Vettel won’t dictate choice of team mate – Horner

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2013In the round-up: Christian Horner says Sebastian Vettel will not decide who his team mate is in 2014.


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Exclusive Christian Horner Q&A: Tyres will decide 2013 title F1)

“Q: How much of a say will Sebastian have on any future team mate?
CH: He is going to do the best job for himself. And to say, ‘this one, yes’ and, ‘this one, no’ was never Sebastian?s style, to dictate, ‘I must have this or that’.”

Kimi Raikkonen cannot escape talk of him leaving Lotus for Red Bull (The Guardian)

“There’s a long season to go and there’s a long time until next year. I have no contract for next year. There is talk about this and that. In the end I will make the decision at the right time.”

Formula 1 in limbo over 2014 rules (Autosport)

“The situation is difficult although not completely desperate right now. But there are fears that it could become harder in the next few months, when there is likely to be a push to make rules tweaks to help the transition to the 2014 regulations as painless as possible.”

Jenson Button insists morale will not be allowed to drop at McLaren (The Independent)

“We’re very good at improving throughout a season, and if this weekend doesn’t go to plan, we’ll still keep pushing.”

Force India test interlinked suspension (F1 Technical)

“Force India have tested their own version of an interlinked suspension system to better control pitch and heave. The system was however removed after FP1 to continue with normal tyre testing and aerodynamic evaluations.”

Gutierrez quick to own up to early errors (Reuters)

“When you are at such a level of driving on the limit and taking everything to the limit, sometimes I tend to risk a bit and this comes up with some mistakes. It’s part of finding the right edge, where exactly to risk and where not to.”

Plenty to learn for Grosjean (Sky)

“It’s not easy to drive and you really have to take care of everything, which doesn’t make it easy. Normally higher temperature will avoid a little bit of graining and that should be a little bit better for the tyre.”


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Jack believe’s Pirelli’s tyre failures needs to be taken seriously:

I?m a fan of Pirelli, after all they?re just doing what the FIA ask. I think the issue of degrading tires and these structural failures should not be confused, I?m fine with the degradation, but the failures are worrying and dangerous, if the failure had happened earlier in the corner, Di Resta would have been thrown into the gravel at high speed. That isn?t good enough.
Jack (@Jmc200)

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