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Start, 2013 Bahrain Grand Prix, Bahrain International Circuit,Finding videos shot by fans for most recent races is quite straightforward. Even events that have not previously enjoyed substantial crowds – like the Chinese Grand Prix – are gaining in popularity, meaning fan footage is easier to come by.

That’s not the case when it comes to the Bahrain Grand Prix. Two years on from the cancelled grand prix the turmoil in the country is evidenced by the imposition of something approaching martial law to ensure the pro-democracy protests don’t interfere with the running of the race.

This has an inevitable effect on attendance, which in the most optimistic projections of the race organisers only reached 28,000 on race day. On top of that the Bahrain government censors and restricts access to online and social media.

So it’s hardly surprising the collection of decent-quality footage from the last race is rather meagre. Here’s a small selection of videos shot at the race weekend.


A brief clip from practice.


Fernando Alonso briefly takes second place off Sebastian Vettel at the start of the race.


Lots of empty seats in this turn three grandstand as the race goes on.

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2013 Bahrain Grand Prix

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