Pastor Maldonado, Kimi Raikkonen, Barcelona, 2012

Vettel expects passing outside DRS zones in Spain

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Pastor Maldonado, Kimi Raikkonen, Barcelona, 2012The Circuit de Catalunya has had a reputation as a circuit where overtaking is difficult but Sebastian Vettel expects it to be easier this year.

As is the case at most circuits this year a second DRS zone has been added at the track. But Vettel believes the difficulty of managing tyre wear will also create more passing.

“For turn nine and ten I think it definitely helps,” said Vettel about the second DRS zone. “I think in the race it will be possible to overtake not only on the straights and not only on the two straights where we have DRS.”

“Especially when we, similar to last races, we struggle with tyres, etc…, I think we will find more than one or two places on the track to pass.”

However he added that when the tyres are at their best DRS alone might not be enough to make turn ten an overtaking opportunity:

“If you have DRS available there it can only help but surely if you look for one lap on fresh tyres it’s not going to be easy because turn nine is quite fast, so it’s difficult to follow as usual.”

The original DRS zone on the start/finish straight remains in the same configuration as last year. The second DRS zone begins at the exit of Campsa (turn nine) with the detection point shortly before the corner.

DRS zone for 2013 Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya

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