David Coulthard, Red Bull, New Jersey, 2012

Ecclestone: F1 put money into New Jersey race

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David Coulthard, Red Bull, New Jersey, 2012In the round-up: Bernie Ecclestone says F1’s planned race in New Jersey should go ahead and that F1 has invested in it.


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F1 has invested in New Jersey race, says Ecclestone (Reuters)

“There’s no reason why it shouldn’t happen. We’ve put money behind it to pay a lot of the things off, a lot of their debts. So I’m hoping now we are going to get it together.”

Ecclestone calls time on F1 feud with Daimler (The Telegraph)

“Bernie Ecclestone has put the brakes on a long-running feud with German car manufacturer Daimler by giving its chief financial officer a seat on the board of Formula One.”

German banker pulls appeal in F1 bribe case (Bloomberg Businessweek)

“A German court says a banker has withdrawn his appeal against his conviction last year for taking an illegal payment worth $44 million [??28.66m] in connection with the sale of his bank’s stake in the Formula One racing series.”

Martin Whitmarsh stays at McLaren despite more F1 pain in Spain (The Guardian)

“I don’t believe it’s is being considered at board level at the moment. I believe in the team, I believe we’re going to power through this, so I’m not considering anything other than getting this team back to where it belongs.”

McLaren are a hell of a long way off, says Jenson Button (BBC)

“Everyone is improving so you need to make a bigger step than them and I don’t think we’ve done that.”

Lotus E21 – ‘FRIC’ suspension system (F1)

“Hidden inside the E21’s left sidepod is the hydraulic actuator (lower arrow) that controls the car’s much-talked-about ‘FRIC’ (Front and Rear Inter-Connected) suspension system, which is understood to link the front and rear suspension hydraulically and can be adjusted in a similar way to the brake fluid.”

Montezemolo?s flying visit to Montmelo (Ferrari)

“I can only repeat what I have maintained for so long: this sport must remain a true laboratory of cutting edge technology and advanced research and must serve as a training ground for our engineers. I think there will be some interesting changes in the near future and I will do my utmost to ensure we go in that direction.”

Paul Di Resta: “We should be in the fight at some point” (Force India)

“We raced [Mercedes] at the last Grand Prix and they were on the front row, and we beat them by a comfortable margin. That might be more difficult here. I think you?ve got to be very open, it can change so much.”

2013 Spanish Grand Prix – Post-Qualifying Press Conference (FIA)

“I haven?t had the best of weekends up until now. Obviously this is still great for us today, to be one and two on the grid but I?ve just been struggling all weekend generally. Even my long runs have been pretty poor but on one lap pace, the car doesn?t seem to be too bad but I?ve just been a little bit lost generally, not really knowing what things to change and which direction to go, so I kind of didn?t really make many changes into P3 and into qualifying, I just left the car the same.”


Comment of the day

Two drivers got penalties for impeding, one didn’t:

Penalties should be applied when it has a direct affect on the results. Of course Gutierrez and Massa were in the wrong and it does act as a deterrent for other drivers but its not liked their actions had any affect on the results.

What?s even funnier is that Maldonado was told to get out of the way by his team and failed to do so yet he somehow got away with it. What?s the difference between Maldonado blocking Button and the Gutierrez/Massa incidents?

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On this day in F1

Stefano Modena, who turns 50 today, was the last driver to score a podium finish for Brabham with third place at Monaco in 1989. He was also the penultimate driver to claim a podium for another once-great team that collapsed in the nineties – Tyrrell – with second in Canada two years later.

The following year marked his final F1 campaign with Jordan, but his only points score in a season plagued with unreliability came at his last race.

Here he is having a dramatic high-speed crash at Silverstone’s Stowe corner while driving for Brabham in 1990:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty