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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix.

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2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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291 comments on “Rate the race: 2013 Spanish Grand Prix”

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  1. There’s no pleasing you lot. If they removed DRS and degrading Pirellis and went back to processional races you’d still complain. Every race can’t be an Interlagos 2012.

    1. This

      We’re too spoiled. If that race happened in 2004 we’d all be giving it 10/10

    2. The last 3-4 seasons have been great without extreme tire degradation. As it is know its getting redicilus, I think thats obvious for most people….

    3. If they removed DRS and degrading Pirellis and went back to processional races

      @spawinte: I’d take a processional race where everyone is pushing for most of the 50-some laps over a processional race where everyone is pushing for 5-10 laps at most, any single day…

  2. 5/10
    In contrast to many here, I’m quite happy to follow a tactical race – but when cars are four stopping and still having to nurse new primes just to get through the stint (eg Hamilton “I can’t drive any slower !”), something is just a bit wrong.

    Congratulations to Ferrari, though – it’s good to see the championship open up again.

  3. decent race i guess. i knew the mercedes couldn’t hold thier positions, it actually made me pretty mad, seeing as they were just sitting ducks all the time, holding up faster drivers like this. di resta should’ve gotten 6th.

    anyways great drive from fernando and kimi, shame they couldn’t fight for the win. a shame about grosjeans retirement aswell, he could’ve battled webber for 5th surely!

  4. 6. Nothing like the bore-fests we got in the past, but I’m really not a fan of the tyres dictating the race like that. Yes, tyre management should be an important part of racing, but that was too far. It affected my enjoyment of a race which wasn’t great to begin with.

  5. A complete borefest, as most races at Barcelona are. Tyres are very bad. I actually don’t think DRS was an issue this race, most of the highway passes were down to the tyres, not the DRS (as was demonstrated in the opening laps with Rosberg and Vettel).

    The only thing that stopped the race from being a complete disaster was Alonso winning in his home country (and this is coming from a Hamilton fan).

  6. 4/10 – Very little action to get excited about and it really made the coasting the drivers were having to do to look after their tyres all the more apparent.

    1. It’s not really a a ‘formula’ is it when 95% of the influence comes from one ingredient.

  7. Gave it a 6.

    Wasn’t exactly a snoozefest but the number of pit stops were way OTT. At least Alonso didn’t get a Santander turd trophy for winning his home GP.

  8. Wasn’t spectacular… 6.

  9. 4.
    The first stint was interesting and it was very good to see crowd go mad for Alonso, even if I’m not spanish and I don’t support Alonso.
    Nothing really happened in the middle, the tyres were just ridiculous. Very disappointing, the grid was really interesting, I would have loved a fight between the top 5.

  10. Gave it a 3. Yes there were some good overtakes, but the field quickly spread out. This made it very boring to watch. With about 10-15 laps left the top 6/7 places were decided.

  11. 4, it is not racing just a procession where drivers are not pushing. if this continues F1 will loose fans.

  12. Imagine if Pirelli had not changed the hard compound, it would have been 6 stoppers all the way – and some car started tyre saving from Lap 3! And another delamination. More durable my foot! Merc, the team that was most expected to benefit went backward like Jack & Jill down the hill. Saying the tyres have become the running joke in F1 is an understatement.

    I can’t wait for Monaco when they will be using the Soft/Supersoft….less degradation or not, It’s gonna be a cheese party all around!

    1. @kbdavies + 1 A Cheese Party Lol .. I love that …..

  13. Well done to Alonso, Raikkonen and Massa. But with 80 plus pitstops it was a farce and a joke of a race. Much more of this and I’ll start watching NASCAR instead.

  14. 4. I’d rather have a processional race where the drivers are pushing, than a processional race where the drivers aren’t pushing, and the only people who are working on the limit are the pitcrew!

    1. +1 spot on, spot on there !

    2. Races being won in the pitlane was EXACTLY what people were complaining about in the 00s. Michelin tyres being dominant was a complaint throughout the 2005 season. I don’t like Pirelli, but they really can’t win, can they?

      1. Yes Pirelli can win, There is no need for 3-4 stops. The racing towards the end of 2012 was excellent in my opinion. Why can’t they just be moderate?

  15. Why did this get rated so low? The team that pushed to the max and went for the extra stop won. They did not conserve, they went all out from the beginning and won. I thought it was the best race of the year so far.

    1. They did not conserve, they went all out from the beginning and won.

      Alonso was conserving, You saw that when Massa started pushing flat out later in the race to catch Kimi & was lapping 3 seconds faster than Alonso was right upto the point when his tyres started to fall apart.

  16. Not a great race at all. To many pitstops, drivers weren’t able to push and race at all it seems. 5 out of 10 for me.

  17. After the first pit stop there were some good racing but it was a race of more about who can save how much tyres. The worst race of the season by far. But hats off to Alonso his opening sector to overtake both Kimi & Hamilton was EPIC. & also Massa the boy is back

    1. i voted 5

  18. Alonso winning and Vettel not even on the podium, yet people are upset. Ha. That’s a first.

    1. If you think people are said because Vettel didn’t win, you are in the wrong place.

  19. Michael Brown (@)
    12th May 2013, 15:34

    4/10 – The start was the most exciting part, as it usually is, especially when Alonso is there. But after the first few laps tire management stepped in to ruin the racing. Well, that was more down to the track being bad for overtaking but with the tires the way they are I wasn’t convinced the drivers were even pushing to make an overtake. I nearly fell asleep and it wouldn’t have mattered if I missed 40 laps.

    Monaco’s going to be an absolute bore if things stay the way they are. The 2011 Pirellis were the best.

  20. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
    12th May 2013, 15:35

    Alonso’s superb performance was the only thing that made it worth watching. They need to find a balance with the tyres. I don’t want to go back to 2010 but I don’t drivers having to trundle around 5 seconds slower per lap than they are capable of.

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