Hamilton doesn’t want another race like that

2013 Spanish Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2013Lewis Hamilton said he doesn’t want to go through another race like he had today.

The Mercedes driver finished 12th after starting on the front row of the grid for the Spanish Grand Prix.

“It was an experience that I don’t really want to go through again,” he said after the race. ” But that’s motor racing.”

Hamilton said he was unable to make his tyres last: “I was doing absolutely everything the same that I did in Bahrain but the tyres just didn’t come in, they didn’t give me good grip,” he said. “I wasn’t able to push and if I did the tyres went off immediately. Absolutely lost today, I don’t know what went on.”

“It seems like others have made a bigger step forward this weekend than we did,” he added. “If anything we didn’t make a step forward.”

“Although we brought upgrades they didn’t really fix the problems that we have with the degradation. Nico proved that the car wasn’t that as bad but for some reason mine just went backwards.”

2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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Image ?? Mercedes/Hoch Zwei

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63 comments on Hamilton doesn’t want another race like that

  1. Eggry (@eggry) said on 12th May 2013, 16:25

    I feel sorry for you, Hamilton.

  2. Fer no.65 (@fer-no65) said on 12th May 2013, 16:26

    Mercedes is the new Toyota.

    At least it’s fun to watch… they are so predictable !

    I wonder… I mean, they got front row lock up and they finish 6 and 12. Maaaybe the way they are doing things isn’t the correct way to go. I mean, there must be a qualy setup and a race setup somewhere, like being fast on one lap or slightly better in the race. Are they trying to get the headlines? because you can have such a difference one day to the other.

    It was so weird watching Rosberg suddenly get nowhere from the car right after pitting for new tyres…

    • tifosimac said on 13th May 2013, 12:02

      Haha so true, Mercedes is the new Toyota, will we now see a Hamilton-train in Monaco too?

      If Merc’s woes continue I can see them pulling the plug on their F1 program just like Toyota did!

  3. fjv said on 12th May 2013, 16:52

    Next year turbo engines will eat more tires than the cars do today, so either the cars learn to eat less tires maintaining speed or the tires improve to meet more aggressive performance, surely a compromise will have to be found this year, but yes the tires are deciding the pace, the driving style, the strategy, and everything else, you can have a great car only if you meet the tires requirements, and that must annoy all the departments in all teams, as everything has now to be decided around the tire strategy. To be honest, even the teams that seem to have the best handle on the tires do not seem to dominate the race, one car always seem to be better than the other by a lot, I guess they will go down this way all season in preparations for next year engine change

  4. nidzovski (@nidzovski) said on 12th May 2013, 17:13

    It was Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde all over again for Mercedes F1. I know that the main characteristics of AMG cars is chewing out the rear tires but this is just ridicules. And to see how Ferrari is doing the totally opposite of Mercedes is even more painfully.

  5. krtekf1 (@krtekf1) said on 12th May 2013, 21:36

    Its very obvious that something is seriously wrong with this team. They are fighting with huge tyre degradation for 4th season in row!? With so many millions of dollars, hundreds of engineers, I cannot understand, how they dont resolve this problem? Its really strange to finnish countinously on top in qualification and then fight hard for just few points in the race…
    And another thing: Nico really proves this year that its just the car that prevents him from great results. The standings in championship does not show the right picture. He clearly outperformed Hamilton this weekend! Lewis looked today just like MSC in previous years, but back then everyone was talking that MSC is just too old and slow for modern F1 and so on… Now we can see, that the problem is just in a car, not in the drivers!

    • Wooolfy said on 13th May 2013, 0:09

      Which is ‘progress’, meaning, we now know that it’s the car not the drivers. I believe the problem is ultimately the lack of cooling of the wheel hubs. The heat generated in braking is not dissipated adequately and eventually heats the tyres degrading the performance. Either provide more cooling or create more isolation of heat between brakes discs to wheel.

  6. Spawinte (@spawinte) said on 12th May 2013, 23:54

    Get used to it Lewis. Pole man was 68 seconds down and Lewis was a lap down. You don’t fix that in a few races. Championship will be Vettel / Alonso / Raik

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