Perez: ‘More respect’ between him and Button now

2013 Spanish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, McLaren, Bahrain International Circuit, 2013Sergio Perez says he and Jenson Button will not fight each other as hard as they did in Bahrain in future.

Speaking in the press conference for the Spanish Grand Prix Perez said he and Button had apologised to the team for putting their finish at risk.

“We talk, Jenson and myself, firstly to apologise to the team because we were quite aggressive,” said Perez. “We were close to have an accident.”

“The chat was mainly to clear the air, to say everything what we thought between us, and to clear the relationship because at the moment especially we need to be together to come out of the position where we are.”

“We are not quick enough at the moment and we have to keep working very closely, Jenson and myself, and I think the chat we had, with Sam [Michael] and Martin [Whitmarsh], it helped to keep the relationship strong and to keep the team together, to et out of the difficult moment. It was mainly for that.”

Perez added the pair will not risk as much when fighting each other from now on to preserve their tyres as well as limiting the risk of a collision.

“I think we were far too aggressive to each other,” he said. “We lost time and I think that has to be a little bit difference with between us: don’t waste too much tyre, especially at this stage of the season where there tyre is so critical.”

“We are wasting too much tyre if we fight that hard so I think we have to be a bit more flexible in the fighting.”

“We are very thankful that we are in a team like McLaren that they let you fight team mates. So in that respect we have to respect each other a bit more,” he added.

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