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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix.

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2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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291 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Spanish Grand Prix”

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  1. Decent opening stint. Good strategic fight. A solid 7/10

    1. Finally someone with a simple, yet accurate opinion! +1

  2. Tire Tire Tire …… What a bore …. Holy cow if Pirelli had not changed the tire specs to the harder compound for medium. It could have been a disaster . something must be fixed soon.

    1. Good point. Pirelli dodged a bullet by changing the tyre allocation and supposedly making the hard tyre more durable yet still the tyres were farcical this race in my opinion.

      1. Except the hard tyres weren’t any more durable.

  3. This race was farcical. Yet another tyre delamination demonstrating that Pirelli need to rework their rear tyre construction at the very least. Rediculous levels of degradation meaning that drivers don’t push for the vast majority of the race and an inverse correlation between qualy pace and race pace for most teams. Hamilton will probably put this down as one of his worst races as he was clearly plagued by horrible degradation and an inherent lack of pace. Reminded me of some of Button’s tyre woes last year at Mclaren.

  4. Well it wasn’t a great race 7/10 for me.

  5. Great race from Alonso and Massa.
    But a bit boring. Gave it a 5.

  6. Terrible race. Saving tyres from lap 3, another delamination, no real racing, tyres, tyres, tyres.
    Fell asleep, and stopped watching half way through. Congrats to Ferrari though.

    On a different note, Mercedes should sack whoever came up with their latest upgrades. It achieved excatly the opposite of what it was meant to do – increase race pace, and lessen quali pace.

  7. dull,dull, dull
    When the pole position car loses a second a lap during the race there’s something wrong with the formula.
    Too much fiddling with rules and not enough genuine racing

    1. Agreed, the tyres need sorting out, but that’s got absolutely nothing to do with the pole sitter losing a second per lap and everything to do with Mercedes car setup.

      1. Yes but ‘formula’ implies several ingredients needed to make the perfect combination, right now it’s all about one ingredient.
        I can’t imagine how the Pirelli marketing department can get any benefit out of tjeir involvement in F1, ‘We make tyres that last 25 miles’ .

  8. First part of the race was good when it looked like there were a few drivers fighting for the top spots, but as soon as Alonso got out front it was a foregone conclusion.
    Boring couple of hours. Bring on Monaco where at least there’s some tension to the processions with the walls waiting to bite.

  9. 6, I watched the start, predicted what will happen at the end, ate lunch, came back for last 15 laps and watched my predictions from the start coming true. Not necessarily exciting.

    Btw. there was so fuss about how tires get revamped to suit Red Bull’s demands. Red Bull now are neither the fastest in qualy nor the fastest in race trim.

    1. *so much fuss

    2. Tires did not get revamped to suit red bull. They got revamped so that all the cars can finish the races . otherwise those cars would be slower than the scooters that run around the track to pick up drivers during retirement on the track.

      Horner already mentioned that he is not happy with the changes. Imagine the teams spending millions to get 1/1000 of a second and eventually have to drivebthw car slower than their potential.

      The good thing is about this race is that it gave a chance for the McLaren to score some points and compete against the other teams with their super disaster car of this year.

      1. Imagine the teams spending millions to get 1/1000 of a second and eventually have to drivebthw car slower than their potential.

        yes, well isn’t that one of the problems, that they spend so much – and don’t want to stop spending it?

        1. I dont believe that is a problem honestly. It is upto the teams. If this was about restricting spending 1) it is already being done 2) what the point of calling this formula 1. I am all for less restrictions. I mean what is the point otherwise.

          I had always felt F1 was superior than NASCAR but over the last few seasons i had felt that F1 is getting super controlled and manged that this has become some sort of charity show.

          Like Jimme Johnson won 5 championships in a row. Almost won it last year and is leading this year. No body every complained the races are boring or worried about stuff that happened today in spain.

    3. same (about predictable)

  10. Some of the onboard camera shots were just painful to watch today – coast, back off, watch the tyre wear on that corner, careful on the throttle, watch those tyre temperatures. I can’t believe they were pushing at even 80% most of the time. Very unsatisfying to watch (and drive, I imagine), even if the result is good for the championship.

