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Sergio Perez, McLaren, Bahrain International Circuit, 2013F1’s annual visit to Bahrain remains a bone of contention. In the race itself Sebastian Vettel hit the front early on and although he was never really threatened there was plenty going on behind him.

Fernando Alonso had problems with his DRS, the McLaren pair scrapped furiously and Paul Di Resta narrowly missed out on a maiden podium.

But there was also a degree of the familiar about the Bahrain Grand Prix: Heikki Kovalainen returned for Caterham in first practice, Esteban Guitierrez was knocked out of qualifying in Q1 for the third time in four races and – most unusually – the podium was exactly the same as last year.

F1 Fanatic readers gave the race the highest average rating of the year so far with

There was some great racing and good strategy but I think this has ??a what might have been? feel.. If Raikkonen had qualified where he should have done, and Alonso hadn’t had his problem then I think it would have been pretty epic with those three fighting for the victory.

Lots of things to commend though, and much more enjoyable than the farce with the tyres last week, but DRS was still too easy, and Raikkonen really needs to sort out his qualifying.

Easily the best race of the year.

Pros: Incredible pass from Vettel on Alonso on the opening laps; Really exiting battles between multiple drivers for the entire race; DRS could have been a bit shorter along the pit straight, but other than that it was spot on perfect; Pirelli made the right choice of scrapping the soft tyre in favour of the medium. Provided drivers the ability to push and fight; Good to see Sergio ??getting his elbows out??, and being largely quicker than Button throughout the race; Amazing fight back from Alonso after the DRS failure; Lewis coming out of seemingly nowhere to take fifth on the last lap; Good too see Grosjean getting a podium; Vettel?s helmet was just awesome; Great defensive driving by Rosberg despite having a rather handicapped car in terms of pace.

Cons: Alonso?s DRS failure ruined his chances; No competition for Vettel, but that?s hardly his fault; Rosberg?s pace (or lack of); Would have liked to see Massa get into the sharp end of the points, unfortunately the tyres just failed on him twice; DRS on the pit straight could have been maybe 50m shorter, but really not too bad; Felt so bad for Paul Di Resta – he really deserved a podium, but through no fault of his own, just didn’t happen. I’ve been critical of Di Resta, but can?t fault him today.

All in all, a great race, really enjoyed it. I sure hope that these setbacks for Alonso don?t come back and bite him in the end.
Chris (@Tophercheese21)

Although the race lacked a fight for the lead there were plenty of other battles for points, including Alonso and the McLaren drivers:

Great race overall. The only disappointment was the one-sided fight for the top spot but other than that everything else was very close with some great drives and great battles throughout the field.

Also Perez and Grosjean finally showed their true potential which was a huge positive and Raikkonen really look like the real deal this season which is just great for the championship.

Vettel wins tend to be quite boring. If there had been a real battle for the lead it would’ve been way more interesting. However, watching Grosjean hunt down the field was very interesting, and i must give a lot of credit to Alonso, finishing in seventh despite two early pit stops and not using DRS is a fantastic performance.

A good race, lots of hard, aggressive and mostly fair wheel-to-wheel action all the way through the field. Great to see both Lotus cars on the podium, Hamilton with a hugely impressive performance, the brawling McLarens but bitterly disappointing to see Alonso suffer a failure and lose so many points today. The deficit is up to 30 points now.

However the main source of criticism for races this year remained a concern for several readers:

DRS was too strong, tyres were too weak, and a race-winning contender was taken out of the running my a mechanical fault pertaining to a stupid piece of wing regulation.

The DRS proved to be overpowered and the tyres didn’t survived to the conditions ultimately hindering the race. There was no fight for the lead, Red Bull and Vettel showed how good they are at Bahrain and that?s all fair but drama had a part on it. Ferrari had a glitch but they were looking at 2nd realistically. In the end a bit of a downer after qualifying.

And it’s caused at least one reader to scrap their race plans for this year:

Sad to say that I’m done with F1 after 37 years.

I no longer enjoy the racing, I loathe DRS to the point where I turned off last week and tuned out today.

The tyres are dumb. Listening to drivers been told not to race and to run only to a predetermined lap time isn’t racing and isn’t what I enjoy watching.

I had planned a trip to Spa but have now called off that trip. All this artificial stuff and gimmicks have seen F1 lose a long-time fan who’s brought tons of merchandise and attended a dozen races.

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