Heikki Kovalainen, Caterham, Bahrain, 2013

Caterham ‘should be beating Marussia’ – Kovalainen

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Heikki Kovalainen, Caterham, Bahrain, 2013In the round-up: Heikki Kovalainen says Caterham are capable of beating Marussia with their current car.


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‘Car quicker than Marussia’s’ (Sky)

“I could feel there was more we could use in this car and I felt that after driving the car we should be able to beat Marussia and now with the updates coming we should be in a position to beat them.”

Mark Webber must treat Sebastian Vettel as an enemy, says ex-champion (The Guardian)

Alan Jones: “Seb has proved he can’t be trusted, so from now on Mark must view him as just another enemy.”

Button realistic over McLaren situation (The Telegraph)

“Jenson Button?s verdict upon McLaren?s mounting predicament is at once honest and withering. ‘I?ve had a lot of experience dealing with midfield teams,’ he says, flatly. ‘I know what it feels like.'”

Paul Hembery answers your questions (Autosport, subscription required)

“If the tyres would ‘just work’ then what you would have would be processional racing. We’re just following instructions and what we had at the end of the season last year were a lot of races where we had no degradation ?ǣ then tyres were lasting the whole race and we had lots of people complaining that we had made racing boring again.”


Comment of the day

Are there just too many variables to juggle in getting DRS to work properly?

The effectiveness of DRS isn?t judged by zone length or detection/activation points but instead by tyres, downforce levels, gear ratios, gap between cars, wind direction, wind speed, How many cars are together and also how good an exit the cars got from the previous corner.

Due to all this I feel it will be impossible to ever reach a point where DRS works as it was intended (an assist and not purely an overtaking device) on a consistent basis.

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One-time F1 race starter Bob Said was born on this day in 1932. Said’s only F1 appearance was a brief affair. He started 13th on the grid for the first proper world championship United States Grand Prix at Sebring in 1959 in a Connaught C-Type, but went off at the first corner on lap one.