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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Circuit de Cataunya, Barcelona, 2013What did you think of the today’s race? Share your verdict on the Spanish Grand Prix.

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2013 Spanish Grand Prix

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  1. don’t usually do reviews of races, but after following F1 for 33 years and going to 30 + races, I feel I need to say something. The racing isnt racing , you can analyse the detail to death with no result, F1 is now a Bernie entertainment centre, a circus, a worldwide event. The “racing” is contrived with contributions from – DRS, KERS, tyres, team orders, even whose birthday it is – remember Maldonados one and only victory in Spain on Franks birthday. So, it is a case of accept “the event ” as it is, or go and support your local motor club/ track/ lower formula racing, which is more basic and honest. Oh by the way beer @ £7.60 a pint at the track in spain adds more pain to the insult. Will I continue to spend money on going to races ?? Its a bit a bit like a 50 a day person giving up smoking

  2. Turned the coverage off when it was obvious that no-one other than the little guys at the back was actually racing. The front runners were competing in a tyre saving competition which was interspersed with a pit stop time competition. Get rid of DRS and limit pit stops to necessary repairs / adjustments only and let the drivers race.

  3. 2 out of 10
    boring, predictable, artificial and 4 stops. I’m sorry but for me a race needs to be more then the few first laps

  4. The race got a Generous 4 from me.I recon a set of Cinnamon Donuts would work and last better than those excuses for tyres that they are using at the moment!!
    It would be nice to see some real flag to flag racing for a change instead of this constant tyre conservation.

  5. I only gave it a 6, there were a few moments of excitement but overall I found it quite dull.

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