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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix.

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2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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  1. 7. Good race, almost ruined by constant moaning about the tyres.

    1. “almost ruined by constant moaning about the tyres.”
      +1 on that. It used to be fuel strategy when refueling was allowed. Not it is tyre strategy. Get used to it – to Sky/Brundle.

      1. Today was the first time they’ve really moaned about the tyre situation in commentary and I suspect they were told to do so by Sky because they think the fans want their opinions echoed back from the TV.

        1. No, you guys aren’t seeing other coverage. The US coverage team did nothing but gripe about the tires as well. The tires ARE the race right now, and I didn’t tune in to watch the “Pirelli Cup”. I thought I was watching the Spanish Grand Prix and I am sick of this nursing-home racing.

          1. James Allen (@jamesallen1705)
            13th May 2013, 9:04

            Agree with all the above, I have been watching the BBC coverage, was the same thing, I think every other message, conserve front left/ keep your rears in the window/manage tyres. Couple that with DRS and there was a lot of overtaking but very little racing.

      2. jimscreechy (@)
        12th May 2013, 15:02

        You’re missing the point. It isnt an issue of strategy. fuelling strategy didn’t force the drivers to plod around the track a like they were driving miss daisy. This isnt racing this is an exercise in tyre conservation. The drivers are not really racing each other, they are trying to get from start to finish as fast as possible with the least amount of pits stops.

        1. This isnt racing this is an exercise in tyre conservation. The drivers are not really racing each other, they are trying to get from start to finish as fast as possible with the least amount of pits stops.

          Very well said and captures the issue excellently!

          1. Actually, this isn’t all true. They ARE trying to get from start to finish in the lest time. The number of pit stops is secondary, although an important contributing factor.

          2. @kbdavies “This isnt racing this is an exercise in tyre conservation”
            Yeah I suppose that was what Hamilton was thinking while Alonso overtook him.

          3. kbdavies (@kbdavies) said on 12th May 2013, 15:10
            This isnt racing this is an exercise in tyre conservation. The drivers are not really racing each other, they are trying to get from start to finish as fast as possible with the least amount of pits stops.

            Very well said and captures the issue excellently!


            Solution to that it is really esay, Prepare your cars the way Lotus did year and stop moaning.

      3. @f1lauri
        how can you not differentiate between ‘tyre strategy is important in f1’ and ‘tyre strategy is everything f1 is all about’ ? this is too much.

      4. jimscreechy (@)
        12th May 2013, 15:05

        Also, you saying sky/Brundle should get used to it and stop moaing, but every radio transmission was a tyre related conversation, should the drivers stop moaning too?

        1. yes, you didnt hear alonso moaning. its not like they are “plodding around” as one comment above says, they are still going bloody fast, just to a different limit, the best drivers will learn that limit and not moan.

          1. jimscreechy (@)
            12th May 2013, 15:45

            The best drivers can’t do that because it is fundementally dependant on the car how much the tyres wear and perform. The mercedes is the fastest car and probably the worst on it’s tyres, there is only so much the drivers can do. Christian horner was asked, “What was the race about today?” His response “Tyres tyres and more tyres”.

          2. Vic (@hendrix666)
            13th May 2013, 0:57

            We dont get every transmission, its possible Alonso could have been moaning. Maybe in Italian. One thing this tyre situation has done is opened up some really great opinions and differing viewpoint. I enjoy reading everyone’s comments. Me, I like having an unpredictable race for the most part, but would rather it be thru other means. I would kind of like to see the cars look like Clark’s era again. Racing seemed pretty good then! I think they have to really do some major car specification changes to get back to “may the fastest car win”. The tyres definitely spice up the show, but it becomes a chess game instead of a 100 yd dash.

      5. Sadly I have to agree that Brundle (and Crofty) constantly complaining about that was the worst part of the race.

        1. No. It was difficult to see cars plod around the track like a warm up lap ! I don’t know about you , but I wan’t F1 to be fast . Otherwise I would watch chess If I wanted strategy alone .

          1. 2005 was tyres that needed managing but also driven very fast. But you had to make sure you didnt flat spot them. If you really misused them they would be gone for the last 10 laps. Remember monaco, imola and suzuka!

