Massa and Gutierrez given penalties for blocking

2013 Spanish Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013Felipe Massa and Esteban Gutierrez have been moved back three places on the grid for the Spanish Grand Prix for holding up other drivers during qualifying.

Massa was found to have held Mark Webber up while Gutierrez was punished for getting in Kimi Raikkonen’s way during Q1.

Massa falls back from sixth to ninth while Gutierrez is moved back to 19th on the grid.

The Ferrari driver was unhappy with his penalty: “It was not my intention to get in his way and in all honesty, I can?t recall having affected his qualifying,” he said.

“When I saw him in the mirrors, I thought I?d get through the corner before letting him by, which was the only course of action at such a narrow point. On top of that, he was on worn tyres at the time and I don?t think he was doing a quick lap.”

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