    1. if they were driving at 80% they would be doing lap times of 1 minute 45, which they werent. geez everyone is jumping on this tyre wear bandwagon and saying it is not real racing. it is still a race, and still real, alonso still finished first ahead of drivers with the same conditions. its another element, and is showing up greedy driving, the drivers need to get accustomed to the conditions, like rally drivers do. Alonso and Raikonnen are proving their worth this year by how they have adjusted.

      1. that’s also a false comparison though, just because a car is doing 90-95% of its ultimate pace doesn’t mean the driver is even trying at all. Remember when luca badoer was in a ferrari after massas accident and was 3 seconds off the maximum race pace because he wasn’t a very good racing driver? well how would you feel if he was driving today and qualified 20th or so (he’d still be crap so bad qualifying position) but managed to score good points because the pace he was capable of running due to being late on the throttle out of corners etc was actually the right pace to keep the tyres in their operating window? Personally i’d be horrified. Well, that pretty much IS what’s happening.

  11. tyres were absolutely rubbish, i can’t believe that the best machines are racing on such horrible rubber. Pirelli should own up the mess and provide better rubbers. 5/10 everyone was just trying to get home.

  12. 5/10 – first 4 laps were pretty great and the first 2 after the first pit stop but then it became a boring race. And again they told drivers not too race – Vergne’s race was literally destroyed by Pirelli – and 4 stops are definitely too much considering they still had to lift in turn 3, 4 and 9.
    But a great performance by Ferrari and both drivers and great to see Massa back on the podium.

  13. 4/10.

    Boring highway passes in the main DRS zone, not much of interest elsewhere.

  14. 5 for me – average in terms of racing but I’m not as concerned as some others about the number of pitstops and the tyre degradation. Happy to see Alonso win his home race, but shame about Grosjean and Vergne retiring. Almost gave it a 4 for Jordan’s gormless ad-lib questions about “the embrace of the crowd” during the podium interview.

  15. 4. Its Barcelona. A good race here can go up to 5 or 6. But with hard tyres that go just 12 laps ths was just a long snorefest. Add the drs to the mix and you have the saddest F1 that I can remember.
    On the bright side, superb driving byAlonso,Kimi and Felipe. Mercedes in general and Hamilton in particular provided the LOL of the weekend.

  16. 6. If someone could point me towards something out of the ordinary that happened in this race, except maybe for Gutierrez not plunging into someone and Hamilton sinking way too deep in the midfield, I would be forever grateful. Even the DNF list looks ordinary…

    I think it’s fair to assume, this season is about when and where each of the top three teams (Ferrari, Red Bull and Lotus) can find something to capitalize on. This time it was Ferrari. Next time it could be Lotus or Red Bull. Other than that, I can’t forsee any changes at the top of the charts.

    I’m gonna say 6 for the first one and a half stints, almost having a Ferrari 1-2 at the end of the race and for how the result reflects in the standings so far.

    Welcome to “average season”, brought to you by Pirelli.

  17. Happy for the podium places as they fought for their spots. From 4th and back it was really messy. One of the more disappointing races I have
    watched in a while. I normally don’t mind the tyre challenge but this was getting a bit silly. Unless merc can get the race pace looks like a three way fight for Alonso, Rai and Vet for champ

  18. 5/10

    The most boring race of the season so far by quite a margin, although I’m expecting Monaco to beat it in boredom.

  19. 4. great ALO.

  20. 3. Great start and first stint with first 6 keeping it close. then it was just dull.

    If u are doing 4 stops you should be able to be doing qualifying laps the whole race. They were still coasting to do 4 stops!! They’ve gone too far…

    I don’t blame pirelli too much because they’re doing what they’re told but it was awful today.

    Also if the tyres are going to be so sh*t then they don’t need drs at all.

    1. If u are doing 4 stops you should be able to be doing qualifying laps the whole race. They were still coasting to do 4 stops!! They’ve gone too far…


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