Marussia heading for Ferrari engine deal – Symonds

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Jules Bianchi, Marussia, Bahrain International Circuit, 2013In the round-up: Marussia technical director Pat Symonds says the team are likely to use Ferrari engines next year.


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Marussia likely to use Ferrari turbo engines in 2014 (James Allen)

Symonds: “There will be only three suppliers next year ?ǣ Renault, Mercedes and Ferrari ?ǣ and while we have spoken to all of them, I think we are rapidly heading in the direction of Ferrari. We need to head in a direction rapidly because we really need to sign a supply agreement with someone quite soon ?ǣ and Ferrari, at the moment, are top of that list.”

F1 teams in fresh penalty points talks (Autosport)

“[FIA race director Charlie] Whiting said earlier this year that one of the key issues that needed resolving was that any hefty punishments handed out as a result of penalty points being accrued were deemed worthy.”

‘Di Resta can be an F1 champion’ (BBC)

Allan McNish: “If someone puts him in the right car, he can fight for the world title.”

On Marussia (Joe Saward)

“The F1 team continues to build the Marussia brand, even if there are no products available at the moment.”

Wolff pushing Williams for proper F1 test (Reuters)

“For me the next logical step is to do the young drivers test, and do it well, and then see what the next step is after that.”

Ferrari’s foot-operated DRS (F1)

“Most teams’ systems are operated by hand, via a steering wheel control. Ferrari’s is different.”

Adam Parr Q&A (Sky)

Video interview with former Williams chairman Adam Parr.

The Williams F1 Team and TAK Group announce new partnership agreement (Williams)

“The Williams F1 Team is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Kazakhstani investment business TAK Group that will see the Kazakhstani capital, Astana, promoted as part of the arrangement with the team.”

Sergio Perez Q&A (McLaren)

“Q. And finally…. why the nickname ??Checo??
Checo: It?s not really that complicated or interesting. In Mexico, where I come from, all Sergios are automatically given the nickname ??Checo?. Sorry, there?s no story behind it!”

David Brabham at Imola, 1994 (MotorSport)

“And then ‘Brabs’ crashed on his 28th lap. He has his reasons to refuse to confirm if a steering failure caused it: ‘A puncture was the official line.'”


Comment of the day

@YellowSapphire does not believe a “Vettel effect” has caused a drop in ticket sales at Silverstone:

If that truly is the case, why did Silverstone “have the biggest crowd of the season last year, with a record race day attendance of 127,000” off the back of a season completely dominated by Vettel?

If this is truly the ??Vettel effect?, I would have thought you would have noticed an effect in 2012, after his complete and utter dominance of the 2011 season. Instead, according to the article, Silverstone got record race-day attendance.

This has nothing to do with Vettel, and everything to do with Silverstone?s pricing and the organisational disaster that was last year. They?re not going to admit that, though, as that?s classed as ‘bad PR’.

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On this day in F1

Boy Hayje turns 64 today. The Dutch driver enjoyed more success in tin-top racing and sportscars but did make a handful of Grand Prix appearances in the seventies. These included driving a Penske at his home race in 1976 and six entries for RAM the following year, four of which resulted in non-qualifications.

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