Lewis Hamilton, Ron Dennis, McLaren, Interlagos, 2008

Hamilton: “No one controls me” after leaving McLaren

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Lewis Hamilton, Ron Dennis, McLaren, Interlagos, 2008In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton says no one “controls” him now he has left McLaren.


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Free at last: How Mercedes switch has left Lewis Hamilton relaxed and ready to win again (Daily Mirror)

Hamilton talks about how he feels free of the control exerted by his father and Ron Dennis, and refers to an incident three years ago where “in my personal life I was having someone saying things to me which was really affecting me… and unfortunately, it did affect me”.

Fernley: Gains hard to find (Sky)

“Apart from McLaren, who we know will come back and be as strong as always, for the rest of the teams there is not much left in these cars as they are today.”

Renault: no backing off for V6 switch (Autosport)

Renault Sport F1 deputy manging director Rob White: “We are very conscious that all the teams we currently supply expect us to be fully engaged and committed. I strongly believe that it needs to be business as usual on the race track in 2013.”

Bouris facing judgment, too (The Age)

“Some time in 2012, Delta Topco’s shareholding structure changed. The individual shareholders disappeared from the register and the company now has four times as many shares on issue, held in the names of a bewildering assortment of funds associated with CVC, JPMorgan, US vulture fund BlackRock, asset managers Waddell & Reed and insurer MassMutual.”

Vettel and Webber ‘will clash again’ (BBC)

John Watson: “I think the team have shown incredible weakness by not penalising their number one driver and they have now created a rod for their own back.”

Lewis Hamilton explains how an F1 steering wheel works (F1 Fanatic via YouTube)


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Sonia Luff has a particular reason to support Jack Harvey in GP3 this year:

I?m following Jack Harvey as he is a local boy for me. I don?t know him well personally but have met him at a friend’s house. He seems like a good lad and is really focused on his career.
Sonia Luff (@Sonia54)

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On this day in F1

Mike Spence lost his life on this day in 1968. He had taken over Jim Clark’s entry for the Indianapolis, Clark having lost his life earlier that year.

Spence was struck on the head by a wheel from his car after hitting the wall during practice at the speedway.

He had finished on the podium in Mexico three years earlier. Over the next two seasons Spence scored a series of fifth place finishes in a Reg Parnell-run Lotus and later for BRM at the wheel of their chronically unreliable H16-engined car.

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