hairpins at either ends of Shoreline Drive;
    – Original T2 (now T6), a wide, surspiringly quick, increasing radius and slightly uphill left-hander;
    – The wild elevation change of about 8-11m when they climbed the hill going straight instead of turning right to East Seaside Way and their subsequent intense drop at Cook’s corner;
    – The quick, douple-apex penultimate corner.

    On the current layout, my guess is that the fountain in the roundabout already gained legendary status as scenery despite its relatively young age as part of the track.

    What I really liked about the 1999-2000 changes was how the organisers brought back two of the four aforementioned POIs plus how they introduced the new one.

    When – currently rather if – F1 visits the place again, I’d like the remaining two incorporated as well: the roller coaster of Ocean Blvd. certainly, and the original hairpin as the last corner on the track. This way, the circuit would regain all its old and appreciated distinctive features instead of the standardised corners it had before 1999.

    What could be appealing to Bernie instead of the above note on track design and driver experience could be the huge crowd the IndyCar event draws year by year – I guess it helps IndyCar tremendously in such a troubled era as the current one with Dan Wheldon’s death and the empty stands on the traditional oval tracks.

    • HoHum (@hohum) said on 30th April 2013, 13:04

      Long Beach is a great location but the track sucks, mostly due to having no run-off area but also because it is a mostly “point and squirt” track, I don’t see how it could legitemaly gain F1 certification.

  2. Funkyf1 (@funkyf1) said on 30th April 2013, 13:02

    Have to add my own praise for @geemac for the COTD. Regardless of who the team are/were 10 yrs the point still sticks. Cap it!

  3. Fixy (@fixy) said on 30th April 2013, 15:32

    Great COTD @GeeMac, it is so well-written and accurate that hopefully this will put an end to critics aimed at the smaller teams, at least on this site! It’s hard to prove your points wrong, and surely Ecclestone must acknowledge that as well.

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