            The racing was fantastic wheel to wheel, to the last lap action.

            Bring back 1 set per race and refuelling. It worked it was the best season in years compared to what went before it.

      6. That’s why I gave a 6. Too much “tyreness”! Some stuff I don’t quite understand. For instance why did Gutierrez pit when he was doing the same lap times of the front-runners and was leading the race?

      7. 4 stops? C’mon. Let this people race, I sick and tired of those tyres. It’s killing the sport. People attack for 3-4 laps and then pit asks then to look after the tyres… I doubt that’s what FIA expected.

      8. There is no strategy to these tyres. It’s about lucking in on the window. Vettel dominant last race. And this race 40 seconds behind Alonso and way behind Massa. Even if Alonso wouldnt struggled at Bahrain Vettel would at least have been fighting him. Doubt Ferrari brought 40 seconds worth of upgrades to the car

    2. I think I’m done with this kind of racing saving tires and no racing. I say give the teams double the current allotment of tires and let them race. The strategy will be go hard all out or save tires and therefore the need to pit.

      1. @rocky but then the pit crew will get a backache every race …if all cars go flat out , there will be like 6 pit stops or even 7 ( merc ) …so scrap the tyres is the only solution .

    3. @alehud42 There is a disconnect you seem to be having, when drivers are told to back off and slow around the track to save tires, just to set up a strategy and hopefully chance into a spot based on the stars aligning it isn’t moaning. If you like watching tires be used to the nth degree, maybe you should see if Pirelli will sell you tickets to their testing sessions or live stream to you.

      The issue as said by @jimscreechy is this is not a race but more of a demo, of how the tires perform. Teams and drivers have been going back and forth about tires all race long. Hell rosberg had to save his tires from lap 2 onward and was one of those drivers to luck into 6th. It isn’t moaning, and how quickly you forget about the fact that Pirelli actually have issues noted as several tire failures, so yes tires are an issue and better be addressed.

      1. Your rant is right on. It is not a race but a tire technology testing session. Very, very sad.

    4. 4. Potential for good race ruined by tyres made from swiss cheese. The tyres have been one the edge of too much since pirelli entered the sport but this is just too much. Having drivers come on the radio to say its ‘not possible for them to drive any slower’? that’s just not ‘f1’. And even if it is now considered ‘f1’ then it’s certainly not the kind of racing i’m interested in and if it isn’t fixed i’ll be voting with my feet and watching / subscribing/ travelling to another race series where driver actually race each other and car with the fastest ultimate pace wins rather than one that is easier on its tyres for reasons the designers dont even understand.

      If mercedes and redbull dont know why they have such problems with eating tyres do you really think that lotus and ferrari have any real understanding of why they have such few? no they’re just on the lucky side of the fence.

      Make 2 pitstops mandatory and ask pirelli to make tyres with the durability of the bridgestones.

    5. “Constant moaning about the tyres” you mean like front row starter Hamilton ” I can’t drive any slower”, yes it’s pitiful, F1 has always been about driving slowly, if Hamilton can’t learn how to drive slowly he should retire and make way for someone who can.

      I know all you Nando and Kimi fans have had a disappointing couple of years, I am also happy to see RBR of the podium but not at the cost of real racing.

  2. Traverse (@)
    12th May 2013, 14:46

    Fantastic race! 10/10. A great performance from the Mercedes, they’ve made genuine progress this season. I also loved it when McLaren gave Perez a coded team order to stay put and not overtake Button…Loved it!
    Note: Today is opposite day ;)

    1. You almost gave me a heart attack :)

    2. Nick.UK (@)
      12th May 2013, 15:15

      I’m surprised everyone is being so negative about the race. I thought it was around a 7. Yes there was a lot of problems with tyres and the latter half was a bit dull; but that first 30 laps were excellent. Watching the Mercedes hold out in front, the epic performance by Massa and Alonso. There were some great overtaking moves. The contrasting strategies helped build the tension for me. Yes I would like to see it being over a 2 or 3 stop rather than a 3 or 4 stop, but it still played out nicely, plus Vettel didn’t have too great a result which is good for the standings.

      7/10 from me.

      1. Magnificent Geoffrey (@magnificent-geoffrey)
        12th May 2013, 15:36


        I’m surprised everyone is being so negative about the race. I thought it was around a 7. Yes there was a lot of problems with tyres and the latter half was a bit dull; but that first 30 laps were excellent. Watching the Mercedes hold out in front, the epic performance by Massa and Alonso. There were some great overtaking moves. The contrasting strategies helped build the tension for me. Yes I would like to see it being over a 2 or 3 stop rather than a 3 or 4 stop, but it still played out nicely, plus Vettel didn’t have too great a result which is good for the standings.

        7/10 from me.

        I wholeheartedly agree with this comment.

        1. Have you seen the first GP2 race on Saturday? If you’ve seen it you wouldn’t be so sure about your 7/10. That was a race on the edge!

      2. Yes, it was interesting, but no, it was not exciting. Really what is the difference between F1 cars circulating to an easily achieved target time calculated to minimise tyre wear and your local car clubs weekend time trial, 250kmh in a F1 car or 100kmh in the family hack is a very similar challenge, the big difference is you can actually be involved rather than be a spectator, I know my preference.

    3. You’re just upset Vettel did not even get o the podium :-P

      1. @bascb

        You just touch the right Button I think ..:)

      2. Traverse (@)
        12th May 2013, 16:30

        Vettel!? Pfft, I couldn’t care less where The Vet finished. He’s rude, untalented and doesn’t deserve his 3 WDC’s, I hope he retires ASAP!

        Note: It’s still opposite day :P

        1. you forgot to mention that he only wins because of having the Ab-So-Lute-Ly fastest car of the field for at least 3 years now @traverse, it practically drives itself to the win ;-)

    4. I was shocked to see a 10/10 for this nonsense . Then As I read I LOLed. Guess Mclaren can’t say we ” don’t follow team orders” anymore . Sad , I actually liked them only for that . Now , even that is screwed because of their “NO 1” driver

    5. “Save tyres” is hardly a coded team order. Do you have any factual information on this or is your statement just guesswork?

    6. LOL.
      I want a set of those tyres to put on my daily driver.

  3. 5. Good race up until some cars magically got the pace.

    There’s something wrong with F1 at the moment…

    1. Hail Hail Mercedes for making it such a fun afternoon to watch. Impressive how wrong it can go…

    2. @fer-no65

      There’s something wrong with F1 at the moment

      Ferrari is winning ?

      1. No the Tires. and a Team was getting Poles and Locking front row was no where to see in sundays

      2. Yeah that too. ;)

    3. “There’s something wrong with F1 at the moment…”
      Yeah, and it is called “Emperor Ecclestone” and his minion, “Darth Pirellius”… lol
      Don’t get me wrong, I love Pirelli as a road tire, but they are giving themselves a bad name with all the current tire issues in F1.
      For me, not only is the “racing” boring, but it is becoming a matter of safety. What would have happened if Grosjean’s tire blew up going into the first corner or if he was on a straight with another car on either side of him?
      I am telling you that if this doesn’t change soon there will be a driver that gets injured because he decides to push the tires too far out frustration.
      I really want to say that I am sick of this and that I will quit watching, but the truth is that no matter how boring it is I will keep watching and so will millions of others. The decision makers of F1 don’t care if we complain and moan because they know we will keep watching anyway. And that to me is the really sad part. They have us addicted and staying up all hours of the night watching this so called “racing”

      1. @irejag

        What would have happened if Grosjean’s tire blew up going into the first corner

        Grosjean didn’t have a tyre failure, he had a suspension failure.

        1. Oh, then which driver am I thinking of then? I know there was one whose tire blew…

          1. @irejag JEV I believe – his delaminated, or VDG – his came off!

  4. My initial reaction to that race was that was a borefest, very little action up front where it matters. 4

    1. My vote of 7 purely came from Alonso’s pass on both Hamilton & Raikkonen at turn 3. And also for Ricciardo holding off a charging Guiterrez to score a point.

  5. Nice race, lots of action in the beginning, a bit boring in the end. So, a 7 it is. Really like Alonso winning his home grand prix. Remarkeble how much race speed Mercedes is missing…

  6. today i felt hos Alo fans feel when Seb wins a race by miles :D

    But there have been other races where Alo has won which have been exciting. This was so booooooring. Tyres tyres tyres.
    A good drive by Massa though.

  7. That was a pretty awful race I thought: good for the championship battle I suppose but when a three time world champion is told “not to go racing” and when drivers have to legitimately make 5 stops, the tyre influence has gone too far. 2.

    1. Indeed. A three time world champion told not to race, the pole sitter questioning wether he should race, and another world champion saying “I can’t drive any slower”. Not good. Oh, and team orders at McLaren too to top it off

      1. @jleigh that was the first race in a long time (possibly even since Germany 2010) that I actually considered turning off. I am not one of those people either who says that half-heartedly for the sake of emphasising distaste: I just genuinely was not excited by that race at all after the first 3 turns.

        1. @vettel1 I agree, that was the first race I can remember since I was an easily distracted child that I was waiting for it to end.

          1. I’ve got to say even a Bridgetone race might have been better than that: at least then drivers wouldn’t be saying on the radio “I can’t go any slower”!

    2. I’ve just looked at the ratings and 9% of people have voted this a 9 or a 10: I’m sorry but either they are so clouded with the Ferrari love affair that they see a race win as a godsend or they weren’t watching the same race as everybody else!

      1. @vettel1: That always happens, whether Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Raikkonen or Button or whoever else wins a race, for that matter.

        Not everyone is rating these races objectively. It has nothing to do with Ferrari in particular. You’re just reading too much into it.

      2. turbotoaster (@)
        12th May 2013, 16:28

        That’s rich coming from the Vettel fan

        1. @turbotoaster that doesn’t blind me though: I’ve not rated any races so far this season a 10 and if I recall correctly I gave China a 7, despite it being a pretty dominant show up front, because I thought the racing was still okay and I enjoyed watching it. I didn’t enjoy this one at all.

      3. @vettel1

        That’s an unfair accusation. Firstly: I voted it 7/10. And to me it really was a race worthy of a 7.

        It was a good drive by the Ferrari guys 5th to 1st and 9th to 3rd. The opening stint of the race was brilliant in my book. You are perhaps mad because your man got stuck behind Rosberg and was thus unable to break free from Alonso’s grasp. Meanwhile Alonso made short work of Rosberg. I’m certain had Vettel won this race you would have at least voted this a 8.

        1. @snakalp a 7 isn’t a 10 though is it? I can understand a 7, an 8 at a stretch, but a 10? Really, what did this race do to justify a perfect score? The only race I have voted a 10 in the last two years was the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix because that was the greatest race I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live. This really wasn’t, even if I view it from every perspective.

          I get it always happens @tony031r but this was particularly bad.

          1. *@sankalp88 rather. Basically though, I really don’t see how this could be rated – by any stretch of the imagination – the perfect race. For me it was easily the worst of the season: I can see how that could be disagreed with quite easily, but I shall emphasise further people (a fair amount) thought this race was perfect?

            Again though, I get it’s not unique to this race – I just found it particularly surprising on this occasion.

      4. @vettel1 looks like some drivers have accounts in f1fanatic ! Or maybe some teams :P. Just need to find ’em. I find 7/10 itself a bit overrated.

        1. @hamilfan perhaps about 40 or so of the Ferrari team have accounts ;)

          I feel 7/10 is overrated also but at least I think that could at a stretch be justified. I challenge anyone to have a stab at justifying rating it a 10 out of 10 – I could use a laugh…

      5. I’m a Ferrari fan and rated it one. This was not a race as much as a Pirelli testing session. When drivers are being told not to race but stick to a delta time I get mad. All the drivers were basically driving with one hand on the wheel picking their noses. THIS IS NOT RACING!!!

      6. @vettel1, they must all be celebrating “opposite day”

    3. Ben (@scuderia29)
      12th May 2013, 19:21

      if vettel had won you would have thought it was a great race, lets be honest.
      Germany 2010 just happened to be another race where vettel was beaten by both ferrari’s, if anyones voting based on where their favourite drivers finished its surely you.

      1. @scuderia29

        Germany 2010 just happened to be another race where vettel was beaten by both ferrari’s

        You make me laugh. Team orders deciding the outcome had nothing to do with the low ratings of that race then?

        1. Ben (@scuderia29)
          12th May 2013, 19:47

          im making a entirely different point to max jacobson

          1. @scuderia29 which also happens to be an entirely wrong one. @david-a was correct in what he said: that was the reason I disliked that race. @dasman +1

    4. when a three time world champion is told “not to go racing”

      I have seen two world champions pushing their cars pretty well this race
      I don’t know where were the people supporting this “tyres moaning campaign” when we saw in last couple of years the exhausts ruined racing with the Red Bull drivers setting untouchable times in qualifying and returning to the pits knowing that no other driver could even bother them, is that called good racing ????

      1. @tifoso198 I would rather have one dominant team over this. At least that way the other teams are forced to actually upgrade their cars to try and beat them and it is a lot more exciting when someone finally does beat them. A lot more exciting then what we are seeing now.

      2. @tifoso1989 Red BUll have never really been “dominant” in the sense of Ferrari in the early 2000’s or Williams in the 90’s though: even in 2011, the racing was still generally pretty good even though Vettel often won by more than 10 seconds. I’d say that was better than it is now anyway: at least then they could still race somewhat.

        The two world champions you’re referring to weren’t really pushing either.

        @hohum +1!

    5. I don’t see the problems with Vettel not putting up a fight with Kimi. It was the smart thing to do. It’s not like you can keep someone behind you with DRS. You also want to avoid a potential retirement through both cars coming together. Last year this was a really weak circuit for Red Bull last year and a really strong one for Ferrari and Lotus. Red Bull had the third best car today (like they have had all season). They got the maximum they could. It was a great result.

      1. No it was the clever thing to do in the circumstances anon, but the circumstances were wrong! That was a soft place to give up – Martin Brundle said it himself: “how often do we see Vettel giving places like that?”. That’s what was wrong about it: Vettel simply couldn’t fight, for fear of killing the tyres. That’s the same reason I don’t like mega-powerful DRS (although interestingly Circuit de Catalunya is one of the few tracks in which I think it has a place, along with the Hungaroring and possibly Suzuka).

  8. 4. Worst race of the season. Don’t know if we’ve been spoiled so far this season or what but that was not such an enjoyable race.

    1. Mr win or lose
      12th May 2013, 23:16

      It was a GREAT race! There was very little artificial overtaking, the tyre strategies were great, there were some botched pitstops and in the end there was a great winner. I don’t understand why everyone’s complaining.

      1. It was obviously still Opposite Day when you posted that @mr win or lose…

  9. 6/10, interesting… I was going to say race, but there was only a bit of that. It was an interesting spectacle lets say. I enjoyed watching it for what it was, but probably the worst ‘race’ of the season so far. Still good to watch.

    1. I agree with your review. It was interesting more so for the overall championship and also for the fact that there were genuine improvements for some teams (Toro Rosso for example, not to mention Ferrari) and it’ll be really interesting when we head to Monaco. If Mercedes nail their awesome quali pace in Monaco and hold the field up for the entire race it might make things interesting.

  10. 6/10. Not a great race by any means, but better than previous Spanish Grands Prix 5+ years ago.

  11. 6/10. Nothing special, I’d say. Some good racing, but overall not too much excitement.

  12. Tyres… ’nuff said.

    1. ruth517 (@spanishconnection)
      12th May 2013, 15:28

      Whatever happened to drivers going flat out and actually racing!!

    2. Really enjoyed watching the tyres today, fantastic stuff, the more close ups on tyre-graining the better. A bit of marbling, the excitement of imagining that tyre-wear telemetry data being processed by the teams. Just awesome. Looking forward to the day, in fact, when we can have tyre-of-the-race, points for which tyre performed best, and even see tyres on the podium instead of those tedious drivers!

      I’m going to be really honest here: I’ve stopped watching Formula 1 with any real interest. Just a bit of qualifying and the start, then I’ll tune in later to see the result or look on the internet. The whole thing with DRS and tyre wear just seems entirely fake.

      1. Good joke man, but the problem here is not so simple. The problem is that F! is a competition of teams and drivers. Some teams did a very good job preparing their cars for this season (Lotus in example) and others did not (Mercedes / McLaren) so their cars just destroy more tyres than fire. And some drivers know how to drive as best as possible in these kind of situation (temperature / distance / curves) for example Nico and others does not (Hamilton).

        How you explain the differences between the 2 Mercedes? Easy, the driver. And between Lotus and McLaren? Easy the team (car).

        1. There’s something fundamentally wrong when Hamilton, probably the fastest driver in Formula 1, in a fast car, is being forced to drive slowly. Of course we could have a competition where everyone drives around on eggs with tyres made from cheese to see who ‘nurses’ their tyres best. Me, I prefer seeing who drives fastest and full-stop.

          DRS is also a fake addition for drivers who can’t overtake despite being faster on track. It adds ‘show’, like the frequent tyre stops, but I feel overtaking has been cheapened, dumbed-down, and lost its excitement.

  13. 6 in total.

    The first half would get an 8 but the second half was no better than 4.

  14. Something is going wrong with F1. The tyres are wearing out too much, DRS is destroying too many battles and big teams are out of the contest. I admire what Alonso and Raikkonen did today but the race was dreadful. In the opening laps with 6 cars trailing behind Rosberg we didn’t see a single overtaking manoeuvre. And that’s as bad as anything.

    1. Alex (@smallvizier)
      12th May 2013, 14:55

      I agree that the race was a bit boring, but what you’re remembering isn’t what I saw on my screen.

      I saw the opening laps with Rosberg heading the field, and then Vettel made a great move to get past him. Alonso took two cars in one corner. Those weren’t the only moves from those two, either. The best drivers find a way.

      1. I was talking for the firs 3-4 laps when the DRS wasn’t enabled

        1. Where you even watching the race? The vettel/ alonso overtakes Alex mentioned where in the first lap

  15. Great race for Fernando.
    But when someone has to use 5 sets of tires from 6 of possible i’d say this is pure crap.
    20 laps into race and it was impossible to say what was happening – 30 laps into race and everything was clear and fixed. Unless someones tyre delaminates because of “debris”.

    1. @nmsi thank you for saying it I’m tired of the “debris” excuse from the Italian company…I mean what delusions do they need to put up? Are they that afraid of losing the contract with F1, that they can’t admit the tires failed outright?

  16. 2. Terrible. The drivers are going about 60% if that. Only thing that could’ve made it worse was if 283 DRS ‘overtakes’ occurred.

    1. worst exageration i have ever heard. they are all driving very very fast, more like 95%, and they all have it the same way, so it is still a race! this was much better to watch then the boring barcelona races that have occured over the years.

      1. Someone with some sense!!!

  17. 1/10.

    As they discussed on the sky broadcast today there’s far too much tyre management, drivers been told not to race, always running to a lap time, been told to slow down, 4-5 pit stops, Delaminations… Its getting ridiculous.

    Many occasions where DRS again made things too easy.

    I hate F1 as it is now :(

    1. I actually don’t think you’ve exaggerated it, that’s the thing. The only proper racing throughout was with Di Resta and Rosberg, and that didn’t even amount to anything.

  18. Only Alonso truly shone. Otherwise a terrible example of where F1 should NOT be.


    1. @psynrg Alonso shone at the beginning. True that. Then he had to keep tyres like everybody else. The little advantage could be the “clean air” for being first.
      Tyres are a disaster

  19. I thought it was a great race to have on in the background while I made a delicious breakfast. F1 is doing a tremendous job in filling the “Top Gear re-runs” gap in my weekend schedule. 2

  20. I’ve been around long enough to know that you get races that are processional, and I’ve been around even longer to remember when every race was processional… You get good races and bad races, its still a sport, thank god…

    1. I feel very much the same. Not a great race, but certainly not all bad with some really nice passes we did get to see.

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