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Penalty points system for drivers moves a step closer

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Start, Spa-Francorchamps, 2012The introduction of a penalty points system which could see drivers being excluded from races has moved a step closer.

Team principals have agreed on a structure for the points system according to Auto Motor und Sport. The plan received the support of seven of the eleven team principals and will now be considered for implementation by the FIA.

Under the plan drivers would receive penalty points for a range of misdemeanours. They continue to accrue them until they reach at least 12, at which time they receive a race ban.

The following misdemeanours would incur the following points penalties:

Infraction Points
Race ban 5
Exceeded the speed limit (at any time) by more than 20kph 3
Caused a dangerous collision 3
Ignored the black flag 3
Exceeded the speed limit (at any time) by 10-20kph 2
Caused a collision 2
Dangerously impeded another driver 2
Dangerously forced another driver off the track 2
Drove too quickly in a yellow or red flag situation 2
Ignored the blue flag 2
False start 2
Overtook the Safety Car 2
Exceeded the Safety Car delta time 2
Dangerous exit from a pit stop 2
Ignored the weigh station during qualifying 2
Missed the drivers’ briefing or arrived late 1
Exceeded the speed limit (at any time) by up to 10kph 1
Impeded another driver 1
Forced another driver off the track 1
Gained an advantage by leaving the track 1
Crossed the white line at the pit lane exit 1
Ignored the red light at the pit lane exit 1
Overtook another car under the Safety Car 1
Failed to maintain correct distance to the Safety Car 1

Existing penalties will remain in place so a driver who was given a grid drop for impeding a driver would also receive the corresponding penalty points.

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  • 146 comments on “Penalty points system for drivers moves a step closer”

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    1. The penalties that are a matter of opinion rather than fact,in other words those that involve collisions and impeding other drivers are matters for the race stewards ,including them in this points system could lead to unfair exclusions .At the start of many races a large part of the field may find itself looking down the barrel at the next race . Lets face it most accidents in F1 its only the car that goes to A&E thank goodness and in the end this may put a stop to drivers recklessly damaging others peoples property . In it’s next set of regs car following technology could be incorporated this would be a sure fire way of a driver hanging on to his super license.

    2. Pretended not to understand the difference between ‘Multi 21’ and ‘Multi 12’ – 13 points

    3. It will be raining raceban’s if they keep it up!

      1. @txizzle
        What makes you think that?

    4. What is the point of all this really? It’s not like the current penalty system is not working, or there have ben complaints regarding the current system. The introduction of the Driver/Steward has been a work in progress and it’s been getting better year on year. Also, under the stewardship of Todt, the FIA has become a lot less political. With no axe to grind, and no egos to be humbled, we do not see penalties based on politics anymore.

      Formula 1 does far to much navel gazing my opinion. Always trying to fix things that are already working. Maybe these things need a few tweaks, but not an overhual and introduction of a whole new system. Is this part of the trend to attract more of the playstaion generation, I ask? For whom penalties, crashes and things other than racing is part of the “thrills”? This is a clear case of “can’t see the wood for the trees”.

      What we want more of is real racing, not more penalties. Anything that stands in the way of that cannot be a good thing for the sport IMO.

    5. Expect grids of 20 or less cars.

    6. Although I like the idea in theory, I hate the idea of drivers getting penalty points for dangerous exit from a pit stops:

      It is entirely the pit stop crew’s – especially the lollipop man’s (now traffic light button man) – responsibility to release the car safely. A driver simply reacts to his team’s cue to leave.

      Therefore, if a car is released dangerously then it is nearly always going to be the team’s fault. The drivers should not be punished for this – the teams should!

      1. Yet the driver is part of the team and and the team is also punished when the driver is. I don’t entirely disagree with you, but the bottom line is if they don’t want to be penalized for a dangerous exit from a pit stop, then don’t release the driver prematurely.

        Or…maybe there should be a category for the teams to get some penalty points too…but then how does that work…ie. taking the reverse of the question why should a driver pay for a team mistake, how does a team get punished that doesn’t also punish the driver even if it is in an indirect way. I suppose a team fine wouldn’t hurt the driver’s WDC chances.

    7. You watch every driver very closely I bet they are guilty of a least one of the listed penalties in each race, so theoretically, we could have no cars on track for the 13th race of the season! lol. I joke of course, but wouldn’t it be great if the 13th race was on a tilkedrome… I don’t think anyone would even notice that there are no cars on track…

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