Ricciardo has upper hand at Toro Rosso – Marko

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Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2013In the round-up: Red Bull motorsport adviser Helmut Marko says Daniel Ricciardo has the beating of Toro Rosso team mate Jean-Eric Vergne at present.


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Webber may be replaced by Ricciardo (The Age)

“In general we are happy with both [Toro Rosso] drivers. Ricciardo is currently the better one.”

Small windows – Daniel’s blog (Toro Rosso)

“I just got it ?ǣ but that last lap was tight. Coming out of turn ten he got nearly alongside me and we were both sideways out of there. I was desperately trying to hold on to it. It was a great relief when I crossed the line in front.”

Whitmarsh denies employing team orders (The Telegraph)

“Did we ask him to back off and not fight? No, we didn’t. In truth, there was a battle on in prospect, but at the end Checo’s tyres were completely shot.”

Bernie Ecclestone slams tyre quality (Daily Express)

“The tyres are wrong, not what we intended when we asked Pirelli to produce something which did a half race.”

Pirelli urges Formula One to relax testing rules (Reuters)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “We have absolutely no in-season testing, we can’t have access to these cars going around now and have to run around in a 2010 car. It’s alright to sit there and criticise but you’re not exactly given the tools to do a precise job.”

Changes won’t shake order – Pirelli (Autosport)

“Hembery made it clear that Pirelli’s changes were not the result of lobbying from Red Bull, after its owner Dietrich Mateschitz this week hit out at F1 by saying it had “nothing to do with racing anymore.”

McLaren tight-lipped on 2015 (Sky)

“The discussions about ’15 are between myself and Mercedes and not for newspapers.”

Domenicali: “A win without ifs or buts” (Ferrari)

“We have won two of the five races so far, but we can do more. For people like us, who always aim for the maximum, it?s hard to swallow having missed some opportunities. In Barcelona we won without ifs and buts, we won fair and square.”


Sebastian Vettel visited the Renault factory and sampled their extraordinary Twizy F1 Renaultsport concept car – more pictures of that here:


Comment of the day

@Ella on the topic everyone’s talking about at the moment:

I haven?t been the biggest fan of the racing thus far in 2013 and I?m certainly not unbiased when approaching the tyre issue (Ferrari fan) but I feel like this is such an unfair development. I felt the same way when EBD was drastically reduced in 2011. They?re moving the goal posts mid-season (not even) and completely invalidating the hard work some teams have done to properly understand the tyres. All the teams have the same tyres. Some have obviously done a better job. Unfortunately they lie in the minority.

I completely get the need for structural change to the tyres ?ǣ the delaminations are dangerous and unacceptable. However, I feel like compound changes are jumping the gun ?ǣ Spain and Bahrain are two of the hardest circuits on tyres and the teams will eventually get on top of them. They always do.

In saying that, I didn?t particularly enjoy Sunday?s race ?ǣ four stops is excessive. But it?s the first race we?ve seen like that this season (unless my memory fails me) so I?m not sure why everyone seems to expect, and attacked Pirelli as if it were the case, that the rest of the season would be much of the same?

Don?t get me wrong, I want to see the teams pushing, I want to see the cars being driven to the limit (with a good dose of strategy) and this year?s races haven?t been that great but I?m a big believer in keeping the goalposts the same for the ENTIRE season. Change it for next season. The other teams just have to suck it up and work harder for this year. Unfortunately, knee-jerk reactions seem to be the norm in this sport.

I?m not blaming Pirelli, they?re only doing what?s been asked of them and it?s been equally unfair that they?ve been consistently lambasted since they came into the sport. It feels like fans are never happy ?ǣ in 2012 all I read was that the racing was too unpredictable. Then before that in 2010 too predictable.

I get the feeling after these changes the complaints aren?t likely to stop (yes I realise this entire comment has been a big, fat complaint, won?t happen again). Pretty disappointed that this has happened. I just hope it won?t change the order as much as I think it will and that the racing will truly benefit.

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On this day in F1

Keke Rosberg scored a brilliant win in the Monaco Grand Prix 30 years ago today.

Starting on slick tyres on a wet track, he passed Alain Prost for the lead at the end of lap one and was never headed.

Having started on wet tyres his rivals fell over a minute behind in the early stages. Although he lead was more than halved over the rest of the race he still had enough in hand to win:

Image ?? Red Bull/Getty

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84 comments on Ricciardo has upper hand at Toro Rosso – Marko

  1. Ella (@ella) said on 15th May 2013, 11:16

    Thanks for COTD of the Day Keith :) Lovely surprise!

    Not as miffed as I was yesterday, now that I’ve vented. It was therapeutic ;)

    • Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 15th May 2013, 13:30

      I don’t really see the competitive order changing because the tyres are changing significantly: Lotus may then just be able to pull off a two stop regularly, whereas Red Bull will for now be stuck to threes. It’s just that the racing will also be better though as drivers will actually have to fight on track and not just pass due to different strategies or hold back a bit and then go for the undercut. That’s going to be the only major change as I see it and it’s for the better.

      • obviously said on 15th May 2013, 22:37

        You know yourself that’s not true. They always drive to delta, because every fight you have is slowing you down and using tires more. No matter how hard the tires.
        This is not some non-championship event for banging wheels.
        The whole purpose of those cars is to get to the finish faster than the competition and everything that is slowing them down (fighting and unnecessary abuse of tires or pit stops) will be avoided by all costs by every team, from Ferrari to Marussia.

  2. Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 15th May 2013, 11:53

    What Marko said is simply not true.

    I re-checked the Friday long run pace, Friday best sector times, qualification and race pace of the two so far this year and found that Vergne actually beat Ricciardo in Australia, Bahrain and Spain discounting incidents, which were not their own making.

    And boy, Vergne had a looot this year, lot more than Ricciardo. He was on the wrong end of pit lane accidents in Malaysia and Spain, got spun by Gutiérrez in Bahrain and by Webber in China – so he had just one smooth race from five, and none of the accidents were his fault. Impressively bad luck.

    Ricciardo beat Vergne fair and square in China, and they were pretty much inseparable in Malaysia.

    That’s not what I call beating, Helmut.

    • Nick (@nick101) said on 15th May 2013, 12:51


      I’m a Ricciardo fan and I agree with you. JEV has had some really bad luck and as far as I can see they’ve been pretty close performance wise since being team mates.

      But for whatever reason, Daniel does SEEM to have the upper hand in this team. Perhaps it’s the qualifying performances that are swinging it his way. Not that I agree with that at all, as we all know qualifying in this day and age of F1 is hardly very important any more. Race day is when it counts.

      But with comments like that from Marko, it does seem grim for JEV. I wouldn’t put any money on him to beat Daniel to the Redbull seat next year that’s for sure!

      • Atticus (@atticus-2) said on 15th May 2013, 13:13

        Me neither.

        Also, I rate Ricciardo higher myself – but that’s largely down to last year’s performance/hunch.

        I just wanted to falsify Marko based on pure observable performance so far this year.

        • Max Jacobson (@vettel1) said on 15th May 2013, 13:33

          The only problem I can see with that is Friday times are pretty much meaningless, as they could’ve been running to significantly different programmes. I do agree though Vergne has lost his four-leafed clover for sure!

    • Funkyf1 (@funkyf1) said on 16th May 2013, 8:43

      @atticus I believe DR has made his own luck based on his own performance. If you qualify higher up the grid regularly, you are obviously quicker than your team mate and at a lesser chance of getting into trouble during races. That could be down to single lap speed, better understanding of the car (which results in better set up) or just simple a better driver. I also believe that while Webber was punished for the China incident JEV didn’t exactly show great skill by putting his car in that position. Daniel also showed great speed when testing the RBR at the end previous seasons. Yes I am fan! I think he deserves a better seat

  3. gwenouille (@gwenouille) said on 15th May 2013, 14:45

    Isn’t the Twizy pretty cute ?
    I’ve seen one once on the street, it’s very unusual to say the least !

  4. Tayyib (@m0nzaman) said on 15th May 2013, 15:52

    I prefer JEV overall but Marko saying this maybe dosen’t bode well for JEV getting thr RBR seat in the future. Although Danny Ricciardo is quick and impressive.

  5. I’m more impressed with Ricciardo, but Vergne is the one that tends to be there lurking when others falter. Vergne seems to come alive more in the races but had a very obvious qualifying weakness, but Ricciardo is the very impressive one on Saturday. Perhaps for the Frenchman it is the main area of improvement required

  6. Howard (@howard) said on 16th May 2013, 10:08

    I don’t see Daniel being any better than Mark, but his age is a big factor.

  7. Garns (@) said on 17th May 2013, 15:23

    @vettel1 – I disagree mate. I think while Seb may be quicker over one lap Kimi is a better racer, more level headed…….well……….maybe :) and I think those two in the same car a great battle!!

    @K0V4LA1NEN – No mate F1 wont be lost in Australia if Dan doesnt get the RBR drive- although dissapointed!
    When the Grands Prix came to Adelaide in 1985 Alan Jones had retired after his 1980 WDC- but he came back in a REAL bad car, mainly to get a Aussie on the grid. He drove 85 & 86 and retired again. So we didnt have an Aussie in F1 from then until then until Webber started- and the race very popular in Adelaide and Melbourne in the meantime (in the last race in Adelaide in 1995 there were 205,000 in attendance ON RACE DAY- GOLD!!

    We love our Aussies in F1 but just love racing……………….. my fav driver of all time is not WB but a Brazilian!! (but a close call LOL)

    I do feel sorry for Nico H in his change from last year. I really dont hope that he is a bit like Webber and takes too long to get a top seat as I think he really would shine……………… and win!!

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