Bruno Senna, Williams, Mugello, 2012

Testing return voted down by teams

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Bruno Senna, Williams, Mugello, 2012In the round-up: Teams throw out a plan to bring back in-season testing.


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F1 teams vote against return of testing (James Allen on F1)

“Only the Ferrari-engined teams for 2014 supported the return of testing, the majority were against it, these did not include Toro Rosso but did include Marussia, which is expected to use the new Ferrari turbo engine.”

F1 practice tyre rules to get revamp (Autosport)

“Formula 1 teams will be handed an extra set of tyres for the first 30 minutes of practice from the start of next year – but plans to limit them only to rookie drivers have been dropped completely.”

Webber hoping to capitalise (Sky)

“I’m looking to have my Bahrain as the low-point of my year. Obviously China as well was a tough weekend that was going exceptionally well up until qualifying.”

Raikkonen on Allison: “We don?t know if it?s going to change anything…” (Adam Cooper’s F1 Blog)

“My decision will be purely on what I think is the best overall for me, and we?ll see what happens in the future. I have no idea what will happen and right now I don?t put much thought into it because we only have done four races. There?s a long season to go and there?s a long time until next year. So now we put effort for this race and this season.”

Massa: “This could be a good track for us” (Ferrari)

“The new tyre is a positive change, because the difference between the hard and the medium was that the hard this year was always slower but also wore out more than the medium. Now I think the hard should be a little bit quicker than before with slightly better wear than the medium.”

Mercedes: Meet the men driving the revolution at F1 team (BBC)

Toto Wolff: “Niki [Lauda] was called in when Daimler didn’t understand why the team was finishing 10th and 12th.”

Maldonado determined not to be a one-hit wonder (Reuters)

“If we won last year, why not this year again? We have all the tools to win again. That’s my opinion. The team is very strong.”

Paul di Resta Q&A: Fending off McLaren will be tough (F1)

“Maybe we could have done things differently – maybe with a more aggressive strategy. But if somebody had told me that I was in for a fourth place on our own merit – no crashes in front of you and no big dramas – then we?d have to take it.”

Tata data deal opens way to new F1 audiences (FT, registration required)

“Mercedes send information back to their Brackley and Brixworth factories in the UK three times faster than previously. That increased speed may give Mercedes fractional advantages over their rivals in a sport where the difference between success and failure can be measured in hundredths of a second.”

Silverstone receives lottery funding (ESPN)

“Silverstone has been allocated an initial ??446,068 of lottery funding ahead of a bid for ??9.1m from the Heritage Lottery Fund.”

F1 race declared ‘resounding success’ (Austin American-Statesman)

“Looking forward to the second F1 race next November, Travis County officials recommended adding pedestrian and bike lanes and widening some roads around the track. Prior to the race it was declared there were would be no walking to the circuit from the parking lots that sprang up on nearby ranches, but that was soon ignored, a pattern which has continued with other races at the circuit.”

The two careers of Gabriele Tarquini (MotorSport)

“In 1989, he replaced the injured Philippe Streiff at AGS, the team founded by latter day ‘Le Sorcier’ Henri Julien, racer/mechanic owner of ‘The Garage of the Future’ in Gonfaron, a French town/village in the Var region famous for breeding tortoises. You couldn?t make it up.”

Spanish Grand Prix Betting: Alonso a threat on home soil (Unibet)

My look ahead to this weekend’s race for Unibet.

MotorSportsTalk?s predictions: Spanish GP (NBC)

“Most to prove: McLaren. If they?ve going to have any chance of competing for the titles this year they?ve got to do what Ferrari did at this race last year: Halve the performance deficit to their rivals.”


Comment of the day

Is F1’s forthcoming penalty points system a symptom of a loss of respect between drivers?

Made me think of hockey here in North America and how it seems the goal nowadays it not just to take the man off the puck, but to take him out of his career.

I think part of the reason things have evolved this way comes from the huge dollars involved that have taken something away from the ??love of the sport? aspect of it, which is still present to a degree of course, and added much more of the business aspect of it to the point of winning at all cost… even integrity.

I think one of the glaring differences, and I?m not suggesting we can or should go back to this, is that back then, it was far more dangerous. And I can extend the hockey analogy here too. Back in the day they didn?t wear helmets, everyone had heavy wooden sticks with straight blades, wild slap shots above the waist were the exception, and many players had to have jobs to support themselves, so little was the pay for playing professional hockey. And there was a respect amongst the players and they weren?t out there to fire pucks at each others heads and try to concuss themselves out of their careers.

We all know how so much more dangerous car racing used to be – how many drivers have died in racing. And nowadays and for a while now the cars and tracks are so safe that the drivers feel invincible, just as hockey players now feel, with all that high-tech equipment they wear.

When money wasn?t the driving force, and when danger and risk of injury or death was much greater, there was much more respect amongst the players/racers.

The fix? Sadly I think it might just have to be more and harsher penalties, as ??toddler? like as that is. The money isn?t going away, and nobody would even think to suggest they go backwards and make sports dangerous again??unlearn what they have learned. Also sadly, I think some sports? governing bodies want to create an atmosphere of controversy because it grabs headlines. If they can get their sport not just onto the sportcasts, but onto the national news, all the better. It equates to money.

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On this day in F1

Mika Hakkinen got his championship campaign back on track with victory in the Spanish Grand Prix 15 years ago today.

It was a crushing one-two for McLaren with David Coulthard second and Michael Schumacher 47 seconds behind in third.

The race was also notable for this controversial clash between Giancarlo Fisichella and Eddie Irvine:

Image ?? Williams/LAT