“Set-up error” caused Toro Rosso’s Bahrain slump

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Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, Bahrain International Circuit, 2013In the round-up: Toro Rosso’s lack of pace in the Bahrain Grand Prix is blamed on a mistake they made setting up the STR8.


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Sketches of Spain (Toro Rosso)

“We will be keen to make up for some missed points scoring opportunities at the first quartet of races, while also being relieved that Daniel Ricciardo’s very slow pace in Bahrain was quickly traced to a set-up error, rather than a design fault or failure with STR8.”

Food scares, the big four and F1: Justin King of Sainsbury’s on the retail race (The Guardian)

“King refuses to quash rumours that he is interested in the F1 job ?ǣ he only ever says that he is “not aware of a vacancy”. He is a huge racing fan and has helped his son Jordan to become one of the most promising drivers of his generation.”

A Thriller In Manila (Lotus)

“For the first time in history, Philippine Lotus F1 Junior Team driver Marlon Stockinger hit the streets of Manila to showcase Formula One in front of his home crowd.”

Mark Webber to quit F1 (Daily Star)

The Daily Star claims Mark Webber has already decided to quit F1. Since the last race he said he hasn’t made his mind up about his future yet. Exclusive insight or speculative guesswork? Share your view in the comments.

What happened to the Non-Championship Grand Prix racing calendar? (McLaren)

“We didn’t know it at the time, but we were witnessing the end of an era. Soon afterwards, non-championship Formula One races died away, it being felt by the powers-that-be that there was no real place for them. With the relentless expansion to all four corners of the globe of the world championship proper, it was decided that they had become an anachronism.”


Comment of the day

Should we be more prepared to take the rough with the smooth when it comes to racing?

The championships in “old F1” and something like the Premier League are still exciting. Just look at the Premier League?s 2011/2012 finale. Just look at how thrilling the championship in 2010 was, with Vettel somehow taking the title in the end, with a two-time champion stuck behind a Russian driving for the team that gave him the two championships he?s won.

It?s also processional racing, I believe, that makes great wins so great ?ǣ that makes grand chelems so great, that makes this year’s Champions League semi-final results so stunning.

It?s also the thing that made it possible for Spain 1981 to happen. But while that win was great, it was perhaps very boring, if amazing at the same time.

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Tommy Byrne, who turns 55 today, had a colourful career after failing to gain a foothold in F1 following five appearances for Theodore in 1982 and a test for McLaren. His 2008 semi-autobiography is an entertaining